FreedomPop has drawn a lot of attention in tech and mobile phone news venues. The company is always coming up with new services and promotional strategies. So, the added attention is deserved. After announcing plans for a global Wi-Fi network and massive multi-country expansion, FreedomPop is gaining a lot of attention for its standard free phone, text, and data. In recent interviews, the CEO and president of the company both noted expanded service is possible through paying for expanded service.

Not everyone realizes, however, mobile advertising options exist to get more data without having to spend any money. Yes, the advertising endeavor not only benefits FreedomPop, but also those who are subscribers.

With FreedomPop, subscribers are able to complete surveys on behalf of third-party advertisers affiliated with the company. Upon properly completely the surveys, extra data is added to an account. All that is required to procure more data is to make a time investment. No real money investment is required.

CBR Online goes into great detail about mobile advertising and its many facets.

Mobile advertisements could impact budget phone services quite a bit and in a positive manner. Those in need of saving money on mobile service are going to find any ad deals to be purely positive.

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