Ken Goodrich is the type of person that everything he does, he does for a reason. It is carefully thought out, from begging to end. He doesn’t rush into anything and he doesn’t do anything haphazardly. He carefully plans, plots, and considers each and every move before he does it. While he doesn’t shy away from doing something out of the ordinary, he likes to take calculated chances. It has worked so far, and by the looks of it, it will work for a long, long time. When he purchased Goettl Air Conditioning Repairmen, he weighed the pros and the cons before doing so. He didn’t just buy it and think nothing of it.

He thought of what he would have to do, how he would have to do it, and what it would require. Wouldn’t you know it, in 2012, the company had made $11 million, and now in 2014, it has made $20 million. It looks like all that careful planning and consideration has paid off, that is for sure. He also knew he had to rebuild the reputation of the company from the ground up and had a plan on how to get it back to being respectable and in a good state.

With a good reputation, you can really go far in this world. People trust you, rely on you, and count on you. They expect a certain level of business to be conducted. He knew that if customers and clients would just give the company, Goettl Air Conditioning a chance, they would be happy with the results. That has proven to be the case and then some. The reviews online are glowing and the word-of-mouth is stronger than ever. Now, people know they are in good hands with a company that is going to do whatever it takes to help the company succeed and grow.

Many people can talk the talk, but how many can walk the walk? Not many I would venture to say. Ken Goodrich and Goettl Air Conditioning can, however. They have restored the company, its reputation, and business is thriving. What’s even more exciting to think about is the future and what lies ahead. With Ken in charge and his expert staff of knowledgeable and kind employees, the sky is truly the limit. Nothing is out of reach. They are going to work tirelessly to accomplish all of their goals.