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Securus reveals GTL’s horrible actions

Securus is one of the leading names in the prison communications industry. They have an A+ company accreditation. The company works with prisons around the country to ensure that prisoners can communicate with the people they love and so prisons can keep an eye out for suspicious patterns in phone use. Securus prides itself on running their business with integrity. They charge the right rate and they always report the right phone call lengths. The company is proud of the way they run their business, but recently they discovered that other companies in the industry do not conduct themselves with honor.
Global Tel Link has always been a leading name in the prison communications field. The company operates communications lines in several prisons, and they are constantly getting new contracts. Securus was shocked to discover that GTL participated in shady business practices. According to PR, Securus found several incidents of wrongdoing and they announced that they would be reviewing GTL’s business practices and issuing press releases regularly to reveal the depth of GTL’s wrongdoing. Recently, Securus issued their first press release on GTL and their wrongdoings. Read it here:

GTL committed several wrong acts during their time working with a prison in Louisiana. They regularly overcharged prisoners and the state for phone calls. They also reported phone calls as longer than they actually were. Doing this allowed the company to bring in greater profits than they deserved. Sometimes GTL even double billed their calls. GTL managed to overcharge the state of Louisiana by more than a million dollars. These actions were completely unethical and they harmed the very people GTL is meant to serve. Prison officials, inmates, and taxpayers all suffered because of their actions.

GTL acted horribly in Lousiana, but unfortunately, GTL has ben using their terrible business practices in prisons across the United States. Securus America is deeply troubled by GTL’s actions.


Madison Street Capital Looks To The Future Of 2016

The international investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital, has been known to hold up some of the highest standards and professionalism within the financial industry. They provide their clients with a number of specialized services which include financial opinions for both private and public businesses, valuation services, acquisitions and mergers as well as advisory services. All these services are offered through their network of offices located around the globe. Africa, Asia and North America all provide for offices in which Madison Street Capital operates. The professional staff at Madison Street Capital take advantage of different firms ranking from middle market to high end market segments which are located within different industries in order to achieve a variety of different opportunities and transactions. Their main focus is to offer the customer the optimal outcome for both buyers and sellers. Each client has their own separate requirements which the Madison Street Capital team evaluate and analyze accordingly. Cost effective financing is also established to maximize every clients potential at a pro profit outcome. Madison Street Capital has established itself as an industry leader providing for some of the most trusted partnerships when it comes to business and assistance valuations, mergers and acquisitions and various financial advisory services.

Business’s who have taken advantage of Madison Street Capitals services can only speak highly of their services. Reginald McGaugh alongside Madison Street Capital was able to produce results in far less time than the client had with prior firms at much lower transaction costs. Madison Street Capital professionals had the adequate over view of the network connections that were necessary and provided the client with a multitude of offers that allowed the client to choose the best fit option for their needs. Due diligence time was reduced as the adequate documentation was provided immediately by Madison Street Capital and they oversaw the complete process from start to finish.

In a recent press release on, Madison Street Capital shares their outlook for 2016 as the recent year of 2015 ended very well for them. 42 hedge fund deals were closed in total which was more than the previous year where they closed with only 32. The overall transactions volume was also higher according to analysis of AUM. It was roughly 27 percent higher than the previous year in 2014. Other features played an important part in the creation of momentum however these will set up Madison Street Capital for a record year in 2016. Records will be set when it comes to mergers and acquisitions as well as hedge funds. This is the fourth edition of the hedge fund industry mergers and acquisitions overviews.

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Wen By Chaz Still A hit In my eyes

I have always been told to believe half of what you see but none of what you hear. Even though I have heard that I have always been a person who is the first to believe any rumor that I hear especially if it is a mainstream rumor. I fall for stuff so easily. What can I say I have grown up in the social media error and the social media error pretty much gives you so much negative information you have no choice but to practically believe it because after all why would people lie right? Okay, well maybe people do lie but that’s another story.
One of the most rumors I have heard was on a product that I had been thinking about trying on my own hair, Wen By Chaz []. It is a 3 in 1 styling product that allows you to use 3 products in one bottle. Not only does this save a ton of time because I absolutely hate having to have a ton of bottles in my shower but it also saves me money so that I can go out and buy other hair products hat aren’t associated with me washing my hair. Wen is practically a dream come true for me but for many it has apparently been a nightmare.

Because Wen By Chaz Dean has worked so well for me I have a hard time with the fact that it has been damaging to others so I decided to do some research of my own. This research included stumbling across and article by Emily Mcclure at Bustle. Emily decided to give the sephora endorsed product a try because she too had heard the rumors and wanted to dispel them all. Not only did she give the product a try but she blogged about it and took photos of it to prove it still worked.

The Brave Story of a North Korean Defector

Yeonmi Park is a young woman with an interesting past. Though she is only in her early twenties, Ms. Park has suffered more than more people in the world. She is a rare case of the few people who know true suffering and who now have tasted the sweetness of freedom as well as living away from an oppressive country. Ms. Park’s rare childhood is a result of the fact that she is not only from North Korean, but she is also a North Korean defector who escaped with her parents at a young age. Yeonmi’s story is a unique story and is one that has not been told often as being a North Korean defector is a dangerous anomaly. With her understanding of suffering and her experiences [Read more:], Ms. Park has become a passionate human rights activist with the mission to help those who have been treated poorly or abused against the law.
Yeonmi Park’s story is specifically told through her new Amazon book which is called In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. This book tells her story of her defection from beginning to end and gives the public an insight on her reasons for escaping from the country. Her story has recently been retold by Reason TV, begins with the fact that she was born into a prominent working class family that fell into hard times during the collapse of the economy in the 1990s. This devastation eventually forced the father of Ms. Park to begin smuggling metals to China.

Though this new occupation was a way to provide for his family, he eventually was caught and was thrown into a labor camp. With no money and no way to eat, Ms. Park and her mother and father escaped from the labor camp and fled for the border to China. During this adventure, Ms. Park suffered loss as her father passed away during this time and she suffered from physical pain and starvation. Her story of finding freedom is an inspiring one and is a reminder of how much people really should cherish basic rights. Ms. Park is and plans to continue on helping individuals cross the border to safety. Visit her wikipedia page for further information.