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Investment Banking Expert: Martin Lustgarten

What is investment banking? Simply put, investment banking is the branch of banking that deals with capital creation for individuals, institutions and governments. Additionally, it offers assistance on such matters as Mergers & Acquisitions, securities trade and company reorganization strategies to mention but a few. Investment banking has two main business lines which are the buy side – which deals with giving advice to companies purchasing investment services, and the sell side – which involves the conversion of securities for cash. Banks that offer these services are known as investment banks. One key distinction between investment banks and other commercial banks is that investment banks do not accept deposits. As such, there is usually institutional separation from other commercial banks. The people who work for institutions in the investment banking business are known as investment bankers.

An investment banker’s reputation is generally built by their ability to offer reliable, practical, quality advice. One of the most successful investment bankers is Martin Lustgarten. Martin Lustgarten, a Miami Florida resident, is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten Martin which is one of the most successful investment banking firms in not only Florida but also America as a whole. His vast experience in the industry has made him an expert particularly in equity trades as well as exchange of securities. This has made his advice invaluable and one of the most sought after. His firm can therefore boost of a large client base that keeps growing by the day as more and more clients seek financial advice.

Success as an investment banker is not easy. However, that does not mean that it is not possible. For Martin Lustgarten, his success as an investment banker led to the success of his firm as a source of reputable and reliable financial advice. But what exactly does one need to do to be a successful investment banker. First and foremost, quality service delivery is paramount. How you treat your clients does matter. Secondly, knowledge of financial services and of the area you are advising on is important. And finally, care should be taken where risks are concerned.Check out his Tumblr page to see more about what he is personally interested in.

The Minimalist Movement Takes Center Stage with Simple Jewelry

If there was ever a genre and an era that paved the way into fashion it was the 80’s! Annemette Markvad and Thomas Adamsen began this journey in 1983 and through their unique, vibrant spirit and aesthetic they created jewelry that they mainly sold in festivals. Their jewelry line embodied freedom,a closeness and an honesty that you still can’t find to this day in most brands.

Out of their labor of love stemmed “Pilgrim Jewellery”. The line is incredibly beautiful and in turn makes you feel that way. Annemette and Thomas are so honest about their journey and share that they lacked business savvy at the time. Their goal was to create pieces that inspired and to create a work space that everyone loved what they did and respected each other’s points of views. They apply these same principles to their jewelry. It is love and respect.

Their pieces are simple and the message is clear in every rose-gold or silver plated heart-shaped earring, every midi and two finger rings, and every stone, crystal or charm encrusted cuffed bracelets. Their message is clear, simplicity is beautiful. They have great insight into the trending minimalist movement we are seeing today. They were pioneers and their work has paid off and turned Pilgrim Jewellery into a must-have!

Another company that understands the minimalistic aesthetic is JustFab on linkedin. They are reigning this industry with their grasp on what is trending and what will be in style in upcoming seasons. Their delicate leaf, stone or stud earrings are the perfect accessory to your fashion canvas. Their elegant banded heart shaped rings are a great pairing with the earrings and the gold or silver “leaf me alone” jewel encrusted ring is exquisitely beautiful, yet honors simplicity. Just Fab is another staple brand that deserves space in your closet.

JustFab can give women different styles for their fashion problems. JustFab has different style that matches each others and compliment your taste of fashion. Bags, shoes and accessories should compliment each time you use it. JustFab can help you match each style you want.

Do Wen Hair Products by Chaz Dean Work?

We all know of hair care products that work and some that don’t. The ones that don’t could be the results of not using the product right or it wasn’t right for the hair type a person has. Then there are also those hair care products that will sometimes work and then they won’t.

Wen is one of those that both work and don’t work. It works by making hair shiny and bouncy. But, it doesn’t work because it has to be used every single day. For those who want their hair to look shiny and bouncy all day, WEN is a great product to use! For those who tend to like to sleep in, not so much. It takes some time to use plus if one wants to style their hair before going out for the day, it requires waking up earlier than normal to shower and get it looking the way one wants it to look.

Careful reading of the instructions on the back is a must. One doesn’t want to use too much or too little for their hair type. Overall, WEN by Chaz Dean is a good product and one that does work but one that has to be used every day. It delivers what it says it will do for hair. Wen is available online thru


FreedomPop Has Good Deal With Mobile Ads

FreedomPop has drawn a lot of attention in tech and mobile phone news venues. The company is always coming up with new services and promotional strategies. So, the added attention is deserved. After announcing plans for a global Wi-Fi network and massive multi-country expansion, FreedomPop is gaining a lot of attention for its standard free phone, text, and data. In recent interviews, the CEO and president of the company both noted expanded service is possible through paying for expanded service.

Not everyone realizes, however, mobile advertising options exist to get more data without having to spend any money. Yes, the advertising endeavor not only benefits FreedomPop, but also those who are subscribers.

With FreedomPop, subscribers are able to complete surveys on behalf of third-party advertisers affiliated with the company. Upon properly completely the surveys, extra data is added to an account. All that is required to procure more data is to make a time investment. No real money investment is required.

CBR Online goes into great detail about mobile advertising and its many facets.

Mobile advertisements could impact budget phone services quite a bit and in a positive manner. Those in need of saving money on mobile service are going to find any ad deals to be purely positive.

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Jennifer Walden Recognized As Best In Her Field

Medicine is no stranger to Jennifer Walden. Her father was a dentist and her mother was a surgeon. She was surrounded by the terms and the trials of being in the medical field for all her life. It was no surprise that she wanted to go to medical school when she grew older. Born and raised in Austin Texas, she took her studies seriously.

Ms. Walden did not initially get accepted to medical school, she was placed on a waiting list. When she finally attended, she became the saluditorian of her graduating class. Soon after graduation she went to NY for her fellowship and stayed on to practice there after the fellowship was completed.

Harper’s Bazaar recently reported on plastic surgery and those doctors who are considered top in their fields. Jennifer Walden was one of those doctors. As Harper’s pointed out the doctors on their to go to list are talented, educated and are the best in their fields. These are the doctors that everyone vies to see.

Jennifer Walden has earned her notoriety through extensive work and mentorship in New York. She had the ability to study aesthetic surgeries with some of the best in their fields. These mentors helped her to perfect her craft and become the best in the country. She has even earned many an award for being the best in cosmetic surgeries.

Walden also holds very esteemed positions. She has been elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. This is quite an honor and she holds the position in great esteem.

Harper’s Bazaar is not the only publication that has nominated her as one of America’s best. American Way has also determined that she is one of the best in her field and have offered her the priviledge of being placed on their go to list as well.

Walden has returned to her home town of Austin to open up a private practice. She has two sons and lives within the city limits. It just goes to show that some hard work and perseverance truly does pay off.