Clay Siegall is a M.D. and CEO who has an interest in all things medical. Clay Siegall recently released a blog post detailing the dire medical needs of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Clay Siegal explains how the U.S. Virgin Islands have failed to keep up with modern medical advances, and he describes a number of ways this problem can be addressed.

Clay Siegall details how the effects of the recent hurricanes have left the islands in a dire state. The U.S. Virgin Islands were devastated by hurricane Maria with some of the islands being completely evacuated. The hurricanes resulted in electrical outages that persisted for months with many of the areas medical professionals deciding to not travel back to the U.S. Virgin Islands. In addition, the islands have experienced a lack of safe drinking water and shortages of medicine. Clay Siegall also observes that the hurricane resulted in a massive mosquito problem that has resulted in tropical diseases. Clay Siegall calls for an increased focus on the U.S. Virgin islands.

Dr. Clay Siegall holds a Ph.D. in genetics from George Washington University. He worked in research before co-founding Seattle Genetics. The company combines aggressive investment and research strategies to bring antibiotic derived genetic therapies to fight cancer. These drugs are designed to work with a specific patient that is receiving a specific combination of medications. This allows for cancer therapies with lower adverse drug reactions. Dr. Clay Siegall has been able to raise 675 million dollars for this company. Seattle Genetics went public in 2001.