Daniel Taub, the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom for four years now lives in Jerusalem as the current strategic planning director for the Rothschild Foundation.

Daniel Taub was born in London, Britain in 1962 to Jewish parents. He studied international law and diplomacy at Oxford University College, London University College, and Harvard University. In 1989, Daniel Taub moved to Israel to serve in the Israeli military as a field medic and as an officer in international law and diplomacy.

Daniel Taub has raised his family of six with Zehava his wife in Israel and has lived in the country for almost three decades. After joining the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs in 1991, he served many diplomatic roles, both political and legal. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://דניאלטאוב.co.il/wp-admin and http://www.behance.net/danieltaub

As an advocate of international law Daniel Taub specializing in counter-terrorism and war laws, he was chosen to be the advisor of the mission of Israel to Geneva and United Nations. Amidst opposition concerning his age, he was appointed to Court of St James as the ambassador. Feeling privileged to serve as ambassador to his ancestral land he swore to tighten the relationship between the two nations.

Daniel Taub changed his citizenship to become an Israeli national. Some of his notable achievements can be seen in his emphasis on technology and trade business and interfaith and cross-cultural activity. He was a very popular figure even to the Jewish community in the UK as they too appreciated his monumental effort and wit in creating a bridge between the two nations.

He has been awarded for his diplomacy genius as is evident with the grassroots diplomat award for his support of young entrepreneurs. As an author, he continues to write informative and opinion pieces for The Telegraph, The Guardian and The Times as well as the Daily Telegraph on matters concerning the Middle East.

Daniel Taub who served as the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom for four years did not struggle much in the implementation of his work since he was conversant with the matters that relate to the two countries.

Having been born in Britain, Daniel Taub knew how to blend in the society and find what was good for the Jewish community in the country. Daniel Taub made sure that interactions between the two countries were strengthened and that the interactions went beyond just mere talk. He created an opportunity for people from Israeli to come and establish businesses in the United Kingdom.

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