Nobilis Health was formerly known as Northstar Health, and the company reported on insidertrading, recently changed names to make it more appealing to national investors. The company has begun a run of acquisitions and changes that have made the company stronger than it was before. The company has invested in specialty care, expanding outside Texas and offering better prices to its customers. This article explains how Nobilis Health is becoming the model for healthcare networks around America.
#1: Nobilis Wants Customers To Pay Less Nobilis has completed several transactions over the past year to expand care, and the company is planning to keep its prices as low as possible. Nobilis will continue to keep its prices low while it opens new offices, and customers who enter Nobilis facilities are more likely to spend less money on healthcare. One of the major tenants of the Nobilis philosophy is to keep healthcare as cheap as possible.
#2: Expanding Offerings Nobilis Health recently acquired the North American Spine Center, and Nobilis plans to offer many other specialty care packages in the future to its patients. The large network created by Nobilis Health will help patients get the referrals they need, and referrals will happen faster under the Nobilis regime. Nobilis will help patients get to a new doctor quickly, and there will be no loss in care while patients wait endlessly for referrals.
#3: Offering Emergency Clinical Care Nobilis also plans to expand its offering of emergency and clinical care facilities to the public. A large healthcare network like Nobilis is capable of giving patients the care they need in emergency situations almost instantly, and these facilities help patients spend very little money on emergency care. The Nobilis executive team plans to make care easier to find while lowering prices at the same time. Patients who come to Nobilis facilities in need of immediate care may be sent quickly to another facility for help. Nobilis wants its network to be as large as possible to help as many people as possible, and their plans are currently working out well. Anyone who is in need of urgent care may receive that care quickly.
Specialty and emergency offerings are improving at Nobilis, and prices are sure to go down.