At a time when public trust in American institutions such as Wall Street, the government, and the financial sector has been eroded by misdeeds, the Great Recession and stories of fraud and mismanagement it can be hard to imagine that there is anyone still fighting to make things better.

Yet that bad news is only part of the story. There are still people who believe that the system can be made better, that average Americans who are forced to rely on Wall Street and the banks for their financial livelihood can still arrange a better life for themselves.

Helane Morrison is one of those people. I was reading about her on Project Eve, and felt compelled by her story.

She was born in Brooklyn and studied Journalism at Northwestern University in Illinois. Then she studied Law at the University of California Berkeley and used her journalism background while working as the Editor in Chief of the University’s law review. After receiving her Juris Doctor degree and passing the bar exam, Helane Morrison became a law clerk for the 7th circuit US Court of Appeals and later Supreme Court Justice Harry A Blackmun. Under his tutelage, she learned the value of fighting for justice against all odds.

Since then, she has worked to level the playing field in all the fields that she has entered. Morrison has fought against corruption and mismanagement of private securities in both the private sector and as the Security and Exchange Commission Head of Commission and Regional Director overseeing Northern California and five other states.

Through all her dealings with various corporate, government, and legal agencies, Morrison has never forgotten her common sense. One of her famous quotes, “Metropolitan essentially bought real estate from itself, creating fictitious profits” summarizes many of the unethical dealings she has fought against during her career, dealings which should have been obviously wrong but went unchecked.

Now she has brought her fighting spirit and courage of conviction to the pioneering company Hall Capital, which seeks to level the playing field by encouraging an open concept, team spirited approach to securities and investing. She also works on the Hedge Fund advisory board, ensuring that all hedge fund managers share the same obligations to transparency as any other investment manager. In doing so, she seeks to ensure that justice is served for all, a spirit we need more of in tough economic times.

See Helane’s LinkedIn to learn more about her career and life.