Securus Technologies ConnectUs Warms the Hearts of Many of Its Clients

Securus Technologies recently announced that it has come up with a way of saving clients time and money through implementing its Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs. According to its Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Russell Roberts, Securus Technologies implementation of Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs is a show of the company’s commitment to provide new technology and features for its clients.
The application is believed to save customers time by enabling the creation of custom forms that can be made available to the inmates in real time without involving any printing. The ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance application changes manual paper processes to digital automation. To date, Securus automatically processes an average of 13.8 forms a month for each inmate, which saves valuable time for the staff allowing them to focus on security and safety. The technology has also benefited inmates by allowing them self-service access to the forms and the opportunity to view the status of their forms and grievances and appeal or accept them. According to Chief Kolitwenzew from Kankakee County, 3, the technology was easy to implement and was well received by everyone.
ConnectUs is by far the most feature rich inmate platform in the market today. The platform does not only provide inmates with access to services not available to them before, but it also governs what is accessible to inmates and at what time. The platform can also include dynamic application display time, day and inmate location. It can also encompass a bulletin board that allows communication between inmates and correctional staff.
Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is committed to serve and connect by providing emergency response, public information, incident management, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, inmate self-service, data management and monitoring services and products. For more insights about Securus Technologies, click here.

The Innovation of Doe Deere

The company of Lime Crime is a company that was officially founded in 2008 as a way to provide individuals who love to apply makeup on their faces for purposes throughout the day with a new way of applying makeup that will accentuate the beautiful features in anyone that applies it to their face. The company of Lime Crime was founded in 2008 by Doe Deere, a well respected businesswoman with a taste for a challenge in developing a business within an industry that is already known to be competitive. Since 2008, the business that Doe Deere has created has taken off and has gathered a large fan base of the products offered.

Doe Deere recently sat down with an internet magazine known as Galore magazine to talk about her passion behind the makeup industry as well as talk about her business model and even her future plans for her business. Doe Deere starts the interview by giving a brief background of the origins of the company and how the company started off as a side business to her other company of selling clothes that consisted of not only bright colors, but also bright patterns. Though her makeup business was just a side business that was founded in 2008, her business since then took off.

The first product that was ever created by Ms. Deere was a lipstick that was followed by more varieties as well as blush options and eye shadow and eye liner options. Doe Deere decided to make this company all about the colors because Ms. Deere has found that bright colors bring out the beautiful on not just the inside, but also bring out the beauty on the outside. Ms. Deere has stated many times that she often feels as though she has cheated with her career due to the fact that she loves what she does.

During this interview, Ms. Deere stated that her passion for makeup started as early as the age of nine when she remembers having sleepovers with her friends and dressing up with them in some of the brightest and most ridiculous shoes, clothes, as well as accessories that she and her friends could find. The touch of makeup was added to accentuate the look that she and her friends were going for. though Ms. Deere admits that her makeup skills would not have won any awards, she remembers this as the first time that she fell in love with makeup.

Ever since the early age of nine, Ms. Deere has been learning the art of putting on makeup. In present day, Ms. Deere made the decision to make her company into an internet-based company due to the fact that this method would allow her to use the consumer comments to better the product. With this business decision, Ms. Deere has not only managed to stay humble, but has also felt closer to her customers and their wants for a type of makeup that would be considered truly perfect to them.

Increasing Confidence In Business With Help From Marc Sparks

Confidence is really one of the keys to any business performance. You really need to make your investors and your clients feel as if they can trust you. When you are able to exude confidence, you are someone they know they can trust. You are also someone who can convey authority.

This is where working with a specific company devoted to this process can be highly useful. At Spark Tank, I know that I have been able to find the kind of confidence that I need to see my own business dreams come true. I also know that I have been able to see my own sense of self-confidence increase as I have learned to relax and let go of my fears.

Concentration Is Key

Being able to concentrate fully is also part of the process of working in business and become a better person at it. I was able to get that kind of help when I worked with them. It it not easy for me to feel confident. I tend to doubt myself in many ways. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

While I know that I can be a success, I am not always able to translate this feeling into something that investors can feel comfortable about. Letting go of my fears and my feeling of not being good enough at what I do is something that I have been able to learn from working with Marc Sparks. Read more: Marc Sparks – AngelList

Help From Multiple Sources

Working with Marc Sparks has also helped me realize that I can tap into the vast help from all of those at Spark Tank. According to GoodReads, Marc Sparks also shows people like me how to find talent. He knows that talent isn’t just about letting others come to you. You really have to go out there and see what the world offers you. Working with him has shown me that I can reach out to other people and reach out to them very well. I have become better at finding others who can help me.

An Overall Sense Of Happiness

Above all, I have found that working with Marc Sparks and Spark Tank means that I have found it easier to be happy with my life plan. I now feel far more confident about what I do. I also now feel as if I can accomplish the goals that I have set in front of me in my planned career in business. My own confidence is amazing to me as it allows me to relax and concentrate closely on all aspects of my life. I know that I can count on the lessons I have learned from working with them to help me move forward and feel that my life is my own path.


A business name’s standing is crucial since it has effects on business funds. Following a study by made by Online Reputation Reviews is believed to be worth four to five percent of a company’ annual income and 65 percent of senior professionals record that the business name’s reputation is associated with its sociability that was on-line. Below are tips for online reputation management.
4) Blogging and interpersonal media

Blogging and being up so far with all types of media that are interpersonal not merely supplies a system to boost itself to a business but also ensures communicating with customers. Societal media programs should be upgraded daily to generate fans and visitors. Sites like Facebook are utilized more for customer conversation whereas LinkedIn is targeted more towards marketing among experts.

3) Workers tracking online standing

Interpersonal press discussion and tracking perspectives are crucial to carrying on online standing. Opinion or one unfavorable evaluation can spiral into 100s quite fast, so it’s wise to get an individual that is specified to take treatment of grievances. Having online standing being continuously monitored by a worker additionally provides the firm an idea of how nicely it’s doing among customers, supporting caution and visibility. This worker might have to be experienced in disclosure requirements, and comprehend the nature of the advice that will be published on company websites/ press that is interpersonal.

2) A dynamic PR strategy

Building a PR method can lead to a promotion that is favorable, in turn beating any unfavorable remarks. Working closely with venture firms, advertising groups, and investor associations /sociable press systems – assures online tracking is organized.

1) Keeping execs’ individual standings

The account of entrepreneurs, supervisors and executives may have an enormous influence on a business’s on-line reputation. Mature administration groups and the panel should behave as role models for a whole business, and should highlight a tradition of conformity among workers. Execs do not reveal any private information or photos which could endanger the company’s standing, and should ensure individual users adhere to the greatest degree of privacy. Additionally, workers must always be supporting to work duty and with ethics online, to prevent any damaging remarks that may connect to its standing and the company.


Lake Tahoe Best Ski Resorts: An Ideal Travel Destination


Lake Tahoe is a major touristic attraction in the Sierra Nevada in the United States. At an altitude of 6225 meters, Lake Tahoe is located along the border, between California and Nevada, west of Carson City. Lake Tahoe is the largest and deeper alpine lake in North America. Much of the area surrounding Lake Tahoe is dedicated to the tourism industry and in this regard there are many restaurants, ski slopes, golf courses and casinos for visitors.

This lake is surrounded by mountains and resorts. If you want to stay with family and / or friends or go alone to explore this is the spot. Lake Tahoe is a relaxing place where you can do almost anything. There are two general areas of the lake: North Lake Tahoe and South Lake Tahoe. Many attractions and recreational areas are also located on the east and west of the lake. Lake is crossing the border of California and Nevada. South Lake Tahoe has major casinos and hotels. North Lake Tahoe is rustic and relaxing.

Activities abound both in summer and winter. In summer, you can ride a boat on the lake and you can practice water skiing. In winter, you can practice a full range of sports.

You can enjoy almost any type of kitchen dishes, be it Chinese food, Italian or local specialty. Many hotels are located on the lake, others are some distance walking, so you can enjoy the beauty of the lake.

Hotels are a good option if you want to spend a holiday here. It is preferable to Book in advance, especially for winter or summer seasons. You can get a cheap room $ 30 / night in South Lake Tahoe, or a package at a hotel for a few hundred of dollars a night. Homeowners in the area are offering a good deal renting their homes or apartments during the winter and summer seasons.

One of the famous California ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe area is Squaw Valley. They consistently have good snow, and their grooming is top-notch. Back country bowls are excellent, as well, especially in good snow years. Terrain is excellent and geared toward intermediate, advanced, and expert skiers. The Village provides many options for staying onsite, and for dining during the day and after ski. You get a very European experience here, one that might keep you returning year after year. For many years it has a place in the top “most spectacular lift in America.” It starts at 1,890 meters and goes up to 2,500 meters in about 6 minutes. It was built for the 1960 Olympics and has remained in this place.

Another famous resort located in the north of Lake Tahoe, Alpine Meadows is an ideal location for snowboarding. In addition to boarding, guests can also enjoy beautiful lake views. Alpine Meadows is home to a new terrain park that make use of banks, rolls and other natural features of the mountain, allowing snowboarders to board, ride, jump and rail, all on the same term. About a quarter of the runs are suitable for beginners, while 40 percent are intermediate and 35 percent are for boarder experts. Transworld Snowboarding ranked in 2007 Alpine Meadows as a top value resort.

Learn More About the Emergence of New Ukraine

Currently, efforts have started to establish a new Ukraine that will be a complete opposite of the old. The old Ukraine was weakened and riddled with corruption. This transformation is proving to be a rare experiment that is being carried out in a democracy. According to Soros, who is the director of Open Society Foundations, the trial is remarkable because it is helping in finding expression for those people who are devoted to defending the territorial integrity from the separatists.

Most of the individuals who believe in the emergence of a new Ukraine have left well-paying g jobs in parliament and government to be volunteers. These volunteers are doing a fantastic job in Ukraine. Some of them are providing assistance to the internally displaced people, while others are providing advisory services to the local government and ministers. One of the most dominant challenges the new Ukraine is facing comes from the old Ukraine. The old Ukraine is surrounded by a lot of bureaucracy that has been working with the business people. The reformers of Ukraine are also facing a lot of resistance from the Russian government, which is working tirelessly to destabilize Ukraine.

According to Soros, the policy that will see the emergence of the new Ukraine is, for now, a well-kept secret. Most Ukrainian people are not aware of the strategy because it is unimplemented. Most people have made comparisons between Ukraine and Georgia. When the Georgian president assumed power, he made many changes that included getting rid of the police department that was hated. During this period, the public noticed right away that governance had changed for the better. Ukraine is waiting for a moment like this because currently, you have to bribe the police for them to give you the service you need.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

George Soros – Project Syndicate

The greatest thing about Ukraine is that, according to Soros, the country is democratic, and it does not have a monopoly of leadership. The country is governed by checks and balances that somehow make the systems move slowly. George Soros has argued that the biggest stumbling block of Ukraine’s take off will come from Russia. Although Russia is experiencing deepening economic crisis, the president has vowed to destroy Ukraine before it is established completely. Vladimir Putin, who is the presently the president of Russia, has decided to step up financial and military pressure on Ukraine.

Although Ukraine has an absolute right to defend itself against the Russian aggression, it needs funding. The western powers should make a political commitment providing assistance that is needed to reform Ukraine. If the strategy is to succeed, the reformers who are leading the implementation of the plans should agree to be accountable. The implementer should also allow the International Monetary Fund to play an oversight role of the kitty. Soros has argued that what is at stake is not the future of Ukraine alone, but that of the entire European Union. The defeat of Ukraine will embolden Russia and make it deal with its neighbors with authority instead of the rule of law.

Learn more George Soros:–and-germany-in-particular–to-take-the-lead?barrier=true

Securus issues a critical press release

The prison communications industry is vital to the American economy. Prisoners have a right to talk to their friends, family, and attorneys, and sometimes they only form of communication is a phone line. The prison communications industry is highly regulated, so there are some increased costs, but some communications companies charge insane rates and they do not follow the regulations. Unfortunately, government officials are usually too distracted to handle the situation.

Securus is one of the top prison communications firms in the country. They work in several prisons, and they consider it a great honor to help prisoners communicate with their family. They work hard every day to build relationships within prisons and with government officials, so they can better serve everyone. Securus works with integrity, so they were shocked to discover that one competitor was not following the rule.

GTL is a major prison communications company, but they have reached the top of the industry by acting improperly. GTL regularly overcharges their customers in several ways. They charge more than they quote to prisoners, they charge for more time than was actually used, and sometimes they double charge their customers. These actions are shocking, but most people are unaware of GTL’s wrongdoings. GTL is facing a lawsuit in California, but Securus knows they need to reveal the full extent of their actions.

Securus announced that they will release a series of press releases that will reveal GTL’s actions. In the first press release, Securus announced that GTL had acted improperly in prisons throughout Lousiana. Lousiana was ripped off for more than a million dollars by GTL’s actions.

GTL has acted improperly throughout the country and the depth of their deception has come to light. Securus is committed to making GTL’s deception clear to the entire country. They will continue to release press releases until they have fully revealed GTL’s actions.

Bury Bad Articles: Bad Articles Will Cost Your Sales

Businesses venture in online shops and websites to get in touch with customers. They can attract more customers through the reviews they get from their current clients. Articles serve to keep customers on their site. It requires that reports should be helpful or healthy so that the customers can have an interest in a website. Often bad articles and negative customer reviews may appear on a site. The effects of negative reports are adverse. Bad articles scare away potential customers. Chances of a site popping up in a search tool also reduces. Therefore sales of products will reduce tremendously and traffic in a site will reduce. There is need to do away with bad and negative articles.

Do you have a lot of bad reviews that you would like to do away with? Bury Bad articles are there to help. Bury bad articles is an online reputation management team whose sole role is to assist you to do away with negativity in your website. As their name suggest they ‘Bury bad articles.’ Bad press will cost sales and Bury bad Articles understand that. They provide services to help you do away with negative reviews and articles that impact on your sales. Recently they conducted research that revealed that one article could cost a business the loss of as many as 22% of the customers. Many users consider buying a product from a review they come across online. If three negative reviews appear then, the potential loss of clients becomes 59.2%. As the number of negative reviews, feedback, and the negative press goes up, the sales go down. Bad reviews can have a lasting impact on a company’s ability to sell products and customers’ loyalty and trust.

A new study reveals that online reviews influence 67% of clients. Search engines have integrated so much into people’s daily activities. In 2014, Google processed over 1 trillion search queries. With all those search queries, many people are evidently taking search results very seriously. Online reviews are becoming a significant part of clients purchasing decisions. Companies ought to take negative reviews very seriously too. Consumers will rarely go past the first page of search results. It is, therefore, critical that companies keep the first page of search results as clean as possible. Having just one negative article on the first page will cost the loss of nearly a quarter of the consumers.

As more companies are going into online advertising, adverse reports should be a concern. The most popular search sites are Google, Amazon, Yelp, Wikipedia and TArip advisor. People will first go to those locations before buying a product. Companies and brands should invest time and effort into building a good reputation in these places.

Living the Life of Promise through the Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is a research and wealth management advisory firm. According to, the winter Garden, Florida based company offers research services to individual investors, aspiring entrepreneurs and those yearning for a better retirement and peace of mind. The company’s mission is to help clients achieve desired results in finances, natural health, real estate, entrepreneurship, retirement and other areas of life. With regards to real estate, the Midas Legacy strives to offer simplified solutions from experienced members to help those looking for success.

The Midas Legacy Business Blueprints encourage members to be in the best possible position to achieve entrepreneurial goals. The goals can be anything from becoming your own boss to doing something that is close to your heart. When it comes to natural cures, Midas Legacy understands the age old benefits of foods, plants and other products provided by nature in developing proven and lasting human cures. This is the reason why Midas Legacy is focused on sharing numerous natural medicines and cures with as many people as possible.

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Young Edmontonians Make Great Gains with The Midas Legacy

Midas Legacy Experts

Midas Legacy members are offered a book called The Midas Code free without any obligation. The book gives insights from a host of successful personalities including multi-million dollar entrepreneurs, successful stock market investors and bestselling authors who are well-positioned to assist other members reap success in all their endeavors. The cast of experts includes publisher, Jim Sam; Chief Editor, Sean Bower and natural health expert, Mark Edwards among other personalities. In his latest excerpt on billionaire secretes, Sean Bower lists 5 secretes every aspiring individual needs to know about. The list includes:

• Identifying your weakness

• Creating a bold vision

• Changing what you do and how you do when you are not enjoying your work

• Accept the fact that mistakes can be made

• Be nice

The Midas Legacy is also proud to support various charity organizations. The organizations include Florida Sheriffs Association, Wounded Warrior Project, Salvation Army, Give Hope Foundation and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty in Animals (ASPCA). Wounded Warrior Project is a charity and veterans service established following the events of 9/11 to serve wounded veterans. The Salvation Army, on the other hand, offers basic needs such as food, clothes and care to over 7,500 communities around the US. The assistance provided by the Midas Legacy and other supporting organizations goes towards children’s programs, anti-human trafficking efforts, disaster relief and rehabilitation.

Learn more about The Midas Legacy:

Securus reveals GTL’s horrible actions

Securus is one of the leading names in the prison communications industry. They have an A+ company accreditation. The company works with prisons around the country to ensure that prisoners can communicate with the people they love and so prisons can keep an eye out for suspicious patterns in phone use. Securus prides itself on running their business with integrity. They charge the right rate and they always report the right phone call lengths. The company is proud of the way they run their business, but recently they discovered that other companies in the industry do not conduct themselves with honor.
Global Tel Link has always been a leading name in the prison communications field. The company operates communications lines in several prisons, and they are constantly getting new contracts. Securus was shocked to discover that GTL participated in shady business practices. According to PR, Securus found several incidents of wrongdoing and they announced that they would be reviewing GTL’s business practices and issuing press releases regularly to reveal the depth of GTL’s wrongdoing. Recently, Securus issued their first press release on GTL and their wrongdoings. Read it here:

GTL committed several wrong acts during their time working with a prison in Louisiana. They regularly overcharged prisoners and the state for phone calls. They also reported phone calls as longer than they actually were. Doing this allowed the company to bring in greater profits than they deserved. Sometimes GTL even double billed their calls. GTL managed to overcharge the state of Louisiana by more than a million dollars. These actions were completely unethical and they harmed the very people GTL is meant to serve. Prison officials, inmates, and taxpayers all suffered because of their actions.

GTL acted horribly in Lousiana, but unfortunately, GTL has ben using their terrible business practices in prisons across the United States. Securus America is deeply troubled by GTL’s actions.