Over the past couple of years, few people have had as big of an influence on the NBA as Bruce Levenson. His tactics for turning around the Hawks are still being studied today. When he took over the team, the Hawks were lacking in talent and effort. He knew that he had a tough job, but he quickly got to work investing in the team and the fans. Over the course of time, he has been able to take the team to a new level. Not only has this helped fan support, but the team is competitive again.

Bruce Levenson

In the early part of his career, Bruce Levenson founded UCG and was working in corporate America. He decided to go out on his own and start a company. Although it was hard work, he believed in the ideas that he had. He would eventually sell that company and use the proceeds to buy the Hawks. According to ESPN, this is one of the biggest reasons that he was equipped to take things to the next level with the team so quickly. He had the experience needed to come in and make positive changes quickly.

In the coming years, Bruce Levenson wants to start investing in the lives of others. He is now involved in a lawsuit with the team, and he hopes it is settled soon. During his time as owner, he started a lot of community events to help people who lived in Atlanta.

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