Betting on Sports is Not Just Based on Luck

Football season is officially upon us! The fan jerseys, hats, and merchandise have hit the market full force so a person can easily support their favorite team. Also, the parties with great tailgating food have begun, and there is nothing better than getting in a heated debate over someone’s favorite team.

There is no way better to support your team than betting in Football. And the best place to do it is absolutely, anything from placing bets on NFL odds all the way to Super Bowl odds. Betting on your favorite football team allows you to support your team in the way you never thought you could, and it gives you a good excuse to have to watch the game. Your favorite football team could win you a large sum of money if they end up taking the win for a specific game, or maybe even the Super Bowl!

One of the best attributes of is that it allows you to see all the stats, standings, and odds in one place. You do not have to shop around on different websites to try and find the information you are searching for, has it all. Betting on professional football games is not like betting in the casino. When you go to a casino and bet on slots, you are leaving your money completely in the hands of luck. When it comes to football betting you are putting your money on a team you know possesses the skills to take home the gold.

The most important part about sports betting is to make sure you do your research on the odds of the team you are planning on putting your money on. This allows you to have a high chance of getting a return on your investment because you know the odds and statistics of that team, as well as the team they are playing. So instead of going to a casino and just throwing your money out on the table hoping for the best, you are putting your money on a team that you know has a high probability of actually winning. Sports betting is much based on skill, rather than luck and you will only get better at betting on NFL teams the more you practice. And who knows, maybe if you bet smart on the Super Bowl you could walk away a lot of extra money in your pocket.

6 Beautiful Reasons We Can’t Help But Fall In Love With Doe Deere

Doe Deere
Doe Deere is an adorable and might we say extremely colorful face behind the hugely popular Lime Crime cosmetics line. She is the self-proposed “Queen of Unicorns,” and a lovely positive-vibed change maker in today’s aggressive cosmetic industry. Doe is relatively young to have such an accelerated success, and there doesn’t seem to be any stopping her where she is.

Here are 6 beautiful reasons we can’t help but fall in love with Doe Deere over and over again:

1. She was born in Russia. A littler known fact about the Queen of color is that she was born and raised in Russia. She only moved to the United States when she was 17 years old. She originally immigrated to New York but now lives in Los Angeles. So, if you need yet another reason to love Deere, knowing that her success is that of a hard-working and determined immigrant, a true American success story that should inspire all.

2. She stands behind the trends she sets. While Doe is an inspiring entrepreneur, she truly loves the products she creates. It only takes a quick gander at her personal Instagram page to see that she is her own customer. Doe’s colorful locks and flawlessly pungent makeup are a sight to behold.

3. Lime Crime is vegan. While the company has been cruelty-free since its inception in 2008, Deere took it to the next level by going completely vegan in 2012. While we all strive to live by our personal standards, it is common knowledge that many cosmetic companies have shady backgrounds when it comes to animal testing and unnecessary animal byproducts. While no one insisted Doe go in this direction, she has always been passionate about animal rights and has made a commitment to morally stand by every aspect of her brand.

4. She lets her imagination rule. Doe has a keen appreciation for art, thus it is no surprise that when she first moved to New York she aspired to be something creative. However, makeup was not her first dabble in the creative world, she first gave it a go as a professional musician. Let it be said, we are selfishly glad she switched gears because its hard to imagine life without her colorful cosmetics.

5. Her business partner is her husband. The adorable color wreaks cool vibes and makes Lime Crime even more of a favorite. While most cosmetic companies are just out there to make a quick buck, Doe and her husband have made this inspiring line of make up a family business. What can we say, this girl really does what she loves, with who she loves… Is there anything possibly more we could ask!

6. Remember when we said she was the self-professed Queen of Unicorns? Well, unicorns are what Doe calls her fans. She has a lot of them too. Her Instagram stats are out of control and many of Lime Crime’s popular items frequently sell out. Still, Doe tries her best to keep up!

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel Leads In Researching About Sleep Apnea

The recent escalating cases of sleep apnea conditions and their effects led to new research. It was discovered that the disease affects individuals that suffer from stroke, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. These findings heightened the need for more research in order to find treatment for the serious condition. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is taking up a leading role in supporting the cause. He is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters. Avi has an extensive experience in treating sleep apnea. Dental Sleep Masters has come in to rescue the situation. The entity seeks to create awareness about the condition and possible treatment since 90% of victims are do not know about the ailment.

 The program has changed the face of dentistry. This is because it has come up with a unique model that seeks to improve the quality of care for patients besides creating opportunities in the medical field. Through the new model, both primary and secondary dentists, including certified sleep physicians, will learn about sleep apnea. They will also know how to administer the required treatment. This treatment is anticipated to increase in coming years as new devices are developed. Progress is being made to make the devices smaller and more adaptable. In addition, researchers have developed a treatment that stimulates the upper airway muscles to ensure it stays open and help patients sleep comfortably at night.


About Avi Weisfogel

 Dr. Avi Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Masters in 2014. He attended Rutgers University and New York University College of Dentistry where he graduated with a BA in Biology and Psychology and a DDS respectively. His deep passion for dentistry saw him establish Old Bridge Dental Care, which he operated for 15 years, earning him awards and recognition including “Best Dentist” on several occasions. In 2010, he founded Healthy Sleep. Later, he started offering lectures on sleep apnea and treatment.

Avi Weisfogel started Dental sleep Masters in order to provide physicians with significant knowledge and tools required to treat sleep apnea. His long-term experience with sleep disorders and treatment has seen him guide Dental Sleep masters’ physicians in diagnosing the ailment and giving them oral appliances to cure sleep apnea.


Ventures of Madison Street Capital

On August 29th, posted that Madison Street Capital had been announced finalist of the 15th Annual M&A Advisory Awards. The M&A Advisory Awards are widely respected for achievement within the financial industry, financing and restructuring, recognizing excellence in making deals, and are a way of celebrating achievements and contributions of leading professionals and firms. Along, with being nominated for the M&A Advisory Awards, Madison Street Capital has also been nominated for the International and Industrials Deal of the Year and Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. Madison Street Capital was recognized for it’s role in facilitating Acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. through Dowco. Karl D’Cunha, Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, led this transaction. The winners of the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards will be announced in Gala on November 9th at the New York Athletic Club. Read more:

Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm that is committed to excellence, integrity, service and leadership by delivering corporate financial advisory services, financial opinions, acquisition and merger expertise, and a valuation services for privately and publicly held businesses. These services have helped clients to succeed within the global marketplace. When undertaking a new project, the clients objectives and goals become Madison Street Capital’s. These objectives and goals may range anywhere from from successful capital raises, to financial advisory and M&A transactions and transfers of ownership. Emerging markets are viewed by Madison Street Capital as the core component of which drives the global growth of clients, and continue to focus on significant assets in these markets. Madison Street Capital has earned the trust of client’s from all over the world for their unwavering dedication for the highest levels in professional standards.

There is an understanding in Madison Street Capital of the time sensitivity in corporate finance and are able to respond tenaciously and quickly to opportunities. The approach of the firm has created corporate finance transactions that both investors and business owners mutually benefit. Madison Street Capital holds the experience, knowledge and relationships for matching sellers and buyers, as well as to match the capitalization structure and appropriate financing with every unique client situation. The methodology that is used through the firm reflects substantial experience and expertise in all the areas of corporate financing, this including acquisitions and mergers, specialized financing, market pricing and due diligence, deal structuring, valuation, and implementation and design alternative exit strategies. Over the years that Madison Street Capital has been in business, they have helped clients within hundreds of industry verticals to reach their goals in a timely manner. With their understanding and experience in areas of corporate governance and corporate finance, Madison Street Capital has become a leading provider in financial advisory services, valuations, and M&A. Madison Street Capital has offices located throughout Asia, North America and Africa, helping them in adopting a global view that has given equal emphasis for local networks and business relationships.

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5 Lip Balms with Super Cute Packaging

  1. EOS Smooth Sphere

These cute spheres look fun on your vanity or in your bag. The colorful packaging and yummy scents will make it hard to choose just one! The best part is, they are all-natural and organic, so you can feel good about using these EOS balms.

  1. Lip Smackers Tsum Tsum Lip Balm

Show your love for Disney with these adorable balms! They come in unique flavors like Peanut Butter Shake and Marshmallow Pop, plus they feature your favorite characters like Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, and Stitch. The characters even double as collectible toys.

  1. Balmi Lip Balm

Carry one of these sleek cubes to be a trendsetter! This British brand offers fun, fruity scented balms in compact packaging, so you can have smooth, soft lips wherever you go. It’s easy to apply and will fit into any pocket or bag, no matter how small.

  1. EOS Shimmer Smooth Sphere

Add some shimmer while you moisturize your lips with these sparkly balms. Their domed shape makes them easy to apply fast at a dance or in the halls. The sleek black packaging lets some of the balm peek through for a chic look. These balms are sold on Walmart and online stores including

  1. It’s Skin Macaron Lip Balm

These balms look like your favorite Instagram-worthy cookie, but are actually hiding a beauty product inside! They come in four fun colors and flavors: green (green apple), purple (grape), pink (strawberry), and orange (pineapple). Plus the combination of shea and coco butters will keep your pout soft for hours!

Visit the following product links below:



How David Osio became a Top Businessman and Philanthropist

In collaboration with various non-profit organizations, financial expert David Osio has been committed to bettering the lives of people in every community where he works. He is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group, and has been networking with various organizations for over two decades to improve art and culture alongside business. During this period, he also initiated programs that support charity organizations globally. He is a world-known philanthropist whose initiatives have led to the rise of other successful business people. When he served as a member of the Miami Symphony Orchestra Board, he helped to initiate programs that made the band better both financially and artistically.

In a recent interview, Osio said that one of the things that have kept him going in his businesses over the years is the satisfaction that he gets from helping others. He says when foundations such as the Miami Symphony Orchestra can comfortably stay in operation year in year out; it brings joy to the community and that is how prosperity is born. Another foundation that he helped to create is The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. He has organized various events over the years to fund-raise for this establishment and this has largely contributed to its success.

Background information about David Osio

The flamboyant businessman and philanthropist came a long way to be where he is today. As a young man, he always showed interest in business and humanity although he did not have the financial ability to start then. Through his smart and innovative ideas, he almost effortlessly scaled the ladder of success. His school days date back to when he was studying at the Catholic University Andres Bello. He then moved on to specialize in international banking law at the Institute Estudios Superiores de Administración IESA”, before embarking on his remarkable career in 1981. He has worked at various companies including OPED Enterprise where he was in charge of coffee exports. In LETCO Commercial Enterprises, he held an executive position.

While working at MGO law firm in Caracas in 1984, Osio’s career took a new turn. He now was more involved in banking law. His corporate clients such as Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation were all full of praises for his working style. It is this approval that saw him record success in various other companies before getting to where he is today. His commitment to mentoring upcoming business people and helping other professionals to succeed made him a darling for many wherever he worked.

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Get Your Squad Involved with These Halloween Costumes Made by Wengie


“Squad goals” are easy to come up with, but fairly difficult to execute. Animated YouTube personality, Wengie, ensures that everybody is hip to contemporary culture with her videos and her Halloween themed DIY costume one was no different. By creating costumes for popular 2016 movie and comic book characters, those that stem from the popular Pokémon Go app, and even for people who enjoy Starbucks a little too much, Wengie proves to the public that she can still be a beauty blogger, have fun, and keep the hearts of her fans full with each passing second of the short films. So, do you want to get your squad involved this Halloween? Consider these options:


Quench Your Thirst with Your Friends This All Hallows Eve


Starbucks is one of the most noted chains in the entire world, so there is no wonder why people are obsessed with the bold roasts, frothy drinks, and endless desserts. If you are one of those people who is obsessed with the chain and know a few friends who would not mind mimicking a few menu items, consider becoming your beloved beverage.


Wengie took a single-colored dress. After printing out the iconic Starbucks logo and gluing it to a piece of cardboard, the blogger safely attached it to the middle portion of the outfit. Using cardboard that had been painted green, she folded it in a manner that would replicate a straw. Next, she attached string to the homemade straw and wore it like a headband on her head. The result was a quirky costume that resembled one of the infamous drinks found at this coffee shop.


Gotta Catch ‘Em All


The release of Pokémon Go made headlines for months, a reality that skyrocketed this game into more stardom than any game before it and probably after it, too. With a few pairs of shorts, some sneakers, t-shirts, and baseball caps that Wengie attached poké balls to, she became a true player. With a backpack and the right attitude, there was no mistaking this costume for something else.

Marc Sparks Transforms Work Environment

As business progresses into the 21st century, it is becoming more important than ever to create work environments that foster creativity and challenge the status quo. This is essential for businesses looking to develop new ideas that cater to the public demand. Marc Sparks, CEO of Timber Capital, has done just that. With the new office environment, Timber Creek Capital can now host three different businesses in its office space. This increases the company’s ability to foster success for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, Marc ensures that the office design will encourage teamwork leading to increased productivity. Finally, the new office space will have increased employee window views which will change people’s emotions and motivate employees to work harder.

Timber Creek Capital is a private equity company that specializes in taking the dreams of young entrepreneurs and turning them into business success stories. The leadership of Timber Creek Capital works with young business owners to turn their ideas into products and services that will be helpful to the public and generate revenue for the company.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Timber Creek Capital provides young entrepreneurs with the financial backing, legal help, accounting needs, equipment requirements, and office space needed to take a company from an idea to an established business. In over 35 years of experience, Timber Creek Capital has fostered the success of dozens of companies through its ability to effectively market and network with other industries.

Along with working as CEO of Timber Creek, Marc Sparks is a philanthropist, author, and entrepreneur. He works hard to encourage and educate aspiring entrepreneurs looking to follow in his footsteps. Marc Sparks recently published a book titled “They Can’t Eat You” which uses Sparks’s stories to give readers a glimpse into both his life and the attributes required of a successful entrepreneur.

This allows aspiring entrepreneurs to follow in his successes yet learn from his failures without making these same mistakes themselves. He details the proper mindset and networking abilities required to find success in the entrepreneurial world. In addition, Marc Sparks has spent many years working with several different charity organizations.

He has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build housing for families in need. He even founded his own charity, titled Sparkey’s Kids. His charity has donated thousands of computers to children requiring technology for success in school. Most recently his charity donated of one thousand laptop computers to the charity American Can! Academy. He has also worked with The Samaritan Inn for over three decades.

This homeless shelter houses over 150 people per night. With his success in both the business and philanthropy world, Marc Sparks serves as an example of the positive change that a successful businessman can bring to the world.

Factors Contributing to the Growth of Equities First Holdings LLC

Equities First Holdings (EFH) LLC is a company that offers alternative financing solution. The company is committed to helping their clients to get the money they need and meet their personal and professionals goals. The company provides capital to the customers who already own publicly traded securities.

Equities First Holdings has been growing rapidly and been gaining and more clients from different parts of the world. In fact, EFH has outlets in nine countries across the world. These countries include Equities First (London) Limited, Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited, Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited, and Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd. The company is still focusing on making expanding to other countries as all these branches are doing well and boosting the company revenue.

As the banks and other lending institutions across the world are tightening the lending criteria making the prerequisites of credit qualifications harder to beat, Equities First Holdings has been receiving more and more clients. These other banks have stringent requirements that are so hard to meet, and most customers who are unable to meet them have opted for the Equities First Holdings as an alternative since the company can use their stocks as the loan collateral.

Some of the most favorable lending conditions Equities First Holdings demands on stock-based loans are, borrowers a get a fixed interest of three to four percent of the amount they borrowed and loan to value ratios starts from 50-75%. All lending done by Equities First Holdings has no restriction and borrowers can use the money borrowed how they want.

Equities First Holdings has been providing clients with alternative financing solutions since 2002. For the period the company has been operating, it has been a success. Equities First Holdings has made more than 650 transactions, which are estimated worth more than $1.4 billion to date. The company is still aiming to open more branches in other countries and reach more and more clients.

Get in touch with the team at Equity First to see how they can help your finances.

Dick DeVos Is Giving A Hand To Many Worthy Causes

Betsy DeVos is the wife of Dick DeVos. Dick DeVos was the CEO and son of the co-founder of the Amway company. Betsy DeVos is an active reformer and has been since her early years in college. She was heavily involved with political activities on her campus and was the leader of many committees and organizations including serving on the board as chairman for the Michigan Republican party for six years. He husband ran for Governor in Michigan in 2006 but lost to the incumbent.


Betsy DeVos is noted for her extensive philanthropy and her work to improve schools and education. She works diligently to get new programs in underperforming schools around the country. She is working hard to help improve an ineffective school system that needs growth and funding to be able to implement programs that will help children learn more efficiently. Both Betsy and her husband Dick DeVos work extensively to give back to the community and have made philanthropy their priority to date.



They founded their foundation called The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989 in response to their wealth and desire to give back to those deserving causes that they champion. Dick DeVos has not only given to education reform but has also donated millions to the arts and to museums in various states. In 2010 Dick DeVos donated $22.5 million dollars to the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management which was later renamed the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. They also established a scholarship for those seeking an MBA or higher at Thunderbird School of Global Management to assist in the costs of finishing school.