Dr. Villanueva Brings a Young Dental Workforce with Creative Ideas

MB2 Dental combines the best of the private practice and large dental group worlds and was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. In an article on ideamensch.com the doctor talks about where the idea came from and how he stays successful.

The firm has over sixty locations and helps support those new dentists who are looking for their first home. Dr. Villanueva is excited about the role technology is going to play this year and in the future of dentistry. He says he’s most productive as an entrepreneur because he doesn’t get caught up in the ego of ideas. He can laugh at himself and doesn’t have to take it so seriously. A piece of advice Dr. Villanueva says he follows is to never be the smartest person in a room. He wants to surround himself with smart people and people who will challenge him and offer new ideas the whole community can use. The doctor says if he had to start over again then he would start building the infrastructure earlier. It made for some bumps in the road that they got started a little later. He says building it before you think you need it is always the smart way to go.

He also says it is important to give yourself time to self-reflect and enjoy days off. In an article on Medium Dr. Villanueva said MB2 Dental is unique because it focuses on the personal growth and support of dentists together. They offer an environment where dentists can learn and go further in their profession. They do a lot of things together including retreats with team building activities. This brings them closer and helps them to really establish a network. The firm says when they care about the doctors, they are caring about the patients.

It’s not something that’s been done before and MB2 is changing the industry. They’re offering a younger perspective on the practice and changing things for the better. They are looking at more than just how much money they are making. Without joining a very strict network of dentists right out of school or opening a private practice right away, dentists can grow at their own pace. New ideas are welcome and encouraged. It’s a sense of freedom while developing a rewarding career and lots of great experiences.

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The Impact of Equities First Holdings In the Marketplace

Equities First Holdings has been there for two decades now and with its gradually improving customer services, its positive impact both at a regional and global level will last them for a long term.

Comparing to when EFH was introduced and now, it’s evident that this enterprise has achieved a lot as their success. From a regional market level, the financial institution now has a great influence at a global level. They now have branches set up in more than 13 countries worldwide

When the company was starting, its main challenge was the competitive market. Back then, before EFH was introduced, getting a loan was not easy and the introduction of EFH didn’t look like a great difference in the money lending industry.

It took the enterprise a decade before they grew to gain a regional recognition. Business started going on quite well, money lending services improved and the number of EFH users increased significantly.

Years later, new investment ideas and market opportunities came in this gave EFH a great opportunity to grow and improve their market boundaries. They have out-grown the local market to now having a great influence over the global market. EFH is now one of the most successful financial enterprise we have at a global level.

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The brilliant investment mind of Paul Mampilly

An influential force in the world of finance is Paul Mampilly. He attended Fordham University and graduated in 1991. He worked at Banker’s Trust as a portfolio manager after hitting Wall Street after graduation. He then began to continue his employment in various legal firms where he mastered the art of investing as he continued to climb the employment ladder. About Paul Mampilly, he also managed a $6 billion dollar firm known as Kinetic Asset Management when he managed their hedge fund accounts. He also won an award from the Templeton Foundation due to his business skills and his knowledge.

This award shows a true testament to his industry abilities because it came during the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Paul Mampilly actually grew tired of the grueling pace of Wall Street after a certain point in his life. Eventually, he decided to start helping everyday people instead of the much larger corporations. Today, Paul Mampilly actually works as a business advocate so that common people can get the most “bang for their buck” out of their paychecks. He is an advocate in this business industry sector and he has appeared on a variety of programs on television. Profits unlimited is just one of his investment newsletters.

These news letters deliver his financial tips that can be used to enhance a person’s finances and other various information tactics. He would like to continue expanding his services with investments in the future and his clients always come first above everything else. A second career has come about for Mampilly in today’s day and age. Over the last couple of years, he has been exceling in the publishing industry that definitely brings “Main Street America” to everyone. The Banyan Hill newsletters allows him to deliver his investment advice to a much wider audience level.

Fortress Investment Group Plays Host To Financial Guru Peter Briger

The investment industry is a lucrative business that anyone can get involved in if they choose to start making extra cash. Unfortunately, if it were that easy then everyone would be out there getting rich off of it. It takes a lot of persistence and research in order to do well in finances and investing, not to mention years of training and experience. Peter Briger is a financial expert and well-known investor for his position at Fortress Investment Group. Peter has spent more than 30 years in the financial industry building his wealth and his knowledge, first at Goldman Sach and now with Fortress Investment Group. Peter currently sits s the Principal for his corporation, a position he took up in 2009. Read the article of Peter Briger at Forbes.

These days, Fortress Investment is one of the leading investment firms in the US specializing in alternative investments and unique asset management strategy. Peter has played no small part in the growth of the organization over the years, improving annual revenue for his departments by roughly 25 percent over the years. In the time that Peter Briger has worked for the company in its public position, Fortress Investment Group has managed to acquire more than one thousand clients and 60 billion dollars in managed assets from all over the world.

Before Peter was on the journey to a successful financial career, he studied at various colleges to build a foundation of knowledge and credentials to get him noticed. First, Peter Briger went to Princeton University to earn his first degree focused on the financial sector. He also maintains a position on the board of directors at Princeton. Peter later went to the Wharton School of Business to earn his master’s degree in business. Along with his board positions at Fortress Investment and Princeton University, Peter Briger has become a member of several other institutions, including Silicon Valley and the Tipping Point.

Learn more: https://www.cnas.org/people/pete-briger


Serge Belamant Is A Successful Businessman And Innovator

Net1 Technologies is the patent holder for a unique blockchain technology for smart cards, which includes the typical credit and debit cards that most people around the business world use today. Net1 was founded by Serge Belamant, the same man that created the patented blockchain technology now being used by his company. As CEO for Net1, Serge is mostly concerned with building new business relationships in the market to expand his own company. Right now, Net1’s technology works with Visa’s and Mastercard’s and it can be used to purchase products online with the same effect.

Serge developed technology that goes into these debit cards at Net1 is known as UEPS and was first developed in 1989 by Serge Belamant. Just after Serge developed the saswitch system, he decided to leave his company and focus on innovations on his own platform and he founded Net1 UEPS Technologies. Within the first few years of developing his blockchain technology in 1989, Serge was gathering clients in the banking industry, making his patented technology a huge success. Because of the technology used inside these UEPS cards, they do not need to be attached to a central computer for reading, but instead, they can be used offline in nearly all circumstances.

Serge Belamant has many accomplishments throughout his working career that are noteworthy, but many would not expect them from a man with his upbringing. He certainly wasn’t privilege to wealth or opportunity while growing up. Serge was born in 1953 in France and he only stayed there until 1967, when his family moved across the world to South Africa. Luckily for Serge, he was able to get an education for himself and after completing high school, he attended the University of Witwatersrand. About Serge Belamant, he studied many different subjects during college, including engineering, computer science, and mathematics, but ultimately he chose to focus on technology and software.


More Parents are Choosing the Hyland’s Brand for Teething Tablets and for Baby Products

going to work, but something that also has safe and gentle ingredients. One of the most trusted companies in America right now is known as Hyland’s. The brand is most known for its homeopathic qualities and their commitment to high standards. Because the company was created over 100 years ago and is still family-owned and operated, you can feel good knowing that you are giving your baby, toddler or child a product that is going to work well for them without containing harsh chemicals and ingredients.


One of the newest products within the Hyland’s line is known as Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief tablets. These tablets are incredibly beneficial for issues like teething, gum irritation and other oral pain-related symptoms. Hyland’s products are natural-active and homeopathic. You can feel good knowing that every single one of the tablets used for teething has been researched, tested and developed with only the most profound experts in the field working on the development. Whether you are choosing to use the Hyland’s teething gel or their new oral pain relief tablets, you will find a significant improvement with your baby’s current condition.


Hyland’s is great for their homeopathic tablets, teething gel and other items. Not only do they specialize in children and baby products, but you can find Hyland’s producing a wide range of products for adults like their Nerve Tonic and Cold and Flu medication. The teething tablets that they have created are ideal for getting rid of pain associated with teething using homeopathic and natural-active ingredients. Despite the products being produced by Hyland’s being completely homeopathic, they work wonders and have received quite a cult following by mothers for generations. In fact, some parents swear by the brand and all of the products that they produce. For this reason, it is a good idea to either look at the brand in your local drugstore or check them out online where you can place an order and have it delivered right to your door for quick use.



Flavio Maluf Improving The Quality Of Life

Being the Executive Chairman of one of the largest producers of partitions, doors, floors, wood fiber sheets, varnishes, paints MDP and MDF panels, Flavio Maluf turning 67 on 23rd November, has invested in social actions and sustainability for much of his career. Educated on urban tree planting and its benefits to the community, Flavio Maluf developed an Environmental Education Program in partnership with Sao Paulo, Bofete, Anhembi, Avare and Salto city halls plus attends primarily tutees of public education networks. Some of the objectives of the program include the propagation of notions on the correct management of forests, preservation of environments and on the significance of eucalyptus as raw material for many forest-based products. Since enactment, the Eucatex’s Environmental Educational Program has gathered more than 27,000 trippers. Read more about Flavio at terra.com

Flavio Maluf’s Eucatex firm plans to improve and contribute to the quality life and well being to the community around the company’s locale as experts from the company dialogue with society on feasible effects of forest operations plus carrying out socioeconomic verifications. Furthermore, an Apiculture Program chaired by Flavio Maluf creates income for households living in the forest unit regions by providing apiculture pasture to beekeepers for honey including exploring the flowering of eucalyptus in the forest belonging to the firm thus creating circa 1000 jobs that stimulate the local economy with the secondary generation of hospitality services jobs and other domains. He on the other hand through his company endeavors to preserve forest by preventing forest fires that are of a greater risk of occurring during the dry season. He combats this by constructing firebreaks that prevents the passage of fire to vegetation places. Moreover, he creates awareness of the employees and the local family in spotting and identifying local fires in a line always available for communication in case of fire emergencies.

For 19 years, his company which has corporate headquarters in the city of Sao Paulo but units and offices spread all over Brazil, has been investing in reforestation and land to warrant self-adequacy of supply and improving performance on environment and community.

Click here to learn more: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/108970/conheca-com-flavio-maluf-algumas-dicas-para-administrar-uma-empresa-familiar


Shervin Pishevar’s 21-Hour Tweet Storm: The Tech Guru Puts His Cards on the Table

If you’ve followed tech news in recent years, you’ve probably heard big things about “gig economy” companies such as Airbnb and Uber. Revamping the rules in employer-employee relationships and upending traditional pillars of the service industry such as hotels and taxi companies, Airbnb and Uber have set the standard for a new form of start-up company that does away with traditional notions of entrepreneurship.

Behind the rise of Airbnb and Uber was a brash venture capital CEO named Shervin Pishevar, who rose to fame as an investor willing to take big risks on forward-thinking start-ups. With an impeccable portfolio of successful business ventures to his name, Shervin Pishevar has earned an enormous fan base in tech circles and holds a Twitter-follower count of over 90,000 people.

So it came as no surprise that Pishevar’s recent 21-hour tweet storm made waves in the business world and beyond. Touching on subjects ranging from the future of the US economy to an analysis of Bitcoin’s potential value, Pishevar didn’t hold back on his unorthodox opinions. Then again, his followers have come to expect a “pull no punches” style of intellectual debate from Pishevar, so it’s no surprise that the tech magnate’s Twitter feed was peppered with controversial statements.

Positing the notion that US markets would suffer a 6000-point drop in the near future, for example, Pishevar seemed convinced that a new Great Recession loomed large amid a current economic climate that tends toward growth and prosperity. Not so pessimistic, however, was Pishevar’s view that Bitcoin could regain its peak value in coming months, fueling rampant speculation that the crypto-currency could once again make waves for investors willing to make risky bets on non-traditional investments.

Only time will tell if Shervin Pishevar’s economic predictions will come to pass, but his diehard fan base remains convinced that the tech giant still has what it takes to make hard calls in an economic climate that doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Still, Pishevar’s track record of backing winning companies speaks volumes about his ability to spot winning investments in markets where other investors fear to tread. Both his fans and critics are likely to agree that this quality alone makes Shervin Pishevar a voice worth listening to.



How Rebel Wilson is Redefining Romantic Comedy Niche

Romantic comedy movies are the most exciting type of films to watch, primarily on their unique scripts and twists of plots. ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ will be a game changer of romantic comedy film in future.

In addition to the impressive trailer, this movie has some of the best talents in the movie industry. Read more: Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical and Stunning Transformation Rebel Wilson | The List

Some of the talents include the funny and the talented Rebel Wilson, the legendary Priyanka Chopra and lastly Liam Hemsworth. The setting and the storyline of this movie according to performing arts pundits has a brilliant plot, and a story many filmmakers are afraid to tell or they do not have a proper cast to tell the story effectively.

‘Isn’t It Romantic’ is not the first significant film the talented Rebel Wilson has been part of in her career. She is synonymous with unmatched execution of roles, regardless of the movie budget or the tasks assigned. She has been part of the vast film industry for the last 16 year.

The consistency of Rebel Wilson is mainly due to her talent and her unmatched approach to her role in the film industry. In addition to that, she is one of the hardworking personalities in the film industry.

It is interesting to note that millions of film enthusiasts can pay cinema tickets to see the magical Rebel Wilson in a film. This loyalty from her fans, according to her, pushes Rebel Wilson to work more and perfect her skills in acting.

Rebel Wilson journey to the creativity and acting world is fascinating. Just like the other industry favorites, her journey to the fastest growing film industry shows how determined she has always been especially on creating amazing films.

Her earlier roles in different movies, however, gave her a chance to prove to the world that she is not only a talented person but also one of the greatest actors in the world of acting. The fact that she has blended in the competitive acting space in the USA shows the efforts she has put on her career.

According to her, however, her family gave her a platform to discover her talent, back in Australia. Although she jokes about her family believes that they are all funny, Rebel Wilson attributes this environment to her discovery path and eventually making a career out of her talent. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: https://www.broadway.com/buzz/194108/rebel-wilson-to-play-jennyanydots-in-cats-film/ and https://www.wmagazine.com/story/rebel-wilson-givenchy-couture

Due to her unmatched approach to acting, Rebel Wilson has interacted with some of the best personalities in the acting industry, especially in her main niche of romantic comedy.

In one of the projects that she is passionate about after ‘Isn’t It Romantic,’ is the upcoming film that pundits believe will change the musical film movies. In this particular film, CATS, she is part of the best collection of talents in recent years.

In addition to her busy and successful career, it is vital to appreciate the fact that she is one of the people that believe in empowerment. In one of her tweets, Rebel Wilson shared an inspiring story of a girl she sponsored through her education from an African country.

Oren Frank: CEO and Co-founder Behind Talkspace

Oren Frank is CEO and Co-founder of Talkspace, the mobile app that is available for both IOS and Android devices. The mobile app brings convenience and privacy to its users by providing online therapy via video chat through the app. It connects people with licensed therapists in alleviating depression, anxiety, and stress to just name a few. View Oren Frank’s profile at linkedin.

Talkspace Recruits

In recent news, Talkspace has recruited a chief medical officer from UnitedHealth named Neil Leibowitz. By hiring Neil Leibowitz, Talkspace physicians will soon be able to prescribe medications when necessary. CEO Oren Frank states that the company has generated “tens of millions of dollars in revenue” since its launch. The app now boasts one million users acquired throughout the duration of being in business for five years. The article goes on to describe Talkspace’s goal. In it, it says that the company wants to focus on providing affordable mental health to users online. A brief overview of pricing shows that Talkspace offers a “seventy-nine dollar weekly service for talking with a therapist online or a forty-nine dollar service for messaging a mental health professional.” Further, in the article, it describes a “spike” in the need for mental health services because of a recent survey indicating millennials are experiencing high levels of depression and anxiety.

Social Media

We take a look at Oren Frank’s Twitter page. His most recent tweet (rather retweet) is of a short video clip showing a man falling into a dirty river. Other tweets include a post about today’s teen issues dealing with stress, loneliness, and cyberbullying. It indicates that the mental health industry is “under-serving” its communities. In a November 19th tweet Oren Frank asks, “what will the human pain cost?” Then states that mental illness will cost the world sixteen-trillion United States Dollars by the year 2030.

Read More: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/oren-frank