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Shafik Sachedina

     Shafik Sachedina was born in 1950 in the East of Africa, Tanzania’s capital Dar-es-Salaam. Dr.Sachedina has practiced dental surgery in the in England for decades and continued to practice. He Qualified in Dental medicine from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School, the University of London in 1975. Dr.Sachedina currently heads the Department of Jamati Institutions at Aiglemont in France at the Secretariat of the Aga Khan. He also coordinates the programs and activities of the institution of Islamic communities and in all the 16 areas where the facilities established. Dr.Sachedina also works with the Ismaili communities and the Development Network Programmes for the Aga Khan. He has also volunteered in the Ismaili council as president for two terms consecutively in the United Kingdom. Dr. Sachedina currently owns Sussex Health Care.

Sussex Health is a group of care homes that runs independently mainly in Sussex. Sussex primarily focuses on providing care for the aged. The healthcare group also provides health care services to mentally sick individuals with Alzheimer or dementia. They also handle adults with learning and physical difficulties. Sussex health care focuses on providing quality healthcare for patients with acquired brain injuries and neurology. The team of doctors working in the facility is committed to providing high-quality health care and support services to each of their patients. The team purposes on being the lead provider in nursing care in Sussex area, and it’s determined on delivering professional and high-quality first class services.

Sussex Healthcare had patterned with the University of Chichester and had a program for diploma students. The program which was for one year helped the students who managed to complete the Higher Apprenticeship or somewhat Level 4 Registered Managers Award be able to enroll in higher education. Six staff members completed the program and were awarded level 5 Diploma in Professional Practice from the University of Chichester. The award made courtesy of Sussex Health Care. The students undertaking the program attend the various workshops during the program which helped them sharpen their interaction skills and also experience firsthand the services work ethics they were required to deliver after the completion of the program.

Dr.Shafik Sachedina has continually impacted the medical arena in Sussex by his great entrepreneurial Medicare establishments. He continues to train and mentor young people in the dentistry and entrepreneurial journey. His institutions continue to inspire both the old and young generation.

Nathaniel Ru’s Perspective on Expanding Sweetgreen

Does a trendy salad bar sound like the most commonly appealing dining option for college kids hustling around campus? Probably not, right? Well, that has not been the case for the team at Sweetgreens.

Founded by Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman the company has rapidly been growing into one of the most surprisingly young food chains within the industry. Established in 2007, Ru and his team have helped to grow Sweetgreen into a little juggernaut that has over 40 locations in the United States. Ru recently opened up offices in Los Angeles which means that more may be coming right around the corner.

The success of Sweetgreen isn’t just about the delicious, locally sourced and organic ingredients in the different menu items. The success of Sweetgreen is also about the work of Nathaniel Ru and his partners. The team of founders created Sweetgreen after coming up with the idea at an entrepreneurship class that they were all taking together at Georgetown University.

Sweetgreen would be a concept that they all poured passion into and by the time that they had graduated they would be ready to go live with the concept. Let’s learn a little bit from Nathaniel Ru regarding the growth of the company in the ten years since they were first opening their doors.

Nathaniel Ru is introspective enough to know that he doesn’t know all of the answers. When pondering how he would change things by going back to the launch of his company he says, “We’ve learned it’s important to build a team around you sooner than you feel comfortable doing so.”

The truth is that Jonathan, Nicolas and Nathaniel created the company with the intention of running every inch of the business. They wanted to be leaders in every single facet, a departure from many common management techniques around the industry. Ru says, “Jon, Nic and I used to do every role in the company.”

With 40 stores already on the market, Nathaniel Ru knows that they have to be careful how they approach further expansion. Ru says, “How we enter a market is just as important as how many stores we do.”

This is why Ru and his team have been so careful about where they put their stores. They focus on neighborhoods that may not traditionally have much dining but always have good foot traffic such as the various tech areas that dot many big cities.

George Soros Transfers The Bulk Of his Fortune To His Open Society Foundation

George Soros is one of those bigger-than-life investors who knows how to play the capitalistic game. Soros is the 29th wealthiest person on the planet. His more than $28 billion fortune is the culmination of incredible investments and extraordinary risks in the hedge fund arena. Soros is not just a good hedge fund manager. He is one of the best hedge fund managers in the world. And he is one of the most generous people alive. Mr. Soros just gave the Open Society Foundation almost $18 billion, according to Open Society officials. That means the foundation George started in 1979 now holds most of his wealth. The only philanthropic foundation that has more assets than the Open Society is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and read full article.

Now that the foundation has the money, the chairman and the society’s investment committee will develop strategies along with George Soros. The committee and the chairman are not traders. They are allocators of capital. The foundation supports more than 100 organizations around the world. The chairman, Dawn Fitzpatrick, does not report to Mr. Soros. She reports to the foundation’s investment committee. Mr. Soros set up the investment committee and the chairman, so they could call the investment shots once he moves on. The 87-year-old humanitarian is in good health, but Soros always has a plan, and this move will guarantee the longevity of the foundation and learn more about George Soros.

The George Soros story is the tale of an extremely driven man who, through adversity, found his calling in life. After fleeing Nazi-occupied Hungary in 1944, Soros began waiting tables in London to make ends meet, and he was able to pass the entrance exam for the London School of economics during those years. Soros, a philosophy major, didn’t waste any time finding a philosophy he could call his own. That philosophy was the same ideology that Karl Popper promoted. Popper promoted the concept of an Open Society. An open society, according to Popper, is a society that is free and has Democratic governance. In other words, individuals have rights, and they function without the fear of unjust government intervention or repercussions. The Open Society foundation supports and promotes Democratic values in countries that do not govern that way and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Soros will not use the $18 billion he gave to the society for investment purposes, according to people close to the situation. Mr. Soros has enough money within the Soros firm to make billions more. In fact, Soros is betting a chunk of the firm’s money (which is all family money) on a Chinese currency devaluation. Soros believes China will devalue their currency because of too much uncollectible bank debt. They will have to use reserves to satisfy those debts. The last time George bet on a currency devaluation he put $1 billion in his pocket. That was in the 1990s.

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The Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Some people might find it hard and difficult to trust any thing the financial service have to say no in day ever since the market crash. With more and more businesses loosing the trust of the people, it is hard to find one that truly sticks out. With all that being said, luckily there is Equities First Holdings. A company that was founded in 2002 and gees so fast that they opened an office in the UK by the year 2004. More recently the company has opened an office in the city of NEW York, where they conduct business with the local elites and so. The company is a consulting firm, but does a lot more that just that. If you are interested in learn and preparing for your financial future then this is the place for you to go. The company is based in Indiana, but also has office all around the world.

Mighty Fortress Church and Others

Next time you’re in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a visit to Mighty Fortress Church will be more than worth your time. They are a church that focuses on making the Bible applicable to modern day living. They welcome people from all backgrounds and express the importance of getting to know Christ better regardless of your religious background.

Mighty Fortress Church encourages people to come as they are. They stress laid-back and welcoming services over inaccessible and impersonal tradition and ceremony. The church prides itself on the home it has built for many people and how they have seen the Word of God change lives.

Their lead pastor Bishop Thomas Williams believes in the power of the Bible to address the struggles in our world today such as rebellion, racism, injustice, and poverty. He believes that he has been called to build a bridge between those who feel like they have insurmountable differences and by doing so, he can call people to follow Christ.

There are several other churches throughout Minnesota. Stella Marie Chapel is located in Collegeville, Minnesota. It’s only accessible by hiking or canoeing because it’s located on the tip of a peninsula. It was built by the Benedictine Monks in 1915 and features stunning Gothic-style architecture. The church reflects against the lake and makes for a stunning photo and a stunning day-trip.

The Church of St. Columba located in St. Paul is a little different from the Stella Marie Chapel. This one features unusual Art Deco/Moderne and French Norman-style architecture with a round concrete steeple that stands on the severe edge of a squared-off chapel. Built in 1950, it’s still a popular choice among churchgoers in St. Paul.

Still different from the other churches listed here, St. John’s Abbey Church is located in Collegeville. If The Church of St. Columba is modern, St. John’s Abbey Church is futuristic. The church features a 118-foot tall bell tower with a cross carved in the center. Behind it is a massive honeycomb design stain-glassed window; one of the largest in the world. This church certainly stands out on the streets of Collegeville.

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Preparing for a Life Line Screening

The basic preparation is the same as if you were going in for a checkup at your primary care physicians. You should bath thoroughly and dress comfortably in a two piece outfit, a loose fitting short sleeved top and an easy fitting bottom. Do not wear a turtleneck or a dress shirt and tie. Do not wear pantyhose. Essentially, do not wear anything that’s tight fitting or compressing. If is also important that you avoid wearing lotions, oils and oversized earrings. Leave your cell phone at home and don’t wear a watch to the screening.

How to Prepare for a Life Line Screening

If you take prescription medication, take it as prescribed. Ask the technicians if you need to fast before any of you pending test. If so fast as required. And, you should give yourself plenty of time to get to the screening. You shouldn’t even have the remotest fear that you could be late. Try to arrive early. This way you’ll be relaxed and at ease when the screening starts.

As each phase of the screening begins, relax and do as you are told by the technicians and nurses. It’s very important that you follow instructions so that the results of the tests are accurate and complete. Some tests will require that you remain absolutely still, so use the rest room before the tests begin or when prompted after the tests have started. Relax and think pleasant thoughts as the tests are being run.

• For the Carotid Artery Screening an open neck shirt with short sleeves is best.
• When being tested for the Atrial Fibrillation, not having lotion or oils on the body helps as well as not carrying a cell phone or wearing a watch. And, wearing loose fitting clothing is optimal.
• When being tested for the Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, its best to take all medications including diabetic medicines prior to testing and to be dressed in comfortable clothing.
• For the Ankle-Brachial Index test dress comfortably, not wearing anything tight.
• For both the Complete Lipid Panel and the Glucose test fast for twelve hours prior to the screenings.

Once you have dressed properly, taken you medications and fasted as needed, make sure you arrive a little early, so you’ll be relaxed when the testing starts.

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Michael Lacey Is A Smart Individual

Michael Lacey is a mathematician who is a smart individual and who has a lot that he can share with the world. He is someone who has been working on a number of projects over the course of his career, and he is using his knowledge for good.

There are some who are good with numbers, and Michael Lacey is one of those people. He is knowledgeable in a way that many are not, and he is willing to share the knowledge that he has with others to help them grow. Learn more about Madison Street Capital reputation:

Those who hold a Ph.D. have put a lot of time and attention in when it comes to their schooling, and Michael Lacey is one of those individuals. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois. He studied through the Urbana-Champaign location of that university.

The research that Michael Lacey has completed is important research and it is supported research. He is not all alone in what he is doing, rather, he has some big supporters behind him.

Some of the research papers that he has put out have been supported by the National Science Foundation. Michael Lacey is a professor and someone who shares information with his students in a way that helps them to learn.

He has worked for the Georgia Institute of Technology for a number of years now, and he continues to do good work in all that he attempts. He is a smart individual and one who dedicates himself to the work that he completes.

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Capital Management Firm To Invest In 2017

Highland Capital Management is an Investment consultancy firm that has its headquarters in Dallas Texas. This company was established in the year 1990 as a partnership between James Dondero, Mark Okada, and Protective Life Insurance Corporation. Combined with its associates, this company has assets that exceed 15.4 billion under its management as of the close of the 2016 financial year. Highland Capital has specialized in providing diverse credit strategies to its clients; these services range from advising its clients on the investment opportunities in various hedge funds to Collateral Loan Obligation services. The firm has a diverse customer base that includes Financial institutions wealthy individuals and even certain governments. What sets Highland Capital management aside from its competitors Is their capability to provide other investment securities for its clients that include stakes in emerging markets.

Highland Capital was amongst the pioneers of the provision of alternative credit managers. Over the past 20 years, the firm has developed to one of the leading and most experienced credit managers across the globe. Also, the company has evolved from specializing in fixed income markets to the current investments in emerging markets and natural resources.

Since providing consistent results to its clients is paramount, Highland Capital management has been utilizing tested investment principles to make sure its clients get above optimum returns on investments. This goes hand in hand with capital preservation which is aimed at maximizing profits while balancing individuals’ portfolios.

Corporate social responsibility is one factor the company hasn’t neglected. This is evident by the significant investments the company has made in communities and other organizations where their staff work and live. They achieve this by volunteering and availing financial donations.

Healthcare has been one of the sectors Highland Capital Management has been investing in. The firm’s commitment to better healthcare has received a significant boost with the launch of a $147 million fund in conjunction with South Koreas NPS.

When it comes to performance, Highland Capital Management has been exceptional. This was commemorated on October 12th, 2016 when the company was invited to Nasdaq Market site to celebrate the enlisting of Highland’s Senior Loan electronic fund transfer.

Freedom Financial Network Provides 11 Easy Steps to Protect Yourself after the Equifax Security Leak

Andrew Housser recently submitted an article to WBRC entitled “How to Safeguard your Credit after the Equifax Breach”. Mr. Housser is the CEO and co-founder of Freedom Financial Network, a network of companies that provide debt relief and help to empower people to live healthier financial lives.

The article advises several changes after the recent Equifax security breach. Because nearly half of the U.S. has had personal information like Social Security numbers, birth dates, and addresses, you may want to consider taking action to protect financial situation from fraud.

Housser suggests the first thing anyone should do is check the Equifax website they created specifically for the purpose of helping people learn if their information was stolen by the hackers. Nearly 143 million people have been affected by the security breach, so the first thing to do is determine if you are at risk.

Equifax also created a free identity theft protection membership through the same website. The protection also extends to credit monitoring to keep you up to date on any changes in your credit history.

You may also wish to place your credit on a freeze for all three of the U.S. credit monitoring bureaus. That way, creditors will be unable to look at any of your credit information, preventing anyone from opening credit in your name.

Another easy solution is to change your passwords. Often, we use the same passwords across a variety of websites, leaving your information vulnerable. Make sure your passwords are a combination of numbers, special characters, and letters. Also, don’t use easy to guess words like birthdates or family names. It might be a good idea to change it monthly. For more info about us: click here.

Housser also suggests you keep an eye out throughout the tax season. Many credit thieves will retain the information through the new year to claim the tax refund. By filing as early as possible, you will beat them to the punch, making sure that your authentic tax return will reach the IRS first.

Mighty Fortress Church Rises Above

The state of Minnesota is renowned for its churches. Historic and beautiful, many were built by immigrants new to the land.

The First Unitarian Church, now a Quaker Church, in Duluth was built in 1910 using local materials, including timber, stucco, and a type of locally quarried black granite called gabbro. Small and rustic, it looks more at home in the English countryside.

Appropriately located in historic St. Peter, a small, charming, picturesque town in the Minnesota River Valley, the Church of the Holy Communion was built in 1869 using local limestone. The small, A-frame building is an impressive example of Gothic architecture.

The Church of St. Mary in Melrose, built in 1899, is a gorgeous Catholic church. The exterior features twin steeples and Roman style architecture. Inside, the blue-painted ceiling ends in a heavenly dome. The altar, handmade in Germany, shines with light from the rows of stained-glass windows lining the walls of the church.

Summit Avenue in St. Paul is lined with breathtakingly beautiful homes and buildings. In the midst of these is the historic St. Thomas More Catholic Church, with its windows shaped like arches, its wide flat steeple, its limestone brick construction, and its large, outsized doors.

These historical churches are joined by a newer addition, the Mighty Fortress Church. The Mighty Fortress Church, focuses on bringing God into people’s lives in order for them to receive “blessings, inspiration and spiritual refreshment.” They strive to create an atmosphere bringing the Holy Spirit into the presence of each individual. Mighty Fortress Church is in the business of changing lives, one at the time.

Each week, they discuss biblical standards for allowing God to guide your steps toward a victorious future. They follow a vision of nurturing the faith of believers to strengthen them and enable them to withstand life’s challenges.

Founder and Senior Pastor Bishop Thomas Williams has been involved in ministry for more than 30 years. He teaches the application of biblical truths in solving problems caused by the sins of the world.

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