About Nathaniel


Nathaniel Ru is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Sweet Green Restaurant, a leading food chain which is located in sixty-four different locations. Nathaniel is a BS in Finance graduate at Georgetown University, The McDonald School of Business. In 2007, together with his other two friends; Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Jeman, they founded the sweet green Restaurant out of the need to dodge employment.


The graceful beginning of sweet green


During their final year in campus, Nathaniel and his friends identified a market gap in restaurants that offered healthy salads. They decided to formulate a business strategy and try operating a restaurant at some space on a street which was owned by their landlord. After an entire month of trying to get a face to face interview with the proprietor, they succeeded. The rest, as they say, is history.


Diet at Sweet Green


Unlike many restaurants, Sweet Green offers self-same fresh and healthy food most of which are purchased directly from indigenous farmers. Its menu is governed by the seasons of the year and can rotate to about five times annually. Only natural recipes with natural flavors are used.


How sweet green is outstanding among other restaurants


In 2009 when sweet green opened a branch in Washington, they introduced the idea of playing music outside the store on weekends to entice customers. In that way, they were able to bond the beauty of music with food. It worked perfectly, and the following year, they took the idea to a parking lot near a farmer’s market a step which further engrossed more people and led to the creation of Sweet life– one of the largest food and music festival in America. Their venture has done alliances with other businesses to offer Yoga classes in restaurants.


Each of its branches has been uniquely designed to address the needs of its resident customers.


Sweet green’s relation with its employees


Sweet green uses the snowball effect to hire new employees. In other words, it recruits friends of its best employees. It additionally organizes retreats and wedding ceremonies for its personnel to ensure they are always happy hence increased productivity.


Employment of technology


Sweet green uses technology to tell their story. The restaurant has an app which can easily be downloaded from play stores and is essentially used to order food from the comfort of one’s home or office. After ordering, you skip lines and go directly into the pick-up area. The mobile app also allows customers to make payments at the counter. This provides convenience as it saves time.