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Helane Morrison: Justice is Greater than Money

At a time when public trust in American institutions such as Wall Street, the government, and the financial sector has been eroded by misdeeds, the Great Recession and stories of fraud and mismanagement it can be hard to imagine that there is anyone still fighting to make things better.

Yet that bad news is only part of the story. There are still people who believe that the system can be made better, that average Americans who are forced to rely on Wall Street and the banks for their financial livelihood can still arrange a better life for themselves.

Helane Morrison is one of those people. I was reading about her on Project Eve, and felt compelled by her story.

She was born in Brooklyn and studied Journalism at Northwestern University in Illinois. Then she studied Law at the University of California Berkeley and used her journalism background while working as the Editor in Chief of the University’s law review. After receiving her Juris Doctor degree and passing the bar exam, Helane Morrison became a law clerk for the 7th circuit US Court of Appeals and later Supreme Court Justice Harry A Blackmun. Under his tutelage, she learned the value of fighting for justice against all odds.

Since then, she has worked to level the playing field in all the fields that she has entered. Morrison has fought against corruption and mismanagement of private securities in both the private sector and as the Security and Exchange Commission Head of Commission and Regional Director overseeing Northern California and five other states.

Through all her dealings with various corporate, government, and legal agencies, Morrison has never forgotten her common sense. One of her famous quotes, “Metropolitan essentially bought real estate from itself, creating fictitious profits” summarizes many of the unethical dealings she has fought against during her career, dealings which should have been obviously wrong but went unchecked.

Now she has brought her fighting spirit and courage of conviction to the pioneering company Hall Capital, which seeks to level the playing field by encouraging an open concept, team spirited approach to securities and investing. She also works on the Hedge Fund advisory board, ensuring that all hedge fund managers share the same obligations to transparency as any other investment manager. In doing so, she seeks to ensure that justice is served for all, a spirit we need more of in tough economic times.

See Helane’s LinkedIn to learn more about her career and life.

George Soros Unveils His Own Plan To Solve Europe’s Refugee Crisis

The Hungarian born hedge fund manager Forbes billionaire George Soros has been one of the best known business leaders in the world for a number of years, but has recently become just as well known as a philanthropist and guardian of human rights. Soros has used his wealth and fame to highlight the problems facing asylum seekers and refugees entering the European Union who by setting out his own plan for easing the burden on EU member states and the individuals seeking asylum, according to Market Watch.
The issue of asylum seekers and refugees strikes a chord with George Soros as he spent the majority of his early years living in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II, or seeking asylum following the end of the War. Soros moved across Europe from Communist controlled East Germany to the west where we found acceptance as a student in London before moving to New York to start his own hedge fund; perhaps the most famous act of the life of George Soros is the breaking of the Bank of England in 1992.

The step by step plan created by George Soros to ease the refugee crisis takes in many areas of the financial and social problems caused by the conflict in Syria; Soros begins by accepting the financial burden of asylum is difficult for many to accept, but believes a payment from the European Union of over $16,000 for each individual would ease the burden on member states. Soros believes the European Union is not taking full advantage of its borrowing potential and could use its AAA status according to bloomberg business to provide a payment to assist each refugee during their first two years in Europe.

George Soros believes the issues facing refugees are seen outside the borders of Europe, which means leaders should be looking to build communication and investment partnerships with Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey that are often the first stops on the journey of those fleeing Syria.

The actions of the members of the European Union have often been selfish in the eyes of George Soros as states have yet to sign up for a continent wide border patrol or migrant agency; this has allowed most states the chance to make up their own rules about whom to allow entry to, and when. Similar issues can be seen on a nybook report in the problems faced by migrants in reaching their final destination, which often sees individuals trapped in states like Greece and Italy with no direct passage to other areas of the continent.

Finally, George Soros believes the many different private groups like Open Society within Europe have not been used to their full potential, including church groups and private organizations.

Creating Wikipedia Content The Donald J. Drumpf Way

Creative writers like to spend their time creating interesting content for the internet. Those who crafted the Wikipedia page for “Donald J. Drumpf” are definitely both creative and talented. They also have an eye for detail and facts. When the host of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver, created Drumpf, no one expected a Wikipedia page dedicated to the fictional parody character of Donald J. Trump would ever be published. Published the page was, and the text is an entertaining read.

The text might not always be flattering to Trump, but the billionaire does not worry much about such things. Famous people have sarcastic and humorous content written about them all the time. Normal businesses and regular individuals, however, do have to worry about troubling content appearing online. While no one is likely to publish a parody page about a local restaurant, the restaurant may receive bad reviews. Countering negative content online is best done by producing positive content online. A nicely done Wikipedia business page creation would help with this cause. 

Creating a Wikipedia page helps businesses and individuals in many ways. The most basic benefit to publishing a Wikipedia page is the presence the page creates. By publishing a page, informational and biographical content is available online. People can read the page. From this, positive points about a person or company are put forth. While this does not eliminate the presence of anything negative published. However, if the Wikipedia page is created professionally by Wiki writers for hire, then the page is going to carry more credibility than poorly-composed rants published elsewhere.

To publish the most professionally written Wikipedia page is best achieved by hiring Wiki experts. Get Your Wiki is a Wikipedia editing service that affords clients access to some of the best Wikipedia writers available. The writers can create excellent Wikipedia content from scratch. For those who already have a Wikipedia page published, editing and revision work can be done to improve the content immensely when you update a Wikipedia page.

Editing work can also be performed to mitigate some of the troubles associated with the open-source nature of Wikipedia. Anyone who is a member of the community can edit or contribute to any page on the site. Sometimes, spammers cause problems. Get Your Wiki’s monitoring service keeps track of clients’ sites. This way, any problematic edits or added content can be addressed.

Maybe Donald Trump will have some edits made to the Donald Drumpf Wikipedia page. You never know.

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Securus Technologies Improving Safety of Inmates

Communication is one of the most important facets of life for those who have been incarcerated in the United States and Mexico. Providing secure and safe options for communication that maintains a high level of public safety has been provided by Securus Technologies for over 84,000 inmate telephones. These great devices allow inmates to securely make outbound calls and so much more. They are one of the most popular providers of inmate phone calls and communication technology for the criminal justice system and that expertise allows for all involved from guards to inmates to live in a secure and safe manner. 

As technology has grown, so has the level of product. These intelligent communications devices are not just phones but inmate tablets, kiosks that provide video visitation, and “S-Phones”. These devices are all set up with the highest levels of security in mind, allowing for communication but protecting those incarcerated as well as those working in the prisons. The greatest goal of the prison system is to provide rehabilitation opportunities and allow inmates to return to society as productive and law abiding members. Having access to reliable communication devices helps accomplish this by allowing inmates to seek job opportunities as their release date comes closer and being involved in society allows people to have hope in a better life in the future. 

These intelligent devices also allow inmates a higher level of access to educational services. Both high school and college level programs are more readily available for inmates through the wonder of Securus technological devices. With a higher level of education all people develop a higher threshold of potential accomplishment and earning power. Past mistakes can be put in the rearview mirror and an inmate will have a higher level of hope for the prospects of their future. There are also better communication opportunities for meaningful communication with loved ones provided through high tech video tablets and kiosks. This type of contact with those you love will allow an inmate to remember the good things that are waiting for them on the outside. This will lead to better behavior and less violence and rule breaking within the system. This video visitation service can be accessed from anywhere by downloading the app and connecting the software to it. The app is available on the App Store as well as Google Play.

Securus devices make the day to day operations of a prison run smoother as well. An inmate can participate in religious services and activities more easily using these devices which is a positive for any person. They also are able to take care of commissary orders and make sure that their immediate needs are being taken care of. They even provide some level of entertainment options for prisoners which have the benefit of making the whole environment behind bars safer for all people involved. 

In the past to be incarcerated was a method of punishment alone, but law enforcement and corrections has become much more progressive in recent years and there is a focus on human treatment and rehabilitation. The majority of inmates are going to eventually be released back into society. The more learning options and methods to improve their lives available will lead to a better assimilation and more success in getting out of the prison system once and for all. Securus technological devices are a vital piece of this hope in prisons all over North America. 

What Do You Know About Wen?


A few years ago, one of my friends mentioned to me this great product called WEN. Wen is known as an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment. When you use Wen, you will notice your hair get much fuller and thicker. After all, isn’t that what we all want?

One of the main reasons why Wen is so sought out is because it was developed by Chaz Dean. For those who don’t know, Dean is a respected professional in the hair care industry. He knows exactly what it takes to get hair that everyone can be envious of.

As stated on the instructions, WEN is mainly recommended for those individuals with fine hair. However, this doesn’t mean that the product strictly applies to them. People with thick hair can use it too. However, those with thin hair will notice the biggest difference before and after.

I can honestly say that using Wen has made a huge impact on my life. In the past, I used to be so ashamed of my thin hair. I felt like everyone around me was staring at my locks. Now, I don’t have that problem anymore. Instead of having to hide my hair behind baseball caps, I can boldly show it off. 

If you are sick and tired of the way your hair looks, you are not alone. You can join the rest of us and purchase a bottle of Wen by Chaz Dean. I promise that you will see real results with this product. Remember, you shouldn’t have to struggle daily with your appearance. Instead, you should always feel confident about the way you look. Wen works to grant you the hair you wish you were born with. Now is the time to take a chance and get what you deserve. Try it now.

Companies Offer More Premium Dog Food Choices


For years now, dog food companies have been combining lamb and salmon into their products, and providing grain-free and organic choices to consumers. These days, some of the most well-known dog food companies are enhancing their marketing efforts in order to compete with newer brands like Blue Buffalo and Freshpet, which are leading the way when it comes to gourmet pet food that looks a lot like human entrees.

Beneful, a brand from Purinastore, also provides wholesome foods for dogs. Beneful offers both dry and wet dog foods, as well as dog treats that includes the flavors dogs love, like peanut butter and bacon. Purina also offers dog owners the option of customizing Beneful dog food on the company’s website. Colgate-Palmolive has also introduced a dog food line that is designed for canine weight loss. Meals from the company include fruits that cranberries and blueberries that are harvested at peak season and freeze-dried so the nutrient content is maintained. Cesar Home Delights from Mars even sells “human” food for dogs, like beef stroganoff and lasagna.

Milo’s Kitchen, which is part of the J.M Smucker company, has also recently acquired Big Heart Pet Brands for $5.8 billion. Big Heart, much like Purina, sells treats for dogs that are filled with healthy ingredients, like quality duck and beef.

There’s also food that is specialized for older dogs. Beneful has a line of senior dog food called Bright Minds. The food includes medium chain triglycerides, which are derived from coconut oil. This type of fat is ideal for senior dogs, since the pets can metabolize medium-chain triglycerides well and have more energy.

Freshpet even offers refrigerated meals for pets, which are sold in popular stores like Whole Foods Market, Walmart and Target. Pet owners are embracing the notion that their pets should eat meals that eat the same standards as human foods, since many consider their dogs to be part of the family.