The prison communications industry is vital to the American economy. Prisoners have a right to talk to their friends, family, and attorneys, and sometimes they only form of communication is a phone line. The prison communications industry is highly regulated, so there are some increased costs, but some communications companies charge insane rates and they do not follow the regulations. Unfortunately, government officials are usually too distracted to handle the situation.

Securus is one of the top prison communications firms in the country. They work in several prisons, and they consider it a great honor to help prisoners communicate with their family. They work hard every day to build relationships within prisons and with government officials, so they can better serve everyone. Securus works with integrity, so they were shocked to discover that one competitor was not following the rule.

GTL is a major prison communications company, but they have reached the top of the industry by acting improperly. GTL regularly overcharges their customers in several ways. They charge more than they quote to prisoners, they charge for more time than was actually used, and sometimes they double charge their customers. These actions are shocking, but most people are unaware of GTL’s wrongdoings. GTL is facing a lawsuit in California, but Securus knows they need to reveal the full extent of their actions.

Securus announced that they will release a series of press releases that will reveal GTL’s actions. In the first press release, Securus announced that GTL had acted improperly in prisons throughout Lousiana. Lousiana was ripped off for more than a million dollars by GTL’s actions.

GTL has acted improperly throughout the country and the depth of their deception has come to light. Securus is committed to making GTL’s deception clear to the entire country. They will continue to release press releases until they have fully revealed GTL’s actions.