With how widespread the field of cancer is, it is no wonder that large investors are making this leap to invest in companies that are involved in the treatment. Seattle Genetics is one such company that is responsible for the research and production of cancer treating drugs that are now being used by doctors all over the country. Founded by Clay Siegall, the company aims to bring innovations to the field while taking on a new approach when it comes to treating their patients. Being as innovative as they currently are was one of the main principles that the company was founded on, and is the direction that they choose to embark on as they move forward in the industry.

Most of the research that Seattle Genetics does is focused on the work of antibodies and the role that they can play to treat a number of human cancers. The company is extremely large and has a good number of researchers working on various aspects of the research to ultimately help all those people who have been diagnosed with this disease that claims millions of lives every year. Currently, the company is one of the largest biotech companies in Washington and is on their way to becoming one of the biggest in the entire country.

One of the main drugs that Seattle Genetics manufacturers is Adcetris, which is a drug designed to treat those who have been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The company is currently in the processing stage of the drug and is the research that they have done up as positive, Seattle Genetics can see themselves making its way to the big leagues in the pharmaceutical industry.

Clay Siegall, the founder of the company, believes in leading the company so that it can make the most out of the product and the industry. He has no plans to go down the road that standard research companies do, which is selling their drugs to large corporations. He, in fact, wants to transform his company into one that is involved with research, production, and marketing of a drug. The plan of action that Siegall wants to follow can be extremely beneficial to the company if the drug takes off well in the market since it can mean huge success and profits for Seattle Genetics. The company also plans to expand to international markets if all works out for their flagship drug, and plans to help people across the world when it comes to the treatment of this form of cancer.