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Professional Forex Trading With Greg Secker

Many people considering trading in the forex market often feel overwhelmed by its intricate nature. According to Greg Secker, once you get acquainted with the basics, and especially the market indicators, how to manage risks effectively, with only a little resilience you can enjoy good returns from forex trading. Secker says that trading in the forex market is not simple, so you will have to invest ample time as you get conversant with the ins and outs of the market. Some economists say that forex trading is completely unpredictable, but Greg argues that with the available indicators you will know what to buy when to buy as well as when to let go.

According to Greg, forex trading does not need vast knowledge on how to do mathematical calculations. The calculations only assist you to know how to interpret the charts and graphs. However, learning how to think about forex trading professionally will offer you a positive difference in the outcome.

Secker firmly believes that the traders should know what happens to their investment once they make certain decisions and why they are required to understand what goes on in the market. Through providing delegates with an opportunity to learn the basics of trading in the forex market in a classroom and then giving them the power to experience through experienced trader coaches, novice traders can apply what they learn in a favorable environment. It enables them to attain the practical skills they require and the confidence to trade which includes knowing when not to trade.

Greg studied at the University of Nottingham in 1997, and he specialized in food and agricultural sciences, although it took him a short time to know his heart was not in that field. During his time of study at the university, Secker served as a trading technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services.

This position gave him the opportunity to create Virtual Trading Desk, a forex trading internet-based platform, through which he won an award with the British Telecom. Greg resigned from his position in 2003 to concentrate more on forex trading. Through trading in the forex market, Greg Secker has attained financial freedom, and he’s enthusiastic about helping others achieve the same.

Securus Technologies Does Wonders – Clients Reveal

Securus Technologies is a popular telecommunication organization offering technological solutions to stakeholders within the prison market. Securus prides itself on the development of cutting-edge products that aid in making the world a safer place by solving and reducing crime rates.


Recently, Securus Technologies published a number of positive feedbacks that it has received from its clients based in several parts of the country. Most of these comments were sent to the company as emails or as formal letters. After going through most of the comments, I discovered that the reviews were from police officers and prison officials that managed to solve, reduce and prevent crimes, thanks to Securus.


For instance, I saw one of the clients clarifying how he used the LBS software developed by Securus and managed to recover millions of unlawful properties, cash, and drugs. The client continues expressing that without the software, it would have taken them longer to recover the assets or may have never been found. Another client was excited about the investigative tool product that helped prison staff to conduct investigations in the event of a complaint of harassment or any impending threat to the establishment or the community.


Securus Technologies has developed several software systems that monitor phone calls made by prisoners as well as emails sent to them. In most cases, inmates will use coded language while communicating with their friends on the outside. Without services from Securus, it will take prison officials a while to identify any suspicious communication.


According to Rick Smith, Securus Technology’s CEO, the company launches fresh solutions on a weekly basis. Moreover, Securus hosts several workshops and exhibitions that showcase their newest technologies that they have created for clients and competitors. It is no wonder that Securus was awarded an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau (BBB) in 2016.


About Securus Technologies

Securus technologies have its main branch in Dallas, Texas, with offices in other urban states like Atlanta, GA. Statistics reveal that Securus has served approximately 3,500 stakeholders and more than 1.2 million prisoners all over North America. The company offers many services to its clients including public information, communication, prisoner self-service, emergency response, biometric analysis, information management, and investigation among others.


Troy Mcquagge the Business Mogul

Troy Mcquagge is an entrepreneur hailing from Panama City in the state of Florida. Troy was educated at Central Florida University. Troy has a wide expertise in sales which has spanned the duration of thirty years. Tory is currently living in Texas while working for the US Health advisors. He started his career in the sales of health insurance where he spent the better part of his career. Troy joined Allstate Insurance in 1983 where he served for a long time. In the wake of 1995, he shifted to UICI health market. Troy joined USHEALTH group in 2010 as its president and Chief Executive Officer. He worked judiciously with other stakeholders in making health insurance sales until high-profit margins were realized. Troy is heading the US health group in the same docket to date.

Troy started from a humble setup after his schooling and then getting all his focus concentrated solely on his assignment for a good deal of time.Troy was still determined to excel in his profession so he worked hard and managed to scoop the One Planet Business and Excellence Awards that occurred in 2016. It is one of the most prestigious award s that is coveted by many. Winning the award was no mean feat given that Troy had tuned all his faculties on his duties on a day-to-day basis. The competition is open to submissions from all companies in the world. The participation is also open to both the public and private sector. The interested parties deliver their nominees and then the nominees are subject to an engaging panel that scrutinizes the performance of the given individuals. Troy was elected to his position out of merit because he transformed the company by retooling the advisors. The company registered massive success in that sector and within the time span that Troy was in office.

Mcquagge received the Gold award but he rather attributed the success to the many uncelebrated heroes who worked round the clock to ensure the process was a success. Troy shared credit with every member as he termed the success as a concerted effort from all the stakeholders in the company. Click here for more reviews.


End Citizens United Supports Ten Reform Champions Ahead Of 2018 Elections

End Citizens United, a leading PAC that is known for its fight against the uncontrolled flow of money into politics, decided to support ten reform champions in the 2018 elections. Interestingly, all of them vowed to fight against the rigged system that is currently ruling the Washington. They also expressed the feeling that the big money and special interest groups are working against the mandate of the people. The list of candidates includes Abby Finkenauer from IA-01, Joe Neguse from CO-02, Gretchen Driskell from MI-07, Susie Lee from NV-03, Angie Craig from MN-02, Ken Harbaugh from OH-07, Betsy Rader from OH-14, Christina Hartman from PA-16, Daylin Leach from PA-07, and Joe Cunningham from SC-01.

The President of the PAC, Tiffany Muller, confirmed that the Congress is infected with politicians who are puppets of their big money donors, and the time has reached to remove them from there. She further added that the list of candidates supported by ECU has pledged to fight against such corrupting influences, which easily supplies the needs of money donors, through meaningful finance reform legislation. Muller continued that the PAC is elated to work with the candidates at the grass root level by mobilizing ECU members to make the candidates get elected. In addition to that, the PAC has set a target of raising nearly $35 million for the election scheduled in 2018 accounting with an average donation target of $14.

Read more: Randy Bryce Is the Perfect Fit for End Citizens United

ECU has a mission of bringing back the unrigged system by ending the extravaganza of big money donors for utilizing politicians to run the administration to protect their business interests. The group that is working at the grass root level is trying to accumulate the voice of everyday Americans and their families to end the era of big money politics. ECU was established by some political activists under the leadership of Muller in 2015. The mission of the PAC was to remove the adverse effects that created by the Citizen United Supreme Court order in 2010. The court order was widely criticized by the political activists as a gateway for corporations to purchase the election system of the country by pumping unlimited money for their nominees.

While endorsing the reform champions, the PAC is also working to expose the representatives who are the puppets of money donors. It also warns the people about the danger the country and its democratic system facing, in the wake Russian infiltration into the campaign process during the 2016 Presidential Election. The PAC thinks that the situation is highly vulnerable as the current campaign finance laws and the system cannot successfully dilute the attacks of foreign groups and restrict their access to the system. End Citizens United wanted the message of imminent threat to be passed to the people, and it campaigns through social media platforms, mass media network, awareness programs, and more.

Pointers to a Good FreedomLife Insurance Cover

In an industry with an array of life insurance options, customers are at loggerhead when deciding on the best alternative to settle for. This a crucial decision since it calls for monetary commitment for a term or life until death. They all come with varied benefits and compensation, but there is need to find a suitable package based on your needs.

There are two possible reasons why one would consider a term life insurance coverage over a permanent life insurance one. If you are in need of a cover for a specific time frame and after that do away with the insurance, term cover is perfect. For instance, take a classical goal of investment purpose or education; you can take a policy with a maturity or execution duration based on your needs; say ten years or 20 years. Alternatively, you would consider a term life insurance if constrained of money yet your needs call for a larger cover.

A permanent life insurance basically means that it is executed throughout life and expires upon death but can pay to benefit a day after the policy is taken for years to come. It operates in a saving mode where premium accumulates and are exempted from tax and can be used as collateral for the loan. However, upon death, computations are done to establish what the company owes the customer from the policy before repaying the beneficiaries.

Premium rate similarly differs with a permanent policy having a higher figure than a term insurance. Term insurance rates fluctuate with age and economic times, but in a permanent insurance, the premiums are at a flat rate. A person who goes for a term insurance may consider the option of convertible term policies should they see the need to convert to a permanent insurance. There have been many companies offering same services with Freedom Life Insurance being at the helm. Learn more:

About Freedom Life Insurance

FLI was founded in 1956 in Fort Worth, Texas. It was initially known as Consolidated American Life Insurance Company before change name to Freedom Life Insurance. It offers a variety of insurance packages in accidents, credit, and health-related covers. It is a subsidiary company of the USHEALTH Group Inc.

Omar Yunes’s Contributions to Shushi Itto’s Acknowledgement

Omar Yunes, the franchisee of Sushi Itto is recognized as one of the best franchise entrepreneurs in Mexico today. His remarkable growth in franchising Japanese food in a market that is dominated by Mexican food makes him stand out as an incredible investor in the world. His growth includes the inception of various franchise units across different states in Mexico. Omar Yunes’s win shows that there is a physically powerful sector that has won on its merit a place in the international playing field in a country that is dominated by Mexican franchises.

The franchise was represented among 34 other countries representatives who attended the 2015 edition of the Best Franchise of the World (BFW) contest. During this time, the franchises went through an evaluation based on some aspects including; their influence in the network, knowledge contribution, implemented savings as well as the motivation given to its employees.

The Best Franchise of the World contest is an event that is aimed at acknowledging the hard work and efforts of franchises of different brands. Various franchise brands go through a selection that is undertaken in the national level versions of the event. The gatherings of the best franchises of the brands that are outstanding are evaluated on their work and effort as well as the contribution to the enhancement of brands. In 2015 BFW contest, Mexico was represented by Sushi Itto.

Omar Yunes’s win in the first place of the in the national chapter prize is attributed to his significant role in the franchise and franchisee change and excellent relationship. This puts him in an enhanced management position of using information and implementing some of the control panels that helped with more precise measurements of every unit.

At an early age of 21 years, Omar Yunes started to franchise the Japanese food chain amidst other Mexican franchises that were dominating the food industry. His recognition and win in the BFW were because of his determination and hard work which had contributed to the opening of 13 more franchises in Mexico and other areas. Besides, be maintained a perfect staff and clients relationship that saw him succeed easily.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Looks to Provide Prostate Screening

According to recent findings in the medical community, prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer among men. As a way to establish more awareness of this condition, the National Football League Alumni Association and Cancer Treatment Centers of America are collaborating to educate a number of men along with providing more access to screenings. Starting in September, men who are age 40 and older will be eligible to sign up to receive a Prostate Specific Antigen screening by the company LabCorp at any location. After the first 2,000 screening slots are filled up, men will be able to schedule a screening at a discount price of only $25 as long as a screening is scheduled within six months of the original sign up date.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a large healthcare company based in Boca Raton, Florida. It specializes in treating various forms of cancer to both male and female patients. Over the course of its existence, this healthcare company has established itself as a leader in providing quality assistance to those who are suffering from cancer. With a number of qualified professionals, treatments and procedures, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has proven itself to be a leading medical institution in the United States. As of today, the company has a number of locations throughout the United States. Therefore, people can get the care they need in a variety of regions all over the nation.

This company provides patients with a state of the art facility to receive care. Anyone who comes to any Cancer Treatment Centers of America location will be in position to consult with a professional about their ailments. They will also have professionals available to screen them and provide them with a medical evaluation. There are a number of surgical and radiation treatments that patients can take advantage of when looking to treat cancer at this institution. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been known to be arguably the best alternative to traditional hospitals and healthcare clinics when suffering from cancer.

The Noble U.S Money Reserve

The U.S Money Reserve, a second to a none government largest distributor of coins, is pleased to offer their clients a long-term service delivery in gold coins, gold buying guides, certification, and grading of gold coins, platinum coins, and silver coins. Its headquarters is in Austin, Texas, United States.

Gold market veterans through a series of research found that it is worth and of great importance to set up the U.S Money Reserve. Its top-notch services have spread far and wide in the States making it the most trustworthy and knowledgeable firm for purchase of precious metals. U.S Money Reserve exceptional service in purchase of metals has earned it a reputable organization from most clients.

The U.S Money Reserve is not only a profit-making organization but also a humanitarian offering firm. Its services have extended to helping those in need. Its partnership with one of the incredible disaster movement firm, Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN), to help victims and survivors of the daunting Hurricane Harvey recover is a commendable task that deserves an applause.

Hurricane Harvey occurred at the unexpected time. As the first leading hurricane to hit the US after the devastating Hurricane Wilma in 2005, Hurricane Harvey caused a massive amount of damage leading to loss of lives and property. Its enormous effects led to a significant catastrophe in homes and cities. A continuous four-day downpour led to rivers breaking their banks, and almost every mainland become flooded. People lost their belongings with another unimaginable counting loss of their loved ones. It was frightening indeed. Subject to data and statistics, a close of 82 people were confirmed dead after the devastating storm.

The aftermath of the Hurricane left many people homeless and lack of necessities. Clean water and medicine for the affected became a challenge. The U.S Money Reserves extended a helping hand to the victims through various ways. The homeless found a shelter and the sick provided with medical support. With conjunction with the YoungCaring, U.S Money Reserves help raise a total of $100,000 towards helping the victims. It saw some of the affected employees of the U.S Money Reserve settled. Its clients too found a solace through the program. The spirit of brotherhood from those not affected was extended to the victims. Learn more:

With over a decade in business, the U.S Money Reserve enjoys a wide array of experienced personnel. A team of skilled professional is always at your disposable to help you sort any impediment. All required of you is to reach out to a customer care service desk, and you will be directed accordingly on your financial issues. There is a buyback guarantee to clients who may not be satisfied with their golds. A secure and convenient shipping from vaults to your doorstep within five days upon purchasing a metal. Learn more:


Add Luxury Touches To Your Interior With Crown Moldings

Gone are the days when every home like a castle or small palace was a prestige issue. Modern people do like luxury too, but the taste has shifted towards being more subtle implementation. Homeowners these days love to have luxe features without showing too much indulgence.

Molding can help you to achieve a luxurious ambiance without making your home look like a house in the big-budget reality TV show. Draw inspiration from these decoration ideas and put the suitable ones into your decoration to-do list next time when you are up for a home makeover. 

Crown Molding


Contemporary crown molding can be a nice design for incorporating a traditional feature into a modern home as it runs along the ceiling and walls of a room.Alex Moulding offered some modern styles that you can consider for your next home remodeling.The molding can be of various shapes, sizes, and widths and you can choose anything depending on the rest of the décor scheme in the place.

To make the fixture more delightful, you can go for a crown molding archway. It will catch attention even if you use just plain boards for the detailing. Throw satin silk window curtains and throw pillows, a gorgeous chandelier, and a large area rug into the mix, and the room will look like a grand retreat. 

Circular Crown Molding


A straight molding installed at the seam of the wall and ceiling is the most common type that you see everywhere. Changing the shapes to circular or zigzag will modify the look and grab attention. Nonetheless, you have to use custom-made molds for this purpose, which can be costly. If the budget is tight, go for high-density foam or faux crown molding.

Chair Rails

It denotes a thin piece of molding running around the room horizontally about the height of a chair. The rule of thumb is to install it at about 36 inches from the floor but any height will as long as it works with the room’s décor scheme. To give the place a fancy touch, attach wallpaper or apply a beautiful paint color in between the chair rail and the baseboard. Use a matching stain or paint for these two molding features to pull off a cohesive look. 



Baseboards are another form of molding that is installed at the meeting point between the walls and the floor. Depending on the ceiling, the fixture could be 3-8 inches. Adding it throughout the parameter of the room and carving hints of decorative details into the top can add a look of quality. If the color palette of the room allows, a strip of a bright shade on the boards will look fabulous.



It refers to a flat molding that frames around doors and windows. It does an excellent job in acting as a visual cue of transition between two rooms. However, just because you live in a modern home does not mean that you have to use casings with a simple profile. Wide casing trims featuring geometric or decorative patterns will bring a fresh look to a contemporary setting. If the room is large, the width will help to fit the style of the place without making it look busy. 

Don’t Ignore Simple Profiles


You don’t have to always look for decorating trim or moldings to insert the luxury factor. Curved molding can look utterly stunning and stylish if you can match the style and color to the rest of the room. Consider the ceiling as a canvas and let the thin molds create a beautiful picture.

Another way to highlight moldings with a simple silhouette is to paint them with an attractive color. It could be golden, silver, or anything else that you think will enhance the upscale vibe. However, don’t be tempted to use something over-the-top because it will only ruin the appeal. 

Moldings and trims are the commonly used features to transform a basic room into something visually compelling. These elements create a framework and give the place a complete look. If you can decorate them carefully, they will inject a timeless upscale style without being overbearing. The small, luxurious touches will make your living place feel like a grand escape.

Einstein Loves Beneful So Much That He Wore His Power Tie for the Interview

Beneful’s Phil and Benny discussing their friend’s social media comments are hysterical. The two are talking while eating and neither understands social media at all. Benny mentions Clyde the bulldog who told them he has thousands of followers; they say that the only things following Clyde are flies. Benny said Marnie mentioned refreshing her feed, which they assumed meant that they could get more Beneful in their bowls. In the end, Phil and Benny decide to look into social media.

Another commercial has a collie in the park loving Beneful Healthy Weight with chicken as the first ingredient. Becky and Einstein are there too, and Einstein is wearing his power tie because he is being interviewed. Becky says Einstein thrives on Beneful Original.

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