The company of Lime Crime is a company that was officially founded in 2008 as a way to provide individuals who love to apply makeup on their faces for purposes throughout the day with a new way of applying makeup that will accentuate the beautiful features in anyone that applies it to their face. The company of Lime Crime was founded in 2008 by Doe Deere, a well respected businesswoman with a taste for a challenge in developing a business within an industry that is already known to be competitive. Since 2008, the business that Doe Deere has created has taken off and has gathered a large fan base of the products offered.

Doe Deere recently sat down with an internet magazine known as Galore magazine to talk about her passion behind the makeup industry as well as talk about her business model and even her future plans for her business. Doe Deere starts the interview by giving a brief background of the origins of the company and how the company started off as a side business to her other company of selling clothes that consisted of not only bright colors, but also bright patterns. Though her makeup business was just a side business that was founded in 2008, her business since then took off.

The first product that was ever created by Ms. Deere was a lipstick that was followed by more varieties as well as blush options and eye shadow and eye liner options. Doe Deere decided to make this company all about the colors because Ms. Deere has found that bright colors bring out the beautiful on not just the inside, but also bring out the beauty on the outside. Ms. Deere has stated many times that she often feels as though she has cheated with her career due to the fact that she loves what she does.

During this interview, Ms. Deere stated that her passion for makeup started as early as the age of nine when she remembers having sleepovers with her friends and dressing up with them in some of the brightest and most ridiculous shoes, clothes, as well as accessories that she and her friends could find. The touch of makeup was added to accentuate the look that she and her friends were going for. though Ms. Deere admits that her makeup skills would not have won any awards, she remembers this as the first time that she fell in love with makeup.

Ever since the early age of nine, Ms. Deere has been learning the art of putting on makeup. In present day, Ms. Deere made the decision to make her company into an internet-based company due to the fact that this method would allow her to use the consumer comments to better the product. With this business decision, Ms. Deere has not only managed to stay humble, but has also felt closer to her customers and their wants for a type of makeup that would be considered truly perfect to them.