Top 5 Lime Crime Products Out Right Now


Lime Crime is a unique cosmetic company that offers bold and expressive colors as well as unique textures. These are just five of the most popular products that they have to offer.


Matte velvetine lipstick


The matte velvetine lipstick is a unique liquid lipstick that goes on glossy yet dries to a matte velvet finish. It offers a ton of lasting power and comes in a variety of fun colors. One of the best colors is the new color Scandal which is a dark plum shade.


Hi-lite palette


Even though the Highlight palette is not out for purchase yet it will be available very soon. It offers three unique highlighting colors including gold, peach, and pink.


Unicorn lipstick


The Unicorn lipstick is one of the most iconic products that Lime Crime has to offer. It is known all over the world because of its adorable pink packaging with the white unicorn on it. It comes in a cupcake scent and is available in a wide range of bold colors. Some of the colors include yellow, mint green and even black.  All of which can be seen on Facebook:


Diamond crushers


The diamond crushers are one of the most unique products that the company has to offer. They are an iridescent topper that can be used on the lips as well as the cheeks for a gorgeous highlight. They can be used alone or in conjunction with other products. They are available in a few select colors.


Liquid eyeliner


The Lime Crime liquid eyeliner is a deeply pigmented eyeliner that is available in the color jet black. Each tube comes with a thin brush for the most precise application. It is long-lasting and will never smudge or fade.


Although Lime Crime has a ton of different products these are just five of the most popular products they have to offer. Each product offers high-quality ingredients as well as many different benefits. Each product is also vegan friendly as well as cruelty free. They are backed by Peta as well as Leaping Bunny which are two of the biggest animal care agencies in the world. They offer a great line of products that anyone can use.

Bruce Levenson’s Work As An NBA Owner And Chairman Of UCG

Bruce Levenson’s sale of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks was conducted successfully about a year and a half ago,, but there has still been some fallout that’s occurred between his ownership group and their former insurance company. The insurance company is being taken to court regarding a contract buyout for the team’s former General Manager that Levenson’s group say the insurance company is required to honor a claim they filed for in the case. Levenson purchased most of the shares of the Atlanta Hawks back in 2004 along with Atlanta Spirit, LLC and he and the group owned the team and its arena up until 2015 when they decided to sell. Levenson is also the Chairman of United Communications Group (UCG) and also sits on the boards of other organizations.

Bruce Levenson is a native of Washington D.C. and began his career in journalism after graduating from Washington University. He also holds a J.D. from American University but has never practiced law. He was a reporter for the now defunct Washington Star for a few years and then he and his friend Ed Peskowitz founded UCG right out of their own apartment. It started a long Time with several small newsletters but then went on to acquire several major industry publications. Levenson helped start TechTarget under UCG before it became its own entity, and later he helped found GasBuddy, a gas price app.

Levenson also helped run Hoop Dreams, a basketball competition in Washington D.C. that helped raise scholarships for inner city students. He’s the founder of the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland, a branch of the University aimed at encouraging future business owners to give back to their communities. He also is involved with the Holocaust Memorial Museum and helped start their “Bringing the Lessons Home” program.

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Rick Shinto: The Driving Force Behind InnovaCare Health’s Success

InnovaCare Health is one of the largest healthcare providers in North America and is specifically centered on Puerto Rico. InnovaCare affirms its dedication to building strong relationships between the patients and the providers by providing quality health care services.

Using their Medicare and Medicaid programs through the provider networks generated, InnovaCare Health fulfills its commitment towards offering healthcare models that are integrated with advanced technologies, sustainable, and cost-effective.

InnovaCare provides PMC Medicare Choice and MMM HealthCare to its 200,000 plus members. These members are served by 7500 providers who go above and beyond to ensure that they are satisfied. It also handles two Medicaid programs that are incorporated in the Government Health Plan of Puerto Rico.

In an attempt to reform payment models, InnovaCare Health has joined the HHS Initiative. This initiative involves a healthcare payment Learning and Action Network. The LAN is a partnership between the public and private sectors that seek to develop a payment model that puts emphasis on quality as opposed to quantity in the U.S health system. In line with this, the organization has created objectives that will contribute to payment reform and give continuous progress updates to the LAN. This was incepted in 2016.

The current president and CEO is Dr. Richard Shinto, better known as Rick Shinto. He has an incubation of 20 years operational and clinical expertise in managed care. Before he joined InnovaCare, Rick Shinto was the CEO of Aveta Inc and was also a member of the management team.

He has worked with other large healthcare providers such as NAMM California, MedPartners, Cal-Optima Health Plan and Medical Pathways Management Company.

While he was at Aveta Inc, Rick Shinto was awarded the Ernst &Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012. This award gives recognition to individuals who display extraordinary excellence and success in financial performance, innovation, and personal commitment to their businesses.

He has also received the Access to Caring Award in 2014, in his tenure as the CEO of InnovaCare Health.

In July 2016, Rick Shinto announced the addition of three members to their executive management team; Jonathan Meyers who took up the position of chief actuary officer, Penelope Kokkinides assumed the role of chief administrative officer and Mike Sorti, chief accounting officer.

Rick Shinto ascertains that Penelope Kokkinides brings the organization a high level of professional integrity, expertise, and experience. She has more than two decades of experience with a specialization in managed care and government products such as Medicaid and Medicare.

Penelope Kokkinides has previously worked as the COO and executive vice president of Centerlight HealthCare. She has also worked in AmeriChoice, a sub-unit of UnitedHealth Group. She has taken charge of designing and implementing health models that improve overall organizational efficiency and infrastructure.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides have been integral in the implementation of Medicare and Medicaid packages at InnovaCare Health- marketing strategies that have brought the company great success.

Wine Consultants for Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is setting a new standard when it comes to selling wine. This company has independent sales consultants in the wine industry. The great thing about the Traveling Vineyard is that it takes some of the best wines from vineyards in different places and brings these wines to customers throughout the United States. This has become one of the best ways for wine connoisseurs to discover some of the best red and white wines they are out there.

It probably feels good for people that don’t have exposure to a lot of new ones to attend the wine tasting parties that are hosted by people that work for the Traveling Vineyard. These consultants have already been groomed in the art of selling wine, and they can get the best wine that is going to meet their needs. Some people have a need for wine for a wedding or a baby shower. Others may simply be looking for wines for private dinner parties, but they may not have a need for these wines right away. At other times they may simply want to add wine to their collection in their wine cellar. This is why a Traveling Vineyard consultant is needed. They can help consumers make better decisions on what wine is going to be the right wine for a particular occasion.

The great thing about the Traveling Vineyard is that it is not limited to one particular area or location. There are consultants all over the world that are getting their feel for what it takes to become a wine sales consultant. This is a position that allows people to really take inventory of the wines that are available. They get an in-depth knowledge of new wines as well as some old consumer favorites as wine sales consultants.

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Talk Fusion: Revolutionizing The Marketing World

Talk Fusion is considered a market leader in advertising as it constantly implements innovative strategies and techniques. The award-winning company is known for providing effective video marketing solutions. As a market trend setter, Talk Fusion has been at the forefront in promoting and advocating for video marketing techniques. Bob Reina, the founder, and CEO of the video marketing company, regularly shares insights on how to make video sharing the core of any marketing strategy.


In his most recent article in Martech Advisor, Bob Reina shared his vision for video sharing concept. He outlines some of the most innovative and fastest growing video sharing techniques that have emerged. According to Reina, his business strategies are based on market analysis, consumer trends, and the current growing popularity of videos.

Reina observes that for a long time, the video has been an untapped market sales and marketing tool. However, in recent years, consumer trends and habits have changed to include more preference for video content. Organizations and companies around the world have noticed the significant impact that video has in their marketing concepts. As such, global corporates and organizations are beginning to incorporate video sharing into their marketing strategies.

Live Streaming

Streaming live videos has become increasingly popular not only in social sites but also in the marketing world. Live streams allow the audience to connect with the brand on a more personal level. With live streaming, businesses can engage with potential customers live via Q & A sessions and behind the scene tours. Marketers are embracing the live stream concept as it provides them with real-time customer feedback and response. The live stream is a way to enrich communication between brand and its consumers.

One Time Experience

Marketers need to capture the attention of their viewers for a certain period. The advent of snap chat allows video and content to be shared for a limited period. Marketers have leveraged the use of Snapchat to lure their audience into viewing their content. Most viewers are intrigued by chance to have a one time only experience.

360% View

The recent innovation in video technology is the 360% view, which allows video to be watched from every angle. The 360% video provides a personal touch as it allows the viewer to be immersed in the recorded moment. Marketers who have incorporated the technology have reported significant improvement in viewership.


Andrea McWilliams’ Plays a Unique Role in the Political Scene


Andrea is a political fundraiser as well as a lobbyist. She has perfected her skills in strategy in the course of her many years of work experience. Her combination of patience, persuasion, and grit are out of this world. She pays close attention to significant details hence handling all her projects with a unique set of expertise. Andrea McWilliams serves both the private and public sectors. Fox News, USA Today, CCN, the Wall Street Journal, NPR and other national media recognize Andrea’s contributions in her unique role of political fundraiser and strategist.


The national commentator has been profiled in different publications in Texas. The Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce (TWCC) recognizes Andrea McWilliams powerful political position. She received Awards from Austin Business Journal’s Profiles in Power, as well as the TWCC 2016 Texas Business Woman of the Year. She received the Woman of Distinction Award from the Girl Scouts of Central Texas. These are just some of the notable achievements under her belt.


Andrea McWilliams was honored with the Austin Under 40 Award. She appeared in the Glossy 8 list, a couple of years ago. The Austin Fashion Week Newsletter recognized her efforts and dedication towards NGOs. Andrea McWilliams is the co-pioneer of McWilliams, a consultancy firm for political issues. Andrea McWilliams, joined with her husband, banded together their skills and talents to establish this alliance, which serves persons locally and nationally.


She lives in Old Enfield with her husband, Dean and three children. The Austin American-Statesman Fortune 500 has listed Andrea McWilliams several times as an all-star. Her alliance serves different NGOs such as Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, Rise Across Texas Challenge, Waterloo President’s Council. The alliance seeks to protect important landmarks while promoting a unique character. Andrea McWilliams has partnered with major mentoring organizations. She supports cancer treatment and boosts child protection.


Copa Star- A hospital that makes a difference when it comes to Healthcare

When it comes to health care, we all know that it is a sensitive matter to every individual. People get sick at times or at times attend medical checkups so as to ensure that their body functioning is normal. Hence, good quality health care is among the things that matter most during the lifetime of any individual. Regarding health, a health care facility was established in Brazil, and it goes by the name Copa Star. Amazingly, if hospitals were rated just as in the case of hotels, the hospital would only be rated as a five-star hospital.

Copa star is among the best-ranked hospitals in Brazil. At Copa star, the health of every patient is all that matters. If you reside in Brazil and you are in pursuit of quality health care, go no further, Copa star is ready to be of service to you. The hospital has combined quality health care with luxurious life, in the most unusual manner possible.

To start with, we can say that the quality of service offered at Copa star is unrivaled. In regards to quality health care, we can see that the hospital setting itself speaks for itself. Also, every hospital must have a team of medical professionals– Copa star is well equipped with a team of professional doctors who are well equipped with knowledge about the various fields of medicine. Furthermore, the hospital is well equipped with various gadgets that are suited towards promoting good health care. Among the different machines used to ensure quality healthcare are such as state of the art surgical operation rooms as well as devices that provide visual images when carrying out surgery.

In a field such as medicine, several discoveries are made day in day out. As a result, the hospital takes it upon itself to ensure that they are always up to date when a discovery is made. To be able to carry out such, the hospital is equipped with state of the art technology. Hence, the more reason to trust in the health care services offered by Copa Star. In the field of surgery, the hospital has also gained a remarkable reputation in the field of Cardiac and Neuro surgeries.

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Copa star is a hospital that has achieved the 21st-century standard. Based on the architectural design as well as the infrastructure in the hospital, there is no other better place to seek health care services. With a renowned worldwide reputation, this is among the best-ranked hospitals worldwide. Truly, this is a hospital dedicated to better and efficient healing and recovery of patients. For quality healthcare, do not go further, Copa Star is there to be of service to you. Follow Copa Star on Facebook.

Start Marketing Online with White Shark Media, (No Experience Necessary)

White Shark Media is a premier search engine marketing partner for small and medium-sized businesses in every industry.


Everyone knows it’s important to market online. However, when you start researching strategy, you start to realize that it’s hard to figure out how to start. Should you start with social media, build a blog or post content in certain places? Then, there’s video and mobile.


However, savvy business owners are learning that the best way to get into online marketing is to choose a trusted vendor who specializes in building your website and reputation from scratch. Many businesses start with social media. However, though social media marketing is important, it’s important to establish your business’ online profile and brand before getting into the social sphere. If you don’t, you risk wasting advertising dollars and wasting your time advertising to people who aren’t in your target demographic.


Most experts recommend starting with a pay-per-click, (PPC) campaign combined with a search engine management, (SEM) campaign. In this way, you can use expert help to build your basic web presence. Your team will also position you organically on the first page of the major search engines for related keywords.


While you’re building your organic reach and presence, your expert team can build several PPC campaigns to go live in just a few hours or days. PPC is wonderful for placing your business in front of the right eyeballs at the right time of day instantly.


Flat –Free Pricing and Transparency


If you’re like most SMB owners and managers, you’re extremely busy and you like things to be as simple as possible. You’re always wearing several hats. When you work with White Shark Media, you work with an expert team with an extensive reputation for generating revenue for their clients. They also price every service at a convenient flat-fee.


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In Depth With Scottsdale Tech Entrepreneur Jason Hope

Ever since making substantial gains in the healthcare and tech industries as a business investor, the Scottsdale futurist and philanthropist, Jason Hope has been of particular interest to those looking to up their investment game. He recently sat down for a interview that went into great depth into his motivations and inspirations.

Mr. Hope was first asked about what got him involved in the world of business and what were his primary inspirations. He responded by describing his time in college; Mr. Hope explained that he received his undergraduate degree in financing and then received his masters of business administration degree from the Tempe, Arizona based campus of the Arizona State University. He said that after getting not just one but two business oriented degrees it simply behooved him to take up a trade in one of those type of professions. However, simply getting a couple of degrees was not the genesis of Mr. Hope’s interest in business, rather it was a particular fascination with mobile communication technology. For Hope, the rapidly advancing effects of communication technology present the greatest lever for social change and thus was one whose precepts should be studied and implemented and improved in as far as one could manage.

Given the density of some of the concepts in modern business, Mr. Hope was next asked to explained exactly how it was that he made his living. He stated that the bulk of his money came from his wide array of investments in tech companies including Jawa and various other SEO corporations.

When asked what the future holds for Mr. Hope he replied that he was a “Futurist,” meaning that he was extremely excited at the prospect for the development of potential and beneficial new technologies. Currently, Mr. Hope is vigorously researching a slew of anti aging technologies that could potentially lead to new preventative measures for conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s.

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Former Hawks Insurance Company sued

The insurance company that used to insure Atlanta Hawks has been sued. The company has been sued over failure to cover some of the liabilities it had stipulated that it would cover in their premium terms. The former owner of the Atlanta Hawks has been joined to the lawsuit in which the prosecution is seeking to be compensated.

The prosecution side states that there are risks related to the work place and employment practices that the law firm was supposed to be insured against. These included issues such a wrongful termination, discrimination at the work place and other wrong employment practices. However, these were not covered during the Time when the company was changing ownership, hence the lawsuit. The current ownership of the company said that they knew about the lawsuit, but did not wish to be involved in the proceedings. They also declined to give any information about the case.

Up until 2015, the company was owned and headed by Bruce Levenson. He had bought it off in 2011 and when he made the sale, it was big news especially because of the profit margin that the sale generated for him. Other notable investments that Bruce has taken part in include his first company, which according to, he is still co-president in UCG Corporation. The company was started more than three decades ago when Bruce and his partner, Ed Peskowitz were just college students.

There was a lot of speculation about the manner in which the sale of the Hawks team was done. Initially, there were people who felt that the team Bruce had chosen to make the sale had set the asking price so high that buyers were discouraged, but comparing to the amount he had gotten the team for, the selling price was completely on point. The company said that they were hopeful for a fast settlement to the case.

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