Omar Yunes, the franchisee of Sushi Itto is recognized as one of the best franchise entrepreneurs in Mexico today. His remarkable growth in franchising Japanese food in a market that is dominated by Mexican food makes him stand out as an incredible investor in the world. His growth includes the inception of various franchise units across different states in Mexico. Omar Yunes’s win shows that there is a physically powerful sector that has won on its merit a place in the international playing field in a country that is dominated by Mexican franchises.

The franchise was represented among 34 other countries representatives who attended the 2015 edition of the Best Franchise of the World (BFW) contest. During this time, the franchises went through an evaluation based on some aspects including; their influence in the network, knowledge contribution, implemented savings as well as the motivation given to its employees.

The Best Franchise of the World contest is an event that is aimed at acknowledging the hard work and efforts of franchises of different brands. Various franchise brands go through a selection that is undertaken in the national level versions of the event. The gatherings of the best franchises of the brands that are outstanding are evaluated on their work and effort as well as the contribution to the enhancement of brands. In 2015 BFW contest, Mexico was represented by Sushi Itto.

Omar Yunes’s win in the first place of the in the national chapter prize is attributed to his significant role in the franchise and franchisee change and excellent relationship. This puts him in an enhanced management position of using information and implementing some of the control panels that helped with more precise measurements of every unit.

At an early age of 21 years, Omar Yunes started to franchise the Japanese food chain amidst other Mexican franchises that were dominating the food industry. His recognition and win in the BFW were because of his determination and hard work which had contributed to the opening of 13 more franchises in Mexico and other areas. Besides, be maintained a perfect staff and clients relationship that saw him succeed easily.