Who handles all the money and fees associated with court cases and proceedings as well as with bail fees? A business known as GovPayNet is responsible for the processing and reporting of all fees associated with many court handlings. Until recently, they were a separate company but in recent months, Securus Technologies has stepped up and has gained control through an acquisition.


Securus Technologies has been involved in various deals with inmate holding facilities for many years. Not only do they help with the safety of inmates and guards, they also are in a position to help put an end to some contraband in prison systems.


What type of contraband you ask? It’s simple. They help with controlling the use of cell phones that are not allowed in prisons. The cell phones that are apprehended by guards and professionals of the prison systems can result in safety problems for those on the outside as well as for those on the inside. How is that possible?


When an inmate is granted access to unsupervised phone calls, they can cause harm to those on the outside. One ex employee knows this already when he stopped a package from being delivered to a well known gang leader in prison. Because he stopped the package from being received, the former employee was shot 6 times in his own home.


Securus Technologies has recently acquired the GovPayNet corporation and with their help, the processing of payments of 40 million dollars is now being processed by Securus Technologies. All of those payments are made to the GovPayNet account and from there on out, Securus will help to process all of the payments received for many services and fees associated with government holding centers. Securus will continue to work within a variety of business matters related to inmate holding facilities and the fines and fees associated with those inmates.