Up until just a few years ago, anyone owning a business who wished to have a rigorous relational database system and the ability to run advanced analytics needed to go with an extremely expensive, customized system. This almost always involved hiring an entire team of information technology specialists, running up huge fixed costs for the company and limiting the ability of the firm to scale their information technology solutions with the imperatives of the marketplace.

But over the last few years, new solutions, such as NuoDB, have begun to emerge. Using cloud database systems, which are enhanced by the use of cutting edge artificial intelligence algorithms, NuoDB has created a system that is not only easy to use but also that retains the rigor and power of legacy relational cloud database systems. In short, this means that modern small businesses can have access to the same level of analytics that some of the largest corporations in America have long relied on to make business-critical decisions.

The inherent elasticity and ease of use of the cloud, as well as its ability to transmit information to any device, anywhere on the globe, makes NuoDB one of the most versatile and robust cloud database systems that you will find anywhere today.