Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum on Knee Replacement Surgery

Six years ago, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum did a short 1 minute and 50 second video on the alternative to knee surgery. He talked about what’s called partial knee replacement surgery. The reason this kind of surgery would be useful is that a person’s whole knee would not need to be replaced just a certain part of the knee. After the surgery, the patient could still walk around and have feeling in their original knee as opposed to having an artificial knee.

With this surgery, Kirschenbaum is able to resurface the end of the bone with metal on one side and a high-end medical plastic on the other side and keep the rest of the knee intact. An added bonus to this surgery is that the trauma is minimized since the damaged portion of the knee is replaced. Ira stated that this surgery is not for individuals who suffer from a severe case of arthritis and anyone who is currently battling rheumatoid arthritis

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum specializes in a multitude of operations such as: complex revision joint replacement, invasive hip and knee replacement, joint reconstruction, and arthroscopy. He spent some time in The Rothman Institute in Philadelphia where he was educated in hip and knee replacement and reconstructive surgery. He now performs these surgeries in White Plains, New York. He has also designed a cementless hip replacement system and developed instruments for partial unicompartmental knee replacements.

In 1994, Ira Kirschenbaum earned the James A. Vohs Award for Quality while he was Chief of Reconstructive Surgery for Kaiser Permanente in the Northeast. Ira is apart of several different prestigious medical groups such as, The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons, The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, The Orthopaedic Research Society, and has been a member of The American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons.

Tim Duncan of Talos Energy

Tim Duncan is a very successful businessman in the gas and oil industries. He has his business endeavors’ success due to his tireless dedication. He loves the thrill of the oil industry that most do not like. The oil business is not for everyone. It can be rather tricky with how the markets are always changing. But for this oil founder he loves garnering the monetary success that comes along with the risky oil business. He also enjoys working with his team of thought leaders. They work collaboratively to gather ideas and business practices to further Talos Energy. Because of Tim Duncan’s hard work, his co founders and staff, the city of Houston, Texas has noticed what they have done for the entire oil industry and the local community.

Talos Energy got titled as the top workplace in all of Houston by the Houston Chronicle. Tim Duncan himself was named as a top entrepreneur by EY for the energy sector. A few co founders turned a simple oil project into Talos Energy. For six years, the founders have pushed Talos Energy into being a top contender for one of the most productive oil companies in the Houston area. Tim Duncan was able to bring so much to the table due to how he grew up in the oil business. He received a college education that gave him a good foundation of knowledge about the oil business. He earned two degrees, one from Mississippi State University and from the University of Houston.

After college he worked for five years for Phoenix Exploration Company. He oversaw the company’s development process. The company began to grow rapidly due to his expertise. They ended up selling this company to Apache Corporation. Once this was complete him and his future co founders began working on an oil project they titled Talos Energy.Talos Energy is ran by a hardworking management and technical crew. They operate assets all over the Gulf Of Mexico. They have very advanced technology that enable them to stand apart from the competition. They develop, explore and exploit these assets.

YES! Fagali Airport is back in business!

Fagali Airport has been getting a lot of press lately and for a good reason. Fagali Airport is finally reopened and ready to show off everything this fantastic Island has to offer. Polynesian Airlines are the ones responsible for this because they own the entire airport. They provide daily flights to and from Pago Pago. Once you land on this beautiful Island, you will see why re-opening this airport was such a breath of fresh air! This airport is a smaller airport, but it is open to the public and services the Apia regions of Fagali. Read this article about Fagali Airport at Radio New Zealand

Two airlines fly in and out of the Fagali Airport, the Talofa Airways, and the Samoa Airways. Once you touch down, you will be greeted by the worlds friendliest airport staff. Then they will guide you to where you need to go. There are countless things to do and places to go and people to see so make sure you bring your camera because you are going to want to take a lot of pictures. You can catch a night show called Fia Fia night where you can watch built men twirl fire sticks around with such power and control it will amaze you! You can also see the delicate native dances of the ladies. This is very popular and for a good reason. You feast while you are entertained on some of the best cuisines the Island has to offer.

If this does suit you there is always snorkeling or scuba diving at one of the many white sandy beaches. The waters are so bright and full of fish you are bound to see all kinds of exciting things. You can also take a day trip and plan an excursion through the jungles. Either way, you are going to have a great time. Sometimes the airport has daily deals, and they save you money on restaurants and activities around town. You can not leave this Island without getting a souvineer. There are so many shops around town that sell one of a kind authentic pieces you will love to make sure to do your research so you can find the most amazing things to take home that will fit your budget. Check: https://www.accuweather.com/en/as/fagalii/96799/weather-forecast/2123644


Organo Gold Establishes a Pathway to Independent Distribution for Customers

Organo Gold has easily become one of the most popular brands of gourmet coffee on the market today. It has registered as one of the stronger novelty brands that tends to show up in mom and pop stores even though people do not find it in regular department stores or grocery stores like Publix. There is a reason for this, and this reason is independent distribution. This has been the concept that Bernardo Chua, founder of Organo Gold, has utilized from the beginning to help people gain a better connection to coffee that can be obtained independently. View Organo Gold’s profile on Amazon.com.

One of the good things about Organo Gold and the independent distribution chain is the easy way in which Chua is able to pass on savings to the consumer. There is no middle man that is selling this product so it makes it easier for Bernardo to sell nutritional shakes and detox supplements for less than other companies with similar products where a middle man is involved in the distribution chain from the company to the consumer.

This concept of a direct sales makes it much more obtainable for those that would like to order their products through the Internet. There is no need to wait in long lines in stores or worry if the type of Organo Gold products you seek are out of stock. This independent distribution chain makes it a more reliable concept for all that are involved in selling, promoting and buying products from the Organo Gold brand name.

Visit: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Organo-Gold/reviews

This is also a great concept for anyone that is looking for products that have healing agents. The Organo Gold product line has expanded to include a number of different products where it’s quite easy to obtain products that have the Ganoderma mushroom as part of the list of ingredients. Visit crunchbase.com to know more about Organo Gold.

Herbalife 24 and the National Football League

During the 2016 National Football League preparations, Herbalife was present and ready with their supplies to make sure that the athletes who were associated with their company stood out from the rest of the applicants due to their stunning performance. The company met with the athletes every day during a five-week period of time to inform them about the products, what they were made of and how they were to be taken and when. They discussed safety measures and informed them about how maintaining weight in a healthy manner is, in fact, the only way to properly gain or lose weight, while still being able to live a long, healthy and happy lifestyle. What is Herbalife’s secret? It is simple, nutrition.


Mark Hughes, started the Herbalife company from the trunk of his car on a cold day in February in the year of 1980. His Mother had found a fatal end at a young age after an eating disorder had stolen her life. She was attempting to control her weight in an unhealthy manner, while her loved ones were forced to watch her wither away into nothing before their eyes. Mr. Hughes did not ever want to see this happen to anyone else again. That is why he dedicated his life to helping others. He might not be a big-time superhero, but this man is making a huge difference in the lives of many people on a daily basis. We all at one point or another have wanted to adjust or weight, whether it is to gain or lose; how we look is a huge deal to us. Thankfully, Mr. Hughes has crafted Herbalife, to give people like me and you, as well as athletes a natural, safe and healthy way, to manage weight. At first, Mr. Hughes had a little bit of trouble the FDA, he was forced to rearrange his ingredients in order to keep his company going in the beginning but, it did not take long for him to come up with a solution to make the FDA happy as well as all of the customer’s he has helped over the years.



Newswatch TV Reviews Show What They Do.

Businesses have a diversity of purposes. One of the common goals of some businesses is to reach out to other companies and solve issues for them. NewsWatch TV does more than just that. The company as a whole forms relationships and builds trust with the services offered. NewsWatch TV is a media platform that helps people and businesses get exposure for many different purposes. They are very successful at attaining their goals. They have satisfied a lot of clients by showing them what they are capable of and what it means for their business. It is not just small businesses, that NewsWatch has helped, they have brought their services to Fortune 500 companies.

Among the things that NewsWatch TV does for its clients is produce segments for television. They do this for various activities which includes raising funds for different needs. The segments that NewsWatch TV would produce would air on television as well as on the online sites. Therefore, people will be able to look at the segment and be aware of what is happening with the project. The segments are well produced and contain enough information for individuals to decide whether or not they want to get involved.

Companies like Avanca and Contour have seen a lot of good results from the involvement of NewsWatch TV. For instance, Avanca has wanted to gain funds through crowdfunding. Contour needed help with their marketing so that they can gain exposure for their company and make some sales. NewsWatch TV has been effective in helping both of these companies reach their goals and even exceeded them. For business goals and recognition, NewsWatch TV is able to help. The professionals of the company work with their clients in finding some goals that they want to reach so that they can move forward.


Paul Mampilly is an investment guru

Investing in any industry is not easy at all and requires proper guidance from those who have the experience. Investing without the knowledge and appropriate skills is tricky. Even with years of experience, there are still chances of making mistakes and experts can still make wrong decisions when it comes to investing in a particular business.

But people are all over looking for ways they can invest and make money. So, who can they trust? Some people can say that no one is to trust, but the truth is there are those with the right knowledge who can give great insights when it comes to proper investment. Paul Mampilly is one such person who has managed a lot of money before and has learned the tricks of investing in the right ways. He has previously worked with Wall Street as the hedge fund manager and achieved great success apart from acquiring experience.

Today, Paul Mampilly uses the skills he acquired in his years of managing funds to teach aspiring investors. He uses a newsletter known as Profits Unlimited which is published by a company called Banyan Hill. The newsletter is one of the trusted sources of information for those who want to learn proper investment ways. Why is Paul Mampilly the person to trust for those looking for investment ideas?

Paul Mampilly is good at whatever he does. He has featured in various shows like FOX, CNBC, Bloomberg TV and Business News. With his newsletter, people can learn about stocks. He has a belief that they can rise anytime. The best part is that people have already used his newsletter to make money and earn profits. Today, the financial market is filled with many people claiming to be experts and claiming to show others how you can make millions of money within a short time. Paul is different from such people because he helps people to make money, but he does not claim to make you a billionaire.

His approach to teaching others about making money is a humble one, and that is the reason why many people have trusted him and are making cash following his advice and ideas. Profits Unlimited attracted readers from all over the world.

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Qualified Leadership With Phenomenal Experience: Jose Auriemo Neto

Leadership today stands mainly on the quality of vision and innovation. To have a vision is to understand global trends and the direction of the global markets. To have innovation means to not be afraid to change with the times and to adapt to forms that will allow a country or a business to be successful. There are a few individuals who stand up José Auriemo Neto is such an example.

Having first begun working and 1993 José Auriemo Neto has always had an eye for business in all things finance. Today he serves as chairman and chief executive of JHSF PAR, a real estate company. This is a company that is dedicated to developing commercial and residential properties within the country of Brazil. With such being the case Mr. Jose understands that infrastructure combined with strategic finance is the way to go for the country of Brazil. Not many leaders are skilled enough in the realm of commercial development finance.

Such a phenomenal figure, Jose has developed some rather interesting projects. From office buildings and hotels to many public developments. True to form his star shines due to his selfless attitude and his determined mind state towards success as being a member of the YPO since 1999, Mr. Jose knows just what it means to be an effective leader. With having the term executive run all through his background, he is more than qualified to head the development of many projects today. As being a figure leading the way, Brazil will be the benefactor of having such a figure at the forefront of his many projects today.

Many volumes can be written of the accomplishments of such an executive leader and with time more volumes will be created. Truly an example for the world to behold, Mr. José Auriemo Neto is the guiding star for executives today.

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Deirdre Baggot: Changing Healthcare By Empowering Patients

Deirdre Baggot states that healthcare is her passion in life and with that passion comes a lifetime of experience working with hospitals and corporations to save money and improve patient stays in the hospital. Deirdre’s path down the very specific road of bundled payments for healthcare savings started in 1998 as a newer nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Ms. Baggot noticed that as a new nurse she would order more tests than necessary to ensure a correct diagnosis for the patient. Over time, Ms. Deirdre Baggot started to develope a checklist for each different kind of illness that the patients presented with. Her checklists helped shorten diagnosis time which in turn treated the patients more effectively and saved the hospital money. Learn more about DairdreBaggot at Crunchbase.

Deirdre Baggot has made a career out of bundling payments for CMS Acute Care Episode. So much so that she is considered an expert with this process and with MACRA for Medicare and Medicaid insurance. Denise has designed and implemented strategies for over 200 hospitals and 60 bundles. She has spoken on the topic of bundling payments to many organizations including: Healthcare Financial Management Association, Bundled Payment Summit, American Heart Association, American College of Healthcare Executives, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Medtronic, and the SAS.

Ms. Baggot has the scholastic background to back the work experience. In addition to her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Ms. Baggot also has her Master’s in Business Administration from Loyola University Graduate School of Business in Chicago, and her Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Colorado. Ms. Baggot also worked for the Northwestern Memorial Hospital and University of Michigan Hospital in an acedemic leadership role. Deirdre has alson been on All Things Considered, the Morning Edition of National Public Radio, and Planet Money.

Deirdre Baggot has been a long term advocate for better dianostic programing and has been working with the idea for a wearable monitoring device that individuals wear to monitor their own health and prevent hospital stays. Learn more: http://www.acc.org/latest-in-cardiology/articles/2016/06/10/11/12/business-consult


Academy of Art Unversity Turns Graduates Into Designers For One Special Night

The Academy of Art University is regionally accredited private for-profit University. Located in San Francisco AAU offers students associates, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a plethora of twenty-five subjects. In 2012 it had a student body 18,000 strong, 58% of which were female. The University offers arts-based majors from architecture, to advertising, to fashion. In addition to its arts programs AAU also has an accomplished athletics department.

Founded in 1929 the Academy of Art University provides optimum design, arts, communication, and online education. Students of AAU hail from all over the world, at least 112 different countries. Its fashion department hosts an annual Spring Show and Student Showcase. The Showcase allows graduate students to see their designs walk a runway. Each graduate putting on their own little fashion show for a slew of actual fashion designers and attendees. Since 2005 the Showcase has been a part of NY Fashion week bi-annually. Students are bused to New York and participate.

The Showcase offers practical application to students, giving them a taste of the real deal. They get to actually feel like designers, tasked with an upcoming show, working round the clock to get everything ready. Then they get to sit back and watch the audience gape at their designs. The working designers who attend get to view the newest fashions, fresh from the next generation of creativity. The Showcase can lead to numerous future opportunities for designer, giving them a solid foot forward into the industry. It helped Project Runway alum Brandon Kee merit his 16th season spot. Although he did not win the 2016 graduate of AAU wowed the judges numerous times, and made it farther than most on the show.

The Showcase is also an avid mix of traditions, styles, culture, and personality. The melting pot of students come together to really produce something new. The heads of the School of Fashion encourage collaboration. In an interview University President Elisa Stephens stated, “collaboration is an important aspect of the professional industry.”