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Can You Find Beneful at Walmart?

Beneful is a popular brand of dog food produced by Nestle Purina, pulling in $1.5 billion in revenue every year. With a reputation for quality and creating nutritious food that pets love, it’s no wonder it’s become so successful.

Thousands of people have already tried Beneful, enough to make it at least the fourth most popular dog food brand in the world, but others might just be opening up to it. If you’re new to Beneful, you might not know where the best place to purchase it from could be. The answer is closer than you think – your local Walmart.

Walmart has tons of great deals on Beneful products. With products sold both in store and online, you have lots of options for what you wish to buy. Walmart stocks both wet and dry Beneful foods with varying sizes. You can get it in small, single serve pouches up to 40 pound bags that will last for months.

Not only that, Walmart has plenty of coupons online that let you save money on the already low prices they charge for Beneful products, some of which go for as low as $1.50 per item.

With all the best products, Walmart is definitely the place to shop when looking to try any of Beneful’s great dog foods. Carrying all kinds of their greatest recipes, made with real ingredients like chicken, salmon, beef, turkey, and vegetables, your dog will jump for joy no matter what you decide to pick up from the store.

Here’s How You Can Go Back To School Debt Free

Preparing for the back to school season is not always easy. Especially if you are already on very tight budget. But just because you are on a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t send your child back to school with everything they need.

The key to staying on track is to prepare in advance. Get a list of all the supplies your child will need before heading to the store. These days you will find a majority of schools will provide a printable list of needed school supplies right on their website.

What you will realize is the supply list doesn’t change that much from year to year. And in most cases you will already have some of the things you need from the previous year.

If things are still tight and you end up running up your credit cards, get in contact with Consolidation Plus for help. Consolidation Plus is an exclusive loan program that helps consumers consolidate their debt.

If you are approved for the program you will immediately be able to use your Consolidation Plus loan to start paying off your debt. Once your debts have been paid off your monthly payment will start going towards your Consolidation Plus loan.

Its a quick and easy way to get out of debt without the hassle.

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A Closer look at James Dondero:

James Dondero is the President as well as founder of Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management is currently based out of Dallas Texas. Mr. Dondero focuses on High Yield as well as Distressed investing. In addition, he concentrates on finding credit solutions for both retail as well as institutional investors. James Dondero enjoys anything that presents a challenge weather work related or a personal matter.

*Other Experience & Affiliations:

James Dondero is also currently Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare and Nexbank. In addition, Dondero is also an Board Member of MGM Studios.

Prior to Highland Capital Management, James Dondero was an Investment Officer at Protective Life Insurance Company. Mr. Dondero contributed to the development of the GIC Subsidiary during his tenure with Protective Life.

Prior to working Protective Life Insurance Company, Dondero served as a Corporate Bond Analyst for American Express. However, when James Dondero was first hired by Protective Life he worked as an Portfolio Manager quickly advancing to an Corporate Bond Analyst position with the company. As Corporate Bond Analyst, Dondero handled high net worth corporate accounts in excess of $40 million dollars.

*Impressive Education Credentials:

James Dondero received a B.S. in Business from the University of Virginia. In addition, he also attended the McIntyre School of Commerce with a dual type Degree in Accounting and Finance. Mr. Dondero is also an Certified Management Accountant.

James Dondero is hard working and quite ambitious. He also gives a great deal of time and money to support a variety of charities that he considers meaningful.

The Trabuco Is A Weapon That Transforms Potential Energy Into Kinetic Energy

Chinese history, like the history of cultures around the world, describes how wars influence the social structure of a country. The Chinese were builders and farmers in the Middle Ages, but they were also warriors. The only way to solve a dispute that got out of control was to fight, and in order to win those disputes, warriors had to develop deadly weapons. One of those deadly weapons was the Trabuco.

The Trabuco is not a complicated weapon, but it is a deadly one. This simple, but bulky weapon could demolish buildings with giant rocks, and at times, humans, animals and other things became the projectiles that brought havoc down on enemies. The fourth century Chinese Trabuco was a formidable weapon of mass destruction, but it was also a pain to operate. Some historians say it took 250 people to operate one giant Trabuco in China. That early machine was capable of throwing 140-pound rocks more than 80 meters.

The Trabuco found its way to Europe and Brazil during the 6th century on But the French gave the Trabuco the name “Trebuchet,” and it was an effective weapon during the Crusades. The Trebuchet was able to transform gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy. In order for a Trebuchet to be effective, physical calculations had to be exact, and in those days making those calculations in the middle of a battle was hard to do. So the Trebuchet didn’t hit its target with every pull of the sling that was on the massive arm of this war machine according to Even though the Trebuchet could fire four rounds per minute, most of the projectiles didn’t hit the right target. But any part of a building or a fortress that was in range did experience serious damage.

By the 13th century at,887137/cenario-do-2-semestre-e-o-melhor-dos-ultimos-tres-anos-diz-trabuco.shtml, the Trabuco was able to throw rocks weighing a ton at an enemy, and because these primitive war machines could cause serious damage, they are still in use today in countries like Syria and the Ukraine. The invention of gunpowder did impact the use of the Trabuco, but it is still a popular weapon for modern-day rebels and rioters.


Vijay Eswaran: One of Asia’s Finest Businessmen

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman, motivational speaker, author, and prominent philanthropist. Read more: Bernardo Chua: Founder And CEO Of Organo Gold

He is best known as the co-founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies, a Hong Kong based e-commerce conglomerate with varied business in areas including retail and direct sales, telecommunications, lifestyle, wellness, training, and corporate investments.

Vijay Eswaran founded QI in 1998 after working for Synaptics part time on multilevel marketing (MLM). At the time he wasn’t taking MLM too serious. Which would change when he returned to Asia form the U.S. and was approached by the Cosway Group to start its Philippines business. Thus the birth of QI.

In the early days QI was just a small direct selling and training company ran by a group of like minded individuals. It has grown substantially since that time.

The nearly 20 year old company has a presence in more than 25 countries through a wide range of subsidiary companies. Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand are all home to QI Group regional offices. Learn more about Kevin Seawright: and

As a motivational speaker Eswaran travels the globe to speak upon varying topics. He has lectured at so many different locations over the years it would take forever to name them all. He’s spoken at leading universities and business and leadership forums at Economic Forum events at CHOGM.

Eswaran is passionate about doing impactful philanthropy work. His foundation, RYTHM, Corporate Social Responsibility arm of QI. RYTHM has its hands in philanthropic initiatives and charities around the world that positively affects youth development, women empowerment and special education.

Eswaran has received many accolades for his work in philanthropy including a spot on Forbes Asia’s annual list of Heroes of Philanthropy in 2011.

Attended and graduated from prominent collegiate institutions in the United Kingdom and United States. Eswaran possesses a socio-economic degree from the London School of Economics and an MBA from the Southern Illinois University.

Mike Baur: Embracing Young Entrepreneurs

The life of Mike Baur is one that every aspiring entrepreneur should know. His career started when he was 16 years old. He worked his way through Bern University and the University of Rochester before joining the banking industry. Immediately, his natural talent for business lit a path to success.

His first job was at Union Bank of Switzerland. He served as one of their top financial advisors. Nearly everyone he met predicted that his career at UBS would be bright. One manager, in particular, explained exactly what everyone expected him to do. Yet, despite all the encouragement, Baur never wanted a life in banking.

He continued to work for UBS through the 90s. He earned several promotions and eventually became their top advisor. Wealthy people from all over the country went to Baur for financial advice, including some of the wealthiest in the nation.

Despite all the success, Baur left UBS in 2008. His departure was a shock, but he took another finance job at Clariden Leu. His actions confused most people, but he was looking for something special. He hoped that Clariden would reignite his passion for banking. Sadly, he became completely disenchanted with banking in 2014.

That same year, he and a friend, Max Meister, co-founded Swiss Startup Factory. The hope of SSUF was to help young tech entrepreneurs get their startups to a point where they have the best chance to succeed. This is what Baur’s wanted to do since he was a young man.

SSUF uses everything tool they have to teach young tech entrepreneurs the tools they’ll need to succeed. Aside from mentoring and training, SSUF also offers financial aid and rent-free offices to any startup that shows promise. SSUF also offers every entrepreneur the chance to build networks with one another as they move forward.

SSUF is the first incubator program that is completely independent. Other firms operate as part of other institutions or with political or corporate support. SSUF owes its allegiance to no one but the young tech entrepreneurs it’s trying to help. Being independent also allows SSUF to operate freely.

The most inspirational thing that Baur teaches is to follow passion rather than profit. Mike Baur worked in banking and finance for over 20 years and made a lot of money doing it, but he loves working with young entrepreneurs even more.


Beneful dog food at walmart

Beneful dog food is sold at walmart for a very reasonable price. Beneful dogfood at walmart is around fifteen to thirty dollars. This is a reasonable price for those looking for good healthy dog food for their dogs. Beneful dog food is available with chicken flavor that is around fifteen pounds. Beneful dog food is available in a lot of stores but specifically walmart and is available at very low cost. BenefulWalmart dog food is very good and is especilaly tasty to dogs. Dogs love beneful dog food and come back to it time and tiem again. Beneful means full of goodness and it is defitely full of goodness for dogs becasue it comes in different flavors and is very to them. A lot of hard work has gone into the process of making beneful dog food and it is very pleasing to the dogs that eat it. They love the different flavors that it comes in and it defitely makes them feel happy and it is very pleasing to them. The beneful dog food has been around for a long time and a the company has grown a lot since then and many people go for beneful dog food above all others becasue of its healthiness and choice meats that is selected for the food. The variety of beneful dog food is great because it comes in so many different packages and flavors. Having a variety of flavors is great for customers because it gives them a selection of foods to grab from and this is very important for dogs in genreal. Dogs love to have a variety to chooose form and with beneful dog food it provides such a thing. Dogs have lots of beneful dog food and just some of it. They can eat in as many portions as they like.

The Traveling Vineyard Guide To What To Do At Napa Valley

Norcal News featured a fantastic guide on how you can visit Napa Valley today as a wine guide from Traveling Vineyard. If there’s one good thing that Napa Valley is accessible for, it is wine. The Norcal News report suggested that the best way to visit Napa as a wine guide would first be to just go to the Napa Art Walk exhibition first.

Drinking wine before going to an exhibit might not be a good idea, but if there’s one thing that wine gives you, it is creativity. After sampling a series of excellent new wines in Napa Valley, visiting an art exhibit might be the next best creative thing to do.

Part of the proceeds from the entrance fee you give to the art museum will go to funding environmental projects in Napa Valley. It’s nice that you not only enjoy a trip to the museum, you’re also helping the environment.

Napa Valley Historical SocietyHistory buffs would also enjoy a lot of Napa Valley’s rich history by visiting Napa Valley Historical Society. The place is replete with the best of the artifacts, records, exhibition, and tours that will delight even the most important history buff. If you want to make your trip even more pleasant, you can sign up for the group’s lectures. This way, you experience Napa Valley like no other.

Register for a cooking show at the Silverado Cooking School

When you go to Napa Valley, you have to enjoy also the place’s cuisine. With the help of Silverado Cooking School, you not only can enjoy pairing wine with the different food offerings in the place, but you also experience the unique flavor of the town. Learn to polish your otherwise rusty cooking skills at the Silverado Cooking Class and understand the rich history of Napa Valley’s food culture.

About Traveling VineyardAll of the fun things you can do in Napa Valley will be the activities you can enjoy while being a Traveling Vineyard guide today. Traveling Vineyard is the company right now that offers business opportunities to every home-based-mom or freelancer to have a side income by tasting and letting others taste the different new wines proposed by places like Napa Valley.

The point of becoming a Traveling Vineyard guide is to earn while you let others taste excellent wine and buying the company’s starter kit containing an array of wines, including wine glasses and decanters.

With Traveling Vineyard, you can experience Napa Valley’s wine and rich culture at the same time earn from doing so. You can get a lot of training from Traveling Vineyard in how to increase your sales, too, so why not consider joining the family of supportive people in your passion for wine?

Cassio Audi’s Youth was Full of Music

Cassio Audi is passionate about music. He formed Viper band in 1985 alongside his mates Andre Matos, Pit, Yves Passarell and Felipe Machado. Together they made the albums ‘The Killera Sword’, ‘SP Metal Project’ and ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’. ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ was a hit that topped musical charts in several countries.

The Viper band had several talented members who greatly contributed to its success. Cassio Audi was the drummer, Andre Matos the vocalist, and Yves Passarell played the guitar. Over the years there has been change in the compositions of the band members.

Viper’s journey to the top

In 1987, the Viper Band admitted a new member named Junior Andrade. Andrade was great keyboardist who helped viper change its sound from traditional heavy metal to a more melodic heavy metal. The top vocalist, Andre Matos, did not like this change and decided to leave the group. His position was taken by Pit Passarell, an equally gifted vocalist.

The new melodic heavy metal sound propelled them to fame. Music magazines across the world wrote about their music, especially the ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ album. The group was also invited to open the MotörHead show, a great honor reserved for the best in Brazil. In 1989, they produced another album titles ‘Theatre of Fate’. In that album, they introduced piano sounds and classical orchestra.

Global tours

At the height of its fame, the Viper Band performed in several countries including Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Argentina and Japan. The group recorded the album ‘Maniacs in Japan’ in Tokyo and ‘Coma Rage’ in the United States. They also opened two Metallica shows in Brazil.

About Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a man of many talents. He was a successful musician in the 1980s, and has now achieved tremendous success as businessman. With Audi, the sky is the limit.


The operation of improving the state of the community


John Holt, the president and the CEO of Nexbank explains the role of the community banks to the growth of the society. Giving his speech at the annual bankers association, the CEO explained that the current state of the country could only be made better if the community banks joined hands to create a proper economic block. Currently, the highest population in the United States is sustained by the private sectors. The community banks form part of these sectors. On the side of his banking contribution, Mr. Holt gave the specific contribution of Nexbank to the economy of the United States. Currently, the bank has its focus on commercial operations and offering loans to different institutions.

The commercial aspect

Several small and medium businesses need to grow to create employment for the citizens. Most of these businesses lack financial support to carry out their operations. Nexbank ensures that the small businesses that have relationships with the bank receive the financial help that can aid their process of growth. Some of the companies have good expansion plans but are limited because of insufficient capital. There are big companies with a good number of employees that need financial support for their capitals. Most of these companies have resorted to forming partnership with the bank for long term investments.

Institutional Loans

Different banks at times run out of capital to keep their large customer base. Other institutions like insurance firms, healthcare institutions as well as schools can delay the payment of the junior staffs because of capital insufficiency. Nexbank offers loans at different rates depending on the agreement with the interested parties. Most of the institutions depend on huge amounts of loans for their effective operations. In the way of improving the state of the community and the economy of the country, the bank is dedicated to supporting these institutions.