For many years, the world of prison communication technology is being led by Securus Technologies, which is a company based in Dallas and is the top provider of groundbreaking technology in the field of crime prevention, prison telecommunication, criminal justice, public safety, and more. The company aims to ensure that the law enforcement agencies can use the advanced technology in their operations for better results in a more secure environment. It also seeks to modernize the overall incarceration experience by providing telecommunication technology to the prisoners so that they can stay in touch with the outside world, especially their friends and families.



Securus Technologies recently won the Gold Stevie Awards in the year 2017 for the best customer service training team, by beating more than 2,300 companies in different fields from around the world. The Stevie Awards is open to receiving applications for the award from across the globe, and having won the Gold award in such a competitive category has brought the huge company recognition from throughout the world.



The Vice President of Securus Technologies, Danny de Hoyos, said in an interview recently that the award has humbled the company as it recognizes the efforts put in by the management and the entire team at Securus. He further added that it has boosted the morale and enthusiasm in the company to continue to deliver path breaking technology and services in the sector it serves.



Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas, and has offices in Allen, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia as well to ensure that it can serve its local clients better. One of my family members is in prison, and thanks to the services offered by Securus Technologies, we are now able to stay in touch with him at a very affordable price. The video visitation service of the company even helps us view the inmate member from time to time.