Ever since making substantial gains in the healthcare and tech industries as a business investor, the Scottsdale futurist and philanthropist, Jason Hope has been of particular interest to those looking to up their investment game. He recently sat down for a interview that went into great depth into his motivations and inspirations.

Mr. Hope was first asked about what got him involved in the world of business and what were his primary inspirations. He responded by describing his time in college; Mr. Hope explained that he received his undergraduate degree in financing and then received his masters of business administration degree from the Tempe, Arizona based campus of the Arizona State University. He said that after getting not just one but two business oriented degrees it simply behooved him to take up a trade in one of those type of professions. However, simply getting a couple of degrees was not the genesis of Mr. Hope’s interest in business, rather it was a particular fascination with mobile communication technology. For Hope, the rapidly advancing effects of communication technology present the greatest lever for social change and thus was one whose precepts should be studied and implemented and improved in as far as one could manage.

Given the density of some of the concepts in modern business, Mr. Hope was next asked to explained exactly how it was that he made his living. He stated that the bulk of his money came from his wide array of investments in tech companies including Jawa and various other SEO corporations.

When asked what the future holds for Mr. Hope he replied that he was a “Futurist,” meaning that he was extremely excited at the prospect for the development of potential and beneficial new technologies. Currently, Mr. Hope is vigorously researching a slew of anti aging technologies that could potentially lead to new preventative measures for conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s.

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