If there was ever a genre and an era that paved the way into fashion it was the 80’s! Annemette Markvad and Thomas Adamsen began this journey in 1983 and through their unique, vibrant spirit and aesthetic they created jewelry that they mainly sold in festivals. Their jewelry line embodied freedom,a closeness and an honesty that you still can’t find to this day in most brands.

Out of their labor of love stemmed “Pilgrim Jewellery”. The line is incredibly beautiful and in turn makes you feel that way. Annemette and Thomas are so honest about their journey and share that they lacked business savvy at the time. Their goal was to create pieces that inspired and to create a work space that everyone loved what they did and respected each other’s points of views. They apply these same principles to their jewelry. It is love and respect.

Their pieces are simple and the message is clear in every rose-gold or silver plated heart-shaped earring, every midi and two finger rings, and every stone, crystal or charm encrusted cuffed bracelets. Their message is clear, simplicity is beautiful. They have great insight into the trending minimalist movement we are seeing today. They were pioneers and their work has paid off and turned Pilgrim Jewellery into a must-have!

Another company that understands the minimalistic aesthetic is JustFab on linkedin. They are reigning this industry with their grasp on what is trending and what will be in style in upcoming seasons. Their delicate leaf, stone or stud earrings are the perfect accessory to your fashion canvas. Their elegant banded heart shaped rings are a great pairing with the earrings and the gold or silver “leaf me alone” jewel encrusted ring is exquisitely beautiful, yet honors simplicity. Just Fab is another staple brand that deserves space in your closet.

JustFab can give women different styles for their fashion problems. JustFab has different style that matches each others and compliment your taste of fashion. Bags, shoes and accessories should compliment each time you use it. JustFab can help you match each style you want.