The state of Minnesota is renowned for its churches. Historic and beautiful, many were built by immigrants new to the land.

The First Unitarian Church, now a Quaker Church, in Duluth was built in 1910 using local materials, including timber, stucco, and a type of locally quarried black granite called gabbro. Small and rustic, it looks more at home in the English countryside.

Appropriately located in historic St. Peter, a small, charming, picturesque town in the Minnesota River Valley, the Church of the Holy Communion was built in 1869 using local limestone. The small, A-frame building is an impressive example of Gothic architecture.

The Church of St. Mary in Melrose, built in 1899, is a gorgeous Catholic church. The exterior features twin steeples and Roman style architecture. Inside, the blue-painted ceiling ends in a heavenly dome. The altar, handmade in Germany, shines with light from the rows of stained-glass windows lining the walls of the church.

Summit Avenue in St. Paul is lined with breathtakingly beautiful homes and buildings. In the midst of these is the historic St. Thomas More Catholic Church, with its windows shaped like arches, its wide flat steeple, its limestone brick construction, and its large, outsized doors.

These historical churches are joined by a newer addition, the Mighty Fortress Church. The Mighty Fortress Church, focuses on bringing God into people’s lives in order for them to receive “blessings, inspiration and spiritual refreshment.” They strive to create an atmosphere bringing the Holy Spirit into the presence of each individual. Mighty Fortress Church is in the business of changing lives, one at the time.

Each week, they discuss biblical standards for allowing God to guide your steps toward a victorious future. They follow a vision of nurturing the faith of believers to strengthen them and enable them to withstand life’s challenges.

Founder and Senior Pastor Bishop Thomas Williams has been involved in ministry for more than 30 years. He teaches the application of biblical truths in solving problems caused by the sins of the world.

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