Norcal News featured a fantastic guide on how you can visit Napa Valley today as a wine guide from Traveling Vineyard. If there’s one good thing that Napa Valley is accessible for, it is wine. The Norcal News report suggested that the best way to visit Napa as a wine guide would first be to just go to the Napa Art Walk exhibition first.

Drinking wine before going to an exhibit might not be a good idea, but if there’s one thing that wine gives you, it is creativity. After sampling a series of excellent new wines in Napa Valley, visiting an art exhibit might be the next best creative thing to do.

Part of the proceeds from the entrance fee you give to the art museum will go to funding environmental projects in Napa Valley. It’s nice that you not only enjoy a trip to the museum, you’re also helping the environment.

Napa Valley Historical SocietyHistory buffs would also enjoy a lot of Napa Valley’s rich history by visiting Napa Valley Historical Society. The place is replete with the best of the artifacts, records, exhibition, and tours that will delight even the most important history buff. If you want to make your trip even more pleasant, you can sign up for the group’s lectures. This way, you experience Napa Valley like no other.

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When you go to Napa Valley, you have to enjoy also the place’s cuisine. With the help of Silverado Cooking School, you not only can enjoy pairing wine with the different food offerings in the place, but you also experience the unique flavor of the town. Learn to polish your otherwise rusty cooking skills at the Silverado Cooking Class and understand the rich history of Napa Valley’s food culture.

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