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New York City Attorney, Ross Abelow, Seeks To Help Distressed Animals

Through his GoFundMe campaign site, Ross Abelow is sourcing for $5,000 in order to provide homeless animals with shelter. The New City attorney was pleased to announce the launch of the Go Fund Me campaign. Launched in January, the campaign is focused on ensuring that all homeless animals, especially those at high risk, are sheltered from the cold weather.

In addition, the campaign seeks to supply the funds to different animal shelters. These resources shall cater for vaccines, medical care, food and blankets for the increasing number of animals under distress. Many animal centers are willing to increase the number of distressed animals in their shelters. However, lack of adequate resources and space makes it difficult for these animal shelters to take care of more animals. The additional funds sourced through the campaign shall help in alleviating distress suffered by these animals.

As part of his contribution to the community, Abelow was elected to lead the campaign of raising funds for the New York City’s animal shelters. The partner of Abelow and Cassandro LLP, Ross is well versed in matters of family law, commercial litigation and entertainment. Abelow has also been putting content on his personal blog besides other legal blogs. Abelow can be reached through his Facebook and Mashable accounts.

Animal lovers are urged to contribute towards ensuring that animals are provided with shelters. Abelow has played a pivotal role in ensuring that sick and hungry animals are taken off the street and provided with shelter.

About Ross Abelow

The New York attorney has extensive experience in divorce and entertainment law. Ross has helped divorcing couples to finish their divorce process. In addition, Ross has been helping entertainers living in the city with their litigation cases. Over the years, Ross represented some of the well-known entertainers in New York City. Ross provides legal services that focus on legal disputes, contracts and intellectual properties. The attorney believes that every entertainer should have a lawyer.

Ross has been providing a light touch on divorce proceedings. In divorce matters, Ross seeks to ensure that both parties get a fair deal through proper representation. Lawyers respect Ross because of his ability to specialize in more than one area of law. Many lawyers specialize in a given area. His versatility has endeared him to many clients. Anyone in need of a lawyer should consider enlisting the services of Ross Abelow. This information was originally published on Slide Share as expounded in the following link

Ken Goodrich: A Man with a Plan for Goettl Air Conditioning

Ken Goodrich is the type of person that everything he does, he does for a reason. It is carefully thought out, from begging to end. He doesn’t rush into anything and he doesn’t do anything haphazardly. He carefully plans, plots, and considers each and every move before he does it. While he doesn’t shy away from doing something out of the ordinary, he likes to take calculated chances. It has worked so far, and by the looks of it, it will work for a long, long time. When he purchased Goettl Air Conditioning Repairmen, he weighed the pros and the cons before doing so. He didn’t just buy it and think nothing of it.

He thought of what he would have to do, how he would have to do it, and what it would require. Wouldn’t you know it, in 2012, the company had made $11 million, and now in 2014, it has made $20 million. It looks like all that careful planning and consideration has paid off, that is for sure. He also knew he had to rebuild the reputation of the company from the ground up and had a plan on how to get it back to being respectable and in a good state.

With a good reputation, you can really go far in this world. People trust you, rely on you, and count on you. They expect a certain level of business to be conducted. He knew that if customers and clients would just give the company, Goettl Air Conditioning a chance, they would be happy with the results. That has proven to be the case and then some. The reviews online are glowing and the word-of-mouth is stronger than ever. Now, people know they are in good hands with a company that is going to do whatever it takes to help the company succeed and grow.

Many people can talk the talk, but how many can walk the walk? Not many I would venture to say. Ken Goodrich and Goettl Air Conditioning can, however. They have restored the company, its reputation, and business is thriving. What’s even more exciting to think about is the future and what lies ahead. With Ken in charge and his expert staff of knowledgeable and kind employees, the sky is truly the limit. Nothing is out of reach. They are going to work tirelessly to accomplish all of their goals.

Sanjay Shah Puts Investing On Hold For Autism Research

In an interview with Global Citizen, millionaire and entrepreneur Sanjay Shah explains why autism research is near and dear to his heart. The Solo Capital CEO has raised millions for autism research. After his son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with the disorder in 2011, Shah decided he wanted to devote his time to helping scientists to find a cure. Shah grew up in London after his parents immigrated from Kenya. After a short stint at King’s College, he realized that his heart wasn’t in becoming a doctor, so he found a new career: accounting. He worked for a number of banks including Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank. Shah put everything he learned about investing to use, until the banking crash of 2008. He was also tired of commuting and sitting in an office all day long. He finally decided to go out on his own and form his own brokerage house. The rest is history. To say that Solo Capital was a sucess is an understatement. Today, his net worth is nearly $300 million. Today, Shah considers himself mostly retired. He decided to put the needs of Nekhil first. He’s made a boatload of money anyway and says it’s time to rest on his laurels for a bit. In 2011, after his son began having medical issues, he and his wife took him to the best doctor in Dubai. It was there Nekhil was diagnosed with autism. After the diagnosis, Shah wasted no time finding the best therapists to help his son have the best quality of life possible. Shah also founded Autism Rocks, a charity that stages rock concerts around the world to raise money toward autism research. It has been a resounding success, with nearly $500,000 raised since its inception.


Learn more about Solo Capital: Shows How Well Wen By Chaz Works took the task of making sure that they could show that Wen by Chaz actually works. Wen by Chaz has been held up as the shampoo that is going to help people who have thin or thinning hair. Thinning hair is the hair that sheds and falls out when people do not want it to, and it is important for all people to give this shampoo a try if they have ever had problems with their thin hair.
The test that did is going to show everyone how well the shampoo works, and the test is all in pictures so people can copy it to get the same results that they got in the test. This is the thing that people will want to do when they are going to try to take care of their hair, and it is also important for people to make sure that they are going to have a reliable shampoo that they will be able to use often. See,

The people that are going to try Wen by Chaz need to remember that they are going to get a lot of help from the shampoo because it is going to provide them with a way to get the kinds of results that they want for their own hair. They know what they want, and it is not the shedding hair they have been dealing with. They can avoid that permanently if they are just going with this shampoo instead of what they have been using. The test proves that people can look really good when they are using Wen by Chaz, and it is going to prevent people from feeling like they are going to keep losing hair. Wen by Chaz tames hair that is shedding, and it helps thinner hair look really healthy. Wen is available online via ebay.

Soros Key Financial Backer in Getting Out the Vote for Latinos

The heated rhetoric over the 2016 presidential campaign has already made it a closely watched contest, and with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump having essentially clinched the nomination, billionaire financier George Soros is looking to mobilize one specific demographic that will seek to stop Trump.

That group is the Latino voting base, which from the start of Trump’s campaign has been the target of many pointed barbs related to the controversy surrounding immigration policies. During the speech announcing his candidacy in June 2015, Trump said that Mexico was sending drug dealers and rapists into the United States.

Those comments sparked immediate outrage by Latinos, yet Trump’s primary voting base of white males avidly supported such beliefs.

To combat that, Soros is contributing $5 million of his own money to fund he hopes will get Latinos and other vulnerable immigrant groups to vote in November. Soros is looking for other donors to contribute an additional $10 million to form a Super PAC that will be known as Immigrant Voters Win (IVW).

The goal is to have an additional 400,000 voters for the November election who will presumably vote for the likely Democratic nominee, former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton.
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Billionaire George Soros funds $15m effort to stop Trump, mobilize Latinos

One of the groups working in conjunction with IVW is the Latino Victory Project, which has watched what they consider to be Trump’s divisive comments help unite Latinos. They specifically cite the references to rapists and drug dealing, coupled with other comments related to the building of a massive wall at the Mexican border. In addition, the unlikely aspect of deporting 11 million individuals who are currently undocumented has been another pledge offered by Trump.

Among the reasons offered for this need to motivate Latinos is the fact that Trump’s enthusiastic support has garnered much more media attention than the Democratic side. A good deal of that has been because of Trump’s penchant for controversial comments, as opposed to Clinton and her current opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, primarily sticking to pertinent issues. Read more about George’s life story at

In addition, one Conservative organization known as the Libre Initiative has attempted to make inroads with Latinos in states where they either currently have or are developing a larger footprint. With an estimated $10 million worth of support from the Koch Brothers bolstering this particular alliance, IVW looks to counter that message.

The idea of rejecting immigrants of any persuasion hits home with Soros because of his own history. After surviving a Nazi invasion of his native Hungary during World War II, he was forced to leave the country for good in 1947 due to growing Communist power in Hungary.

After being educated in England, Soros headed to the United States and began working on Wall Street in 1956. By 1973, he had created his own hedge fund company and grew the company enough to achieve his billionaire status.

Soros’ foray into philanthropic causes began six years after creating his hedge fund and has continued over the past 37 years.

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Fabletics Helps Women Nail The Athleisure Style

Athleisure is a style that seems to have taken the world by storm. Even if you haven’t heard of it, chances are that you’ve seen it. That’s because it’s everywhere. It’s a very popular look to sport by women all across the globe. You’ll find them wearing it at the supermarket, to the mall, at a park, and many other places. That’s because athleisure is combining comfort and style. It’s great for those who have to spend the day doing something active but they still want to look presentable. Athleisure is taking gym clothes and turning them into a look that is stylish.
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It’s easy to see how this is possible. More and more athletic clothing companies are making their clothes fancier. It’s common now to see leggings that have bright colors, flowers, and other patterns on them. Gone are the days of just black leggings. These fun pants can be paired up with a nice solid colored shirt and a pair of tennis shoes. That’s how you encompass the athleisure style.

One company that is truly embracing athleisure style is Fabletics. Fabletics is Kate Hudson’s company. It’s a line of stylish clothing that looks great, feels great, and is high-quality. The clothes are perfect if you’re ready to hit the gym or hit the town to run errands. There’s also a large selection of variety from yoga pants to sports bras and everything inbetween.

Fabletics operates off a subscription-based model where those who sign up can get the latest and greatest clothing delivered right to their doorstep. It’s a chance for them to branch out in the athleisure world and have something new to sport every month. The best part is that Fabletics is affordable. Athleisure is not meant to be a style that breaks the bank. It’s meant to by style that’s simple and affordable. Fabletics is now expanding into more brick and mortar stores. That means more people will have the option to try out the athleisure style first hand. They can see what is the right fit for them and how to make this style work.

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Coachella and Wengie: Fashion Inspirations for Every Age

When beauty blogger, Wengie, realized she needed to educate herself on various blogging platforms she had no idea it would launch her into internet stardom. Now boasting a massive one million (and counting) followers on her blog, she continues to grow as a blogger and role model to young girls and women everywhere. Giving her take on everything beauty and life, she engages her fans with her insightful and fabulous posts and videos.

One thing that Wengie really focuses on is giving her fans what they want, not just what she wants. This means talking about things that are important to her followers. For younger girls (and boys) she has a channel to offer advice on the challenges they might be facing in life. For beauty fanatics, she loves to give tutorials and insight into the latest trends and styles.

Another great leader in the fashion and beauty world is the massive music event, Coachella. Gracing the state of California every year, the music festival coaxes out celebrities from all over. This year Coachella saw long, luxurious locks and a mixture of fabulously nude makeup trends as well as wild and wacky ones. Nude lips, green lips, face jewels, and natural bronzers were rampant at the 2016 music festival, signaling a start to spring and summer fashion around the country.

If you are trying to stay up to date on the latest hair trends, one to follow is the long, beautiful locks that were seen at Coachella this year. While many celebrities showed up with expensive hair extensions, you can save a buck or two by investing in a good quality boar bristle brush to grow your hair out. These brushes are great for encouraging hair growth because they distribute oil from root to end, providing proper nourishment for your hair. In addition to this, the bristles stimulate the scalp which encourages hair growth.

No matter what look you go with, Coachella and Wengie are both great influences to turn your eyes to this coming season. Long hair and bold lips are everywhere, so don’t forget to invest in a good brush and a great lip color. Cheers to the coming summer!

NutriMost Appeals to People that Want Customized Plans

I have went to used book stores and seem tons of books that have something on dieting. The interesting thing about a used book store is that it often serves as a graveyard for so many books and diet plans that have failed people that tried to use the plans. I see a graveyard for dieting books like the South Beach Diet, the Atkins Diet and the Sugar Busters Diet. It is rather sad to say, but I have tried these all and nothing has given me the same results that I get with NutriMost.
The thing that got me involved with the plan is the testimonial from not one, but two doctors. The first doctor was from the one that created the plan. I have seen how the tables have turned around for Dr. Mitch Gordon, creator of the NutriMost plan. He lost almost 40 pounds from this plan that he created. I had never witnessed feedback from someone that used one of their own plans. That was the first reason that I decided to try Nutrimost.

The second motivator was another doctor by the name of Rob Vasquez. He was a someone that had some medical issues, and it seemed like he was having trouble with losing weight in the traditional way. I would find myself ready to see what the plan was about after hearing that he lost as much as 60 pounds by trying the weightloss plan.

Sometimes people get excited about something like the NutriMost plan that caters to a generation of people that have different needs. Some people have health issues. They may not lose weight the same way. That is okay though because offers a plan that is customized. That is what makes all the difference in the world.

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Ross Abelow’s Law Career and Why you Should Hire his Services

Ross Abelow is a New York based lawyer. If you are looking for a lawyer to represent you in and out of court, the best lawyer to work with Abelow. Whether you want representation as an individual or as a business, he can be your best bet. He is licensed to practice law in New York and he is a member of professional bodies.


Ross Abelow’s area of expertise is matrimonial and family law. He is also an entertainment lawyer and has clients who are athletes and entertainers. Abelow also helps clients who are looking for legal advice before they sign business contracts. With his knowledge of commercial law, you can be able to know what you are getting into if you are signing a contract. He will also help you see any hidden agenda in the document before you sign it.


Ross Abelow is also a good lawyer if you are looking for someone to help you draft your will. Any lawyer will tell you that a will is very important since it helps your family and loved ones know your last wishes in case you pass on. Wills are also important as they make your family members make crucial decisions on your behalf in certain cases. One of these instances is where you are terminally ill and they have to choose between turning you off or let you stay on.


Abelow is an experienced lawyer and he is learned. He graduated from the Brooklyn Law School and has worked in New York City for a long time. When you choose him as your lawyer, you will sit down with him for your initial consultation. He will help you determine whether you have a strong case or not. If it is a legal matter that needs legal advice, he will be able to assist. In case the matter is not within his area of expertise, he will refer you to a lawyer who practices that area of law or find the answer for you.


Apart from practicing law in New York City, Ross Abelow is also a philanthropist. He is engaged in community services and has started a campaign to help pet shelters in New York City. His campaign, a Go Fund Me campaign that raised $ 5 000, was meant to help shelters take in more homeless animals who were left out in the cold. The money would also go towards buying them food, medicine and blankets.


Plastic Surgeon Nominated for Woman of the Year

Dr. Jennifer Walden of Lost Creek has been nominated as a candidate for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s 2016 Woman of the Year by the South Central Texas Chapter. Candidates for Man and Woman of the year participate to help find cures for blood cancer and help patients get access to necessary treatment.

Dr. Walden is a plastic surgeon who began her career at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. While working there, Harper’s Bazaar listed her as one of the 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in 2014.

Dr. Walden has come a long way since her fellowship. You may have seen Dr. Walden on ABC or Fox News, VH1, and E! where she has been featured to share her expertise on plastic surgery. She has served as a member of the board of directors for both the Modern Aesthetic’s and Plastic Surgery Practice’s and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. While in Manhattan, she worked in trials that eventually helped reintroduce silicone breast implants.

Now back in Texas, Dr. Walden’s office can be found at Westlake Medical Center. As a candidate for the 2016 Woman of the Year, Dr. Walden will raise money until June 4. That money works toward a world without blood cancers, and each dollar counts as one vote for her. The winners of Man and Woman of the Year will be awarded at a Gala on June 4. Then local winners will compete on a national scale.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is dedicated to curing leukemia, lymphoma, and Hodgkin’s disease, while improving the quality of life for patients.