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YouTube Has Created A New Type Of Celebrity

Celebrities have existed in our world before electricity was even a thought. Royal families where the first celebrities people had, even when theater was widely popular in the early centuries royalty often out shined the actors themselves. Theater soon evolved into TV shows and movies. Music stars began gaining in popularity after the radio became a universal tool in every household and vehicle. Talented singers, actors and actresses littered advertisements, billboards and filled our homes when talk shows and late night shows where born.

Vlogging, or video blogging, sparked soon after YouTube took off and allowed users to upload their own videos. A new type of fame, ‘internet fame’, took hold of the younger generation and gave birth to many new faces that soon found themselves in a sea of online fans. Many famous YouTubers have videos revolving around comedy, much like actors, they engage their audience with their charisma and ability to make their audience laugh. Other vloggers use their channels to help people in certain areas like gaming tips, hair and make-up tutorials, crafts and art. These talented individuals never necessarily expected to become famous, but their helpful tips and tricks continued to draw crowds and lifted them into internet fame.

Wendy Huang, a famous YouTuber from Australia has coveted a large following from around the world and it all started four years ago. Wengie had been working at a digital marketing and media firm where she helped businesses with their blogs and social media. She insisted companies start their own blogs so she decided to take her own advice and start a small make-up and beauty blog. This spiraled into a widely trafficked beauty blog called ‘The Wonderful World of Wengie’ and is Australia’s number one Asian beauty channel.

Wengie’s love of make-up and fashion started at an early age and with no help from anyone around her she began reading magazines and teaching herself about make-up and fashion. From then she went on to message boards and forums, looking for make up tips for Asian women. Because of the lack of advertisement in America and Australia for Asian make-up and beauty, Wengie has taken it upon herself to be the help young Asian girls and women are looking for.

Majeed Ekbal, The Top Business Mogul of Chicago

Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States. The city’s current mayor is Rohm Emanuel. It is home to over 57 companies that have featured in the Fortune top 1000 companies’ journal. The city has a diverse group of industries and business. Chicago is an important finance center of the world. It’s home to the largest future exchanges it the world. Chicago has well-developed infrastructure that is essential to advancing its commerce industry. Besides it has many experienced business leaders that have great skill in entrepreneur industry.
Majeed is one of the best leaders in Chicago business. Chicago business leaders are among the top investors in the United States. The city is home to the expanding investment bank industry and hedge fund management firms. The business leaders of Chicago have played an enormous role in ensuring that the town of Chicago remains investment centered. Chicago is among the top cities in America that harbor new business ideas year. Many of this business grow to form part of the large business that is crucial to economic growth. The city has various organizations that support small business and nature young entrepreneurs to develop. The city politics is also business favorable. Majeed is one of those talented minds that are making Chicago great. He has used his expertise to shape and comprehend successful marketing strategies.
Chicago business leaders feature in almost every award that recognizes entrepreneur skills. The city has several women leading great companies that have made significant steps in advancing the entrepreneur industry. Chicago ranked among the top metropolitan cities in the US with expanded corporate facilities. Many facilities including the famous Chicago University, health care and banking institution contribute largely to the wider Chicago economy. The success of the Chicago is widely attributed to its experienced entrepreneurs. The city has top performers in the industry and leading investment network. Chicagoan business leaders continue to excel due to the favorable environment provided by the city to its businesses.
Majeed is a senior business executive from Chicago’s Illinois. He has specialized in marketing and business industry. Majeed is a leader and professional. He is a reformer and an innovator. He has vast knowledge in digital marketing, healthcare marketing, social media platform marketing e-commerce and many others. He is excellent planner and very keen to implement his plans to a resourceful success. Being among the top city leaders is an attribute of his hard work and wise decisions that influence business future positively.

Cosmetic Surgery and A Leader in its Field

Cosmetic Surgeons, often referred to as plastic surgeons, serve to alter, restore or correct body forms. While plastic surgery is in fact a type of cosmetic surgery, the field encompasses many different fields including reconstructive, craniofacial, hand, and micro surgery. Beauty surgeons are also often brought in to consult and correct damage caused by burns.
Cosmetic procedures have been dated all the way back to the Old Kingdom, around 3000 to 2500 BC. Most commonly throughout history it was practiced to repair damage to noses, what is now known as rhinoplasty. Today, reconstructive surgery is widely practiced and used for many different things. Sometimes it is, in fact, to alter ones appearance or regain lost youth, and sometimes it is used as an actual medical treatment. Most commonly, reconstructive surgery is used in tumor removal, scar repair, and breast reduction or reconstruction.
There are thousands of cosmetic surgeons in the United States, but some stand out far more than others. Dr. Jennifer Walden has achieved a long and impressive resume and found the ability to stand out in her chosen field. She is the owner of Jennifer L. Walden, M.D. PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC, based in Austin, Texas.
Walden is credited as an expert commentator about plastic surgery for ABC News, Fox News, VH1, E!, and Dr. 90210. She is a member of Plastic Surgery Practice’s Editorial Board of Directors and Modern Aesthetics’. She is also one of the very few women to ever be elected to serve on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors. Walden is also credited as a co-author for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
Walden also spends her spare time volunteering. She has donated both her time and skills to correct cleft lips and preform palate surgery on infants. She also supports and works closely with a local food organization that provides weekend meals to children who do not have access to regular meals. Walden has also received the honor of being asked to work on the Executive Leadership Team for the Go Red for Women campaign which works to bring attention to the growing rate of heart disease in women. The group works side by side with the American Heart Association.