When a parent isn’t home for Christmas, it can affect how a child feels. Children often want their parents there in the home to watch them open presents from Santa and to celebrate the joy of the holiday. Securus has made this possible for parents who are in jail. As long as the facility allows inmates to use the video calling system and the other parent has a device to see the video, then the inmate can be in the same room for Christmas.


The parent can talk to the children while they are looking at the new toys and other items that they get for Christmas. Children can get up in the morning with the parent who isn’t there if the parent calls early enough. It’s like the parent is right there with the child instead of being in jail and away from home. The video call doesn’t last long, but it’s enough to let the child know that there is still someone who cares and who wants to be there on a special day.


Securus has stepped up its efforts in making sure parents stay in touch with their children while they are in jail. Christmas is a special time for children, and Securus wants to make sure that parents are still there even if they aren’t able to be in the home physically. This shows that Securus has a heart and doesn’t see money as a trigger for offering services to jails and prisons. Instead, the company wants to keep families together.