As business progresses into the 21st century, it is becoming more important than ever to create work environments that foster creativity and challenge the status quo. This is essential for businesses looking to develop new ideas that cater to the public demand. Marc Sparks, CEO of Timber Capital, has done just that. With the new office environment, Timber Creek Capital can now host three different businesses in its office space. This increases the company’s ability to foster success for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, Marc ensures that the office design will encourage teamwork leading to increased productivity. Finally, the new office space will have increased employee window views which will change people’s emotions and motivate employees to work harder.

Timber Creek Capital is a private equity company that specializes in taking the dreams of young entrepreneurs and turning them into business success stories. The leadership of Timber Creek Capital works with young business owners to turn their ideas into products and services that will be helpful to the public and generate revenue for the company.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Timber Creek Capital provides young entrepreneurs with the financial backing, legal help, accounting needs, equipment requirements, and office space needed to take a company from an idea to an established business. In over 35 years of experience, Timber Creek Capital has fostered the success of dozens of companies through its ability to effectively market and network with other industries.

Along with working as CEO of Timber Creek, Marc Sparks is a philanthropist, author, and entrepreneur. He works hard to encourage and educate aspiring entrepreneurs looking to follow in his footsteps. Marc Sparks recently published a book titled “They Can’t Eat You” which uses Sparks’s stories to give readers a glimpse into both his life and the attributes required of a successful entrepreneur.

This allows aspiring entrepreneurs to follow in his successes yet learn from his failures without making these same mistakes themselves. He details the proper mindset and networking abilities required to find success in the entrepreneurial world. In addition, Marc Sparks has spent many years working with several different charity organizations.

He has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build housing for families in need. He even founded his own charity, titled Sparkey’s Kids. His charity has donated thousands of computers to children requiring technology for success in school. Most recently his charity donated of one thousand laptop computers to the charity American Can! Academy. He has also worked with The Samaritan Inn for over three decades.

This homeless shelter houses over 150 people per night. With his success in both the business and philanthropy world, Marc Sparks serves as an example of the positive change that a successful businessman can bring to the world.