In the United States, prisons often face serious threats from ongoing criminal activity taking place within their walls. The vast majority of this illegal activity comes from organized gangs that have the potential to quickly spiral out of control if not kept in check by corrections officers and prison administration.


Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s leading providers of inmate communication services, has spent vast sums of money in research and development, developing state-of-the-art solutions to keep prisons, guards and the prisoners themselves safe from ongoing criminal enterprise.


One of these technologies is what Securus calls its Location Based Services. This system allows corrections officers to covertly monitor all inmate communications on all devices within the prison. It can identify all parties who are taking part in any conversation, leading officers to be alerted anytime a known criminal or a banned party engages in any type of communication with prisoners within the institution.


The system is also capable of alerting officers whenever phone calls are placed to certain locations or even to certain geographic areas. One example of this is phone calls that are placed to the immediate vicinity outside of the prison. Historically, cellular phones taking calls from the prison that are located within a few miles of it have been highly indicative of criminal activity. This can be due to people smuggling drugs into the facility or even conspirators planning on executing a prison break.


Another incredible feature of the Location Based Services technology is its ability to automatically transcribe all communications that take place electronically within the prison itself. Not only can it transcribe all phone calls, it saves them to the cloud, allowing for officers to retrieve and search those conversations at a later date. This has led to such conversations being used as crucial evidence in criminal trials, even leading to convictions.