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Top Plastic Surgeons in Texas

Plastic surgery is for some a necessary procedure and for others it’s 100% elective. The purpose of plastic surgery is to correct something on the body that could be causing a patient incredible discomfort or stress. From breast augmentation to eyelid lifts, rhinoplasty to tummy tucks, the list is long. The number one concern of patients is finding the right doctor to do the surgery. Without finding extreme confidence in your medical care giver the patient should really keep looking. Individual states offer lists of Doctors and their qualifications.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of those doctors that pops up on every list of top plastic surgeons in Texas. Born and raised in Texas she went to New York after her residency to study aesthetic surgery. During her fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital Dr. Walden received a state of the art training in cosmetic surgery. Upon leaving New York Dr. Walden headed home to Texas.

Dr. Walden is owner of Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center in Austin, Texas and has a satellite office at Hill Country Memorial Surgery Center in Marble Falls. She has received countless awards during her schooling and now she runs one of Texas’ quality facilities for plastic surgery. She has appeared on several networks when silicone implants were released by the FDA. She is passionate about safety and consults with companies in finding better products for her patients, including her own line of operating instruments for breast surgery.

In Dallas, Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is Professor of Plastic Surgery at the Department of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He has appeared as an expert on several talk shows. Dr. Rohrich is said to have the ability to restore youthfulness to the face and body, and is known internationally as a top doctor. He has written hundreds of articles on plastic surgery and published five textbooks. There is a lot to be said about his dedication to the field of plastic surgery.

FreedomPop Raising Money to Expand Services

Most mobile phone services providers tend to score big bucks when it comes to making money off of international travelers. Some of the largest carriers in the United States charge more than just an arm and a leg for any kind of service accessed outside of the United States. FreedomPop has made a name for itself with the services it provides in the U.S. The discount service provider makes it possible for many individuals to actually access free mobile phone services as long as they stay under a certain limit, and then even if they don’t, they can purchase data or additional minutes for pennies on the dollar. The company is now looking to do this in order to help expand its services to the rest of the world for travelers.

Currently, FreedomPop just raised $50 million in order to cut down on the bills someone needs to pay to access international services. With the $50 million it raised, the company made deals with external companies in other countries to allow for improved services at discounted prices for world travelers. Now, individuals are able to pay $49 for access to the international hotspot service and $10 for the roman SIM card. This gives them access to networks in 25 different countries (focused mostly in North America and Europe). This number is likely going to grow to 40 by the end of the year. Much of the money obtained from buying into the international hotspot is going to go towards finalizing deals with other companies in other nations, including those in Asia and South America.

Watch this FreedomPop review:

Doe Deere is Fearless

It is very apparent that Doe Deere is not your typical CEO. The Lime Crime CEO possesses a very unique way of looking at fashion, beauty, and cosmetics. She is difficult to ignore with her pastel hair color and different way of looking at and wearing makeup. Most women think that it is important to follow fashion rules and beauty rules. However, Doe Deere has a totally different outlook. Doe Deere firmly believes that rules are made to be broken by those that march to the beat of a different drummer. Well, the self appointed unicorn queen must be doing something right. Her outlook clearly led to her success.

Doe Deere’s Guide to Breaking Rules
Going against the grain is difficult for most women. However, Doe Deere has a natural talent that allows her to play with patterns, colors, and different styles. Still, she believes that the average woman should learn the rules. Learning the rules is a good way to understand the correct way to break the rules. Clearly, her rule breaking concerns doing the total opposite of the norm. Let’s take one example. Most fashion and beauty experts suggest minimizing bold colors. This concept is applied to fashion and makeup. However, Doe Deere loves expressive, bold colors. She believes in wearing as many bold colors as possible. Colors add fun, and fashion should be fun, according to Doe Deere. Clearly, Doe Deere is fearless. She has the freedom of mind to approach fashion and makeup in a way that goes against the norm.

Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere
Doe Deere is the CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics. The very colorful CEO is a very talented woman with a fun and futuristic type view of the way an operation should work. In the old days, a manager ruled his employees with an iron fist. This created a big divide between management and the employees. Doe Deere believes that positive reinforcement is the best way to manage an operation. Let your employees know that they are appreciated and let them know when they are doing outstanding work. This uplifting approach helps a company and their employees to succeed.

Doe Deere was born in Russia. She grew up in New York City. She grew up with an inherent tendency to mix and match exotic colors. This talent followed her through life. She created Lime Crime Cosmetics in 2008 with the intent of sharing her love and fascination with whimsical colors with the customers.

The Zika Virus Is Being Blamed For A Number Of Other Health Issues According To Dr. Sergio Cortes

In Brazil and other South American countries, researchers are discovering some unsettling facts about the Zika virus. The Zika virus that travelled through Africa and Asian didn’t create the media coverage and the health issues that the Brazil version of the virus is creating, according to Brazil’s top medical expert, Sergio Cortes. In Africa and Asia very few cases were actually reported, so there was very little research done on the harm the virus causes once it enters the human body.

According to diseases like microcephaly, and Guillain-Barré syndrome have always been around, but in Brazil cases of those diseases are on the rise, and Dr. Cortes and other medical professions believe the Zika virus is fueling the increase in those diseases in some way.

Dr. Cortes recently posted a number of facts about the Zika virus on his official website. The doctor believes the Zika virus could be a mutation of the Zika, dengue and chikungunya viruses. That could explain why there is such a spike in the number of reported cases of microcephaly in the same area where the Zika virus is in epidemic mode.

If the Zika virus is a different strain than the Afrasian virus that would give credence to the theory that the Zika virus is contributing to the rise in Guillain-Barré syndrome which is a rare and often deadly neurological condition.

There is no scientific proof that the Zika virus causes people with the virus to be diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, but just like microcephaly, the number of cases of that disease is increasing in the areas where the Brazilian strain of the Zika virus are active.

Zika is also causing eye problems in children born with the virus, and Dr. Cortes and his medical team think people with Zika could develop mental illness at some point because the virus may lay dormant in the brain for years. Cortes said there are so many unanswered questions about this current virus that it could take years to answer them.

Dr. Cortes told a group of reporters recently that the world is just beginning to understand the full range of issues that are impacting humans because of Zika. More research is underway, and Dr. Cortes has thoughts about that research on his LinkedIn page. Other doctors are beginning to understand that Zika can cause other illnesses, but how and when those illnesses will manifest is still a mystery.

Colleagues and Friends of Dr. Cortes visit his Facebook page and leave comments. And Cortes tweets new information to his Twitter friends.

Jon Urbana Achieves Greatness While Giving Back To His Community

Some people lead the most extraordinary lives. One such man is the prodigal lacrosse player named Jon Urbana. Jon went to Villanova College, and he majored in Economics. His hometown was Denver, Colorado, and he remains loyal to the lacrosse community in Denver, Colorado even today. He has not forgot the memories that he made with Villanova, and he is grateful for what he learned at Villanova and in Denver, so he did something very special to commemorate this city. We’ll get to that later, but first, let’s talk about some of Jon’s other achievements.

Creative Dispositions

It’s interesting when people are able to juggle their successful business engagements, sports training and other honorable mentions with creative achievements. Jon Urbana is just one of those guys who has natural talent and skills with a camera. His achievements behind the lens are available for all of our eyes if you go to visit his Instagram account or his personal website. His Facebook and other social media outlets will also have some examples of his professional photography works. Jon Urbana’s Twitter display and arrangements of foods are perfect.

He has also compiled interesting videos on his Vimeo account. These videos achieve a perfect balance of natural curiosity and self discovery. They revolve around the natural world and Jon’s journey through it. He also shares with us some of his digital creations, which are quite fascinating.

Jon’s musical accomplishments are worth mentioning as well. He has started a very interesting Soundcloud account that is gaining a following. His music is an unmatched compilation of guitar and other instruments often set to the sampling of his favorite artists to create an unique electronic sound.

Lacrosse Training Camp

In his lacrosse career with Villanova, Jon Urbana got the award for honorable mention and the award for the Colonial Athletic Association’s defensive player of the year. These awards are high achievements in the world of lacrosse. Jon has always had high regards for lacrosse players and sports in general. He took part in the Junior Olympics in the skiing competitions. The reason that he decided to go to Villanova College was because Villanova has a strong lacrosse program that appealed to Jon at the time. He continues to give back to the community where he was born, Denver. He has developed a leads a lacrosse training camp called Next Level Lacrosse Camp for youths.

Soros Speaks on the European Union Crisis

Ever since the 2008 financial crisis, there has been a much more volatile global market. In recent global markets, there has been an even heavier stress upon pending potential global market conditions. With the devaluation of the Chinese currency, investors have been seeing a much rockier path in the near future. There are many conditions that are making the Europian Union prime for a crisis as well. Ny Books reports that the current immigration crisis with Syrian refugees has caused a great deal of instability in the European markets. This is an additional strain that has already been placed upon current market conditions that are less than average.
George Soros has been heavily involved in the global markets for a great part of his career. Soros was first brought into the public eye when he was able to create $1 billion dollars by betting on the UK Pound. Since this time, Soros has been able to create many different global investment moves that have added to his massive amounts of success. He has also been able to predict many of the changes in the global markets before they come to fruition. This has turned many to Soros when it comes to his future predictions of the market. He has been able to shift the markets with his financial influence over the years.

From a very early age, George Soros learned about resilience. Surviving Nazi-occupied Europe during World War II taught him at an early age that you must do everything in your power to succeed during tough times. Once Soros graduated the London School of Economics, he left to the United States. It was here that he was able to amass a fortune with the international fund that he founded and managed. Since 1979, Soros has been heavily involved in philanthropy. Today, Soros donates in over 100 countries and has annual contributions of over $800 million dollars. Soros is also a very accomplished writer as well. He has authored over a dozen books as well as many influential articles and essays that have influenced the movers and shakers in both the world of education and finance.

About Sergio Cortes and the Xerém Situation

A few years ago, Sergio Cortes, the State Secretary of Health in Brazil, visited Xerém, Duque de Caxias, to survey the effects caused by floods, and also console the population affected by floods in that area. The State Government had established a Hydration Center at Xerém health facility to cater for those affected by dengue virus. The Hydration Center had 12 chairs that would serve about 300 people in a day. Sergio Cortes said they were only taking measures that would prevent the worst situation in case the disaster is out of control.

Sergio Cortes stressed that the action taken by the state Department of Health was to provide necessary support to the municipality, which had huge amount of garbage around the city increasing chances of breeding of mosquito that was responsible for causing dengue virus. Sergio Cortes held a crisis meeting with Camillo Junqueira, the municipal official in charge of health, and National Health Force Conception Mendonca’s coordinator, and they agreed to provide another calamity kit to the area since the first one had already arrived. In addition, the state was supposed to deliver antibiotic tablets for early prevention of leptospirosis.

The State Department of Health in collaboration with the Epidemiological Surveillance experts were taking these measures in order to suppress the spreading of diseases that are caused by contaminated water like leptospirosis, diarrhea, hepatitis B, chicken pox, meningitis and dengue. The Cultural Laboratory Noel Nutels was not satisfied with samples gathered in seven homesteads in Xerém by the team that was mandated to carry the exercise. Instead, the Department of Health recommended water to be disinfected daily, in addition, the government was supposed to deliver 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite to the region. All residents were advised to use packed water and observe high level of hygiene as a way of preventing more disasters.

Exame reported that Sergio Cortes asked residents to use hypochlorite in their water tanks to disinfect the water. He further urged those donating towards the Xerém situation to include packed water as part of their donation. At Xerém health center, a situation room was opened to monitor to all health actions for the area. Sergio Cortes said that the government would deliver another calamity kit in case a need arises. Also, he said people working in shelters would be trained on how to detect early symptoms of major diseases that have already affected the area. The report was published on Extra through Sergio Cortes can be found on LinkedIn and on Twitter