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Factors Contributing to the Growth of Equities First Holdings LLC

Equities First Holdings (EFH) LLC is a company that offers alternative financing solution. The company is committed to helping their clients to get the money they need and meet their personal and professionals goals. The company provides capital to the customers who already own publicly traded securities.

Equities First Holdings has been growing rapidly and been gaining and more clients from different parts of the world. In fact, EFH has outlets in nine countries across the world. These countries include Equities First (London) Limited, Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited, Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited, and Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd. The company is still focusing on making expanding to other countries as all these branches are doing well and boosting the company revenue.

As the banks and other lending institutions across the world are tightening the lending criteria making the prerequisites of credit qualifications harder to beat, Equities First Holdings has been receiving more and more clients. These other banks have stringent requirements that are so hard to meet, and most customers who are unable to meet them have opted for the Equities First Holdings as an alternative since the company can use their stocks as the loan collateral.

Some of the most favorable lending conditions Equities First Holdings demands on stock-based loans are, borrowers a get a fixed interest of three to four percent of the amount they borrowed and loan to value ratios starts from 50-75%. All lending done by Equities First Holdings has no restriction and borrowers can use the money borrowed how they want.

Equities First Holdings has been providing clients with alternative financing solutions since 2002. For the period the company has been operating, it has been a success. Equities First Holdings has made more than 650 transactions, which are estimated worth more than $1.4 billion to date. The company is still aiming to open more branches in other countries and reach more and more clients.

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Dick DeVos Is Giving A Hand To Many Worthy Causes

Betsy DeVos is the wife of Dick DeVos. Dick DeVos was the CEO and son of the co-founder of the Amway company. Betsy DeVos is an active reformer and has been since her early years in college. She was heavily involved with political activities on her campus and was the leader of many committees and organizations including serving on the board as chairman for the Michigan Republican party for six years. He husband ran for Governor in Michigan in 2006 but lost to the incumbent.


Betsy DeVos is noted for her extensive philanthropy and her work to improve schools and education. She works diligently to get new programs in underperforming schools around the country. She is working hard to help improve an ineffective school system that needs growth and funding to be able to implement programs that will help children learn more efficiently. Both Betsy and her husband Dick DeVos work extensively to give back to the community and have made philanthropy their priority to date.



They founded their foundation called The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989 in response to their wealth and desire to give back to those deserving causes that they champion. Dick DeVos has not only given to education reform but has also donated millions to the arts and to museums in various states. In 2010 Dick DeVos donated $22.5 million dollars to the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management which was later renamed the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. They also established a scholarship for those seeking an MBA or higher at Thunderbird School of Global Management to assist in the costs of finishing school.

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At Wen by Chaz, They Know All About Shampoo

Shampoo is something that most people use at least several times a week. For women, shampoo can be crucial. A shampoo that works can be the best way to combat hair problems. Many women suffer with hair issues that include hair that is too frizzy or hair that is too limp. While shampoo can help, it can also be hurtful sometimes. Poor quality shampoo can leave a residue that looks unattractive and can also leave women feeling frustrated. Shampoo that isn’t perfect may also not help a woman get the hair care she really needs each week when using it during a shower.
New Kinds of Shampoo

One company understands that old solutions and old shampoos may not work. This is where those at Wen by Chaz know they can help. They know that the older brands of shampoo on the market today just don’t cut it. They also know that busy women today need to have shampoo that can stand up to the challenges women face each day. This is why they offer a totally reformulated approach to shampoo that is all about a contemporary understanding of the needs that women have. They want shampoo that is going to truly help hair not hurt it.

Hair Care For Today

Here, shampoo takes center stage at all times. No more worries about hair that is has oil in it from harsh shampoos that just don’t work well on any hair. Instead, women can now get hair that looks better than ever thanks to WEN by Chaz ( and the help they offer. They work hard so their customers can pick hair care off the shelves that is best for them. Wen products are Sephora available and can also be ordered directly from the Amazon website. With their help, any woman can find shampoo that looks great in the bottle and looks even better on her hair. Choose Wen!

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FreedomPop Can Offer Any And All Customers Great Services

Reading a FreedomPop review may be necessary for those who have not heard of FreedomPop or their services. Since FreedomPop has been around for several years, it’s wise to think that a lot of people have heard of the company, but some are still left in the dark about what the company is offering. FreedomPop has all kinds of services that are offered to many people in different states, so most of the United States can take advantage of their services, and even those in other countries can use some of services that FreedomPop offers.

FreedomPop came on the scene years ago offering cell phone service that was free of cost as well as a low-cost cell phone service to those who needed it. Adding different service plans to their roster made them more popular, especially once they added their unlimited service plans, which have become very popular. Since many phone companies have unlimited service plans, FreedomPop knew it was the best idea to create several plans that have unlimited minutes, text messages, and data. Although the data is unlimited, the 4G data is limited to 1 GB or more, depending on what’s purchased.

Along with having great cell phone service that reaches every corner of the United States, FreedomPop also offers Wi-Fi service that’s unbeatable in price. The Wi-Fi service that FreedomPop has is unlike other services offered, especially since it’s unlimited and only costs five dollars each month for the user. Accessing the Wi-Fi is done through an application that is downloaded from an app store, and the application will be under the FreedomPop name. The user is only billed once a month for five dollars to use the application as much as they want, and they can always share the Wi-Fi with other devices.

Other services customers should look into is the portable hotspots, which can be used with the several plans that FreedomPop offers. Although 500 MB of data is given free with the portable hotspots, but this may not be enough data for those who need constant Internet service on the go, so additional plans can be purchased for the portable hotspot. Those that have the need for home Internet service can obtain it through FreedomPop as well, and 1 GB of free data is offered along with any plan that is chosen. FreedomPop can be the best service provider for a customer with technology needs.

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Kate Hudson, Fabletics, and Commercializing the Brand

Fabletics active wear was created by the same creators of the JustFab Brand. Co-C.E.Os., Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, along with Kate Hudson, launched Fabletics after they noticed the active wear marketplace was an area that had not been tapped into often. There were plenty of luxury brands that were on the market but none of those brands offered stylish and high quality gear at a price the average consumer could afford. These three joined created forces, and in 2013, the Fabletics name was born.

Kate Hudson, an actress and mother of two, is passionate about motivating and supporting women to lead healthy and active lives which led her to help create Fabletics. Each month, she shares her favorite outfits, so the consumer can see that she approves them, as well as, wear them herself. Fabletics active wear was created to inspire women to stay active, whether that’s sweating in a gym or chasing after the kids. The designs are high in quality at prices anyone could afford. The mantra that Fabletics Brand stand behind is – “Live Your Passion” – every day.

Fabletics has launched commercial campaigns on to introduce the active wear to the consumer. The commercials are full of humor, all while showing the different ways to wear the pieces. There are pieces to work out in, lounge in, and even go to sleep in. The commercials for Fabletics show just how versatile the active wear is all while Kate, being in shape, an active mother, and attractive, play on the desire for most people to want to be in shape. Fitness and living healthy lives are on the minds of many consumers in this day and age. The commercial campaigns on Instagram feature Kate, and other actresses, in different exercise and athletic situations, enjoying being active, all while taking advantage of the comfort of the Fabletics wear.

The best part of the Fabletics active wear is the ability to purchase outfits monthly under for $40 a month. With the ability to mix and match outfits and opt out of purchasing each month, the affordability of Fabletics make the brand easy, convenient, and stylish. Who wouldn’t want the option to buy sleepwear, active wear, and everyday simple items for an affordable amount? Consumers like the option of being able to pick and choose what they want and need without being forced to pay for items they don’t want. Thanks to the commercials and Kate Hudson for introducing a great idea and product to an already health conscious world. Now that the world can see how great the Fabletics brand is, they can purchase and fall in love with the pieces just as Kate Hudson has. Fabletics Brand has revolutionized being active, all in an affordable manner.