Most mobile phone services providers tend to score big bucks when it comes to making money off of international travelers. Some of the largest carriers in the United States charge more than just an arm and a leg for any kind of service accessed outside of the United States. FreedomPop has made a name for itself with the services it provides in the U.S. The discount service provider makes it possible for many individuals to actually access free mobile phone services as long as they stay under a certain limit, and then even if they don’t, they can purchase data or additional minutes for pennies on the dollar. The company is now looking to do this in order to help expand its services to the rest of the world for travelers.

Currently, FreedomPop just raised $50 million in order to cut down on the bills someone needs to pay to access international services. With the $50 million it raised, the company made deals with external companies in other countries to allow for improved services at discounted prices for world travelers. Now, individuals are able to pay $49 for access to the international hotspot service and $10 for the roman SIM card. This gives them access to networks in 25 different countries (focused mostly in North America and Europe). This number is likely going to grow to 40 by the end of the year. Much of the money obtained from buying into the international hotspot is going to go towards finalizing deals with other companies in other nations, including those in Asia and South America.

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