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Dr. David Samadi Says Surgery Over Prostate Radiation Is Better

The burden of prostate cancer in society is substantial and has increased since the PSA testing was introduced, but patients often question should you go with surgery or radiation to treat this disease. Dr. David Samadi, leading expert and Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital dedicated a full show on his morning radio broadcast, and has a Youtube video discussing the benefits of surgery vs radiation.There are various alternative therapies available for the treatment. Depending on the stage of the disease, surgery, radiotherapy, and in some cases, simply waiting may be used. Especially in older patients, postponing the treatment to a later date is a possible alternative. For patients it is often not easy to decide on a therapy. Especially between surgery and radiotherapy, many factors often influence the decision-making process, but Dr. David Samadi says surgery is by far a better choice than radiation.

Several studies have examined both procedures and concluded that between surgery and radiotherapy, there was a clear benefit to operation versus radiotherapy. Dr. Samadi addressed this question on his radio broadcast, and he remarked that “with surgery, the outcome is great…and radiation should be considered a Plan B.”Also with surgery, there is a shorter recovery time. Doctors also note that when treating a prostate carcinoma, there are also different stages that may require a different treatment method. Family history also plays a role in determining the best treatment method. It appears that prostate cancer patients with family history may have a worse outcome after treatments by radiotherapy prostatectomy compared with patients without a family history.Genetic factors are also responsible in 5 to 10 percent of prostate cancer cases, and in this scenario, patients often opt for surgery.

The hardship of prostate cancer will increase due to our aging population.A clear understanding of risk factors, including factors like family history, race, and aging, and diet and environmental agents will help design strategies for the best treatment, not to mention diminish risk.Dr. David Samadi has been researching and treating urological diseases like prostate cancer for nearly two decades. Born in Iran, Dr. Samadi and his family immigrated to the United States where he attended high school then Stony Brook University in New York. After earnin his Bachelor’s and Medical degrees he completed his residency at local New York hospitals.Dr. Samadi developed the groundbreaking SMART surgery technique, and today is a internationally recognized surgeon, based in New York where he heads the Urology department at Lenox Hill Hospital.

The Rise Of Wes Edens

When an individual looks at the economic landscape of North America today, it may seem impossible to envision a world where there were no private equity firms that were publicly traded. However just over ten years ago there were no private equity firms on the the public market in all of the United States. This all changed in 2007 when Wes Edens led his company that he helped to cofound Fortress Investment Group to its initial public offering in the spring of that year. Since this time Fortress Investment Group under the expert guidance of Wes Edens and the other for initial founders of the company has managed to propel itself into the forefront of global economics as one of the leading alternative asset managers in the world.

Earlier this year the corporation was acquired by technology giant in the country of Japan which is known as Softbank group Corporation. Softbank group Corporation acquired Fortress Investment Group for a premium on the value of its stock price of $2.25. With this premium Fortress Investment Group experienced an immediate increase in the company’s valuation of over $140 million. A deal such as this would not have been possible without the leadership which was displayed by the companies founders and in particular the man known as Wes Edens. Although it may be difficult to envision, Wes Edens was not always a prominent businessman in North America. He originally graduated from Oregon State University with degrees in both finance and business administration in 1984 and went on to work in the finance industry at Lehman Brothers.

During his time at Lehman Brothers, he started off as an entry-level employee and became a managing director. After several years serving as a managing director for Lehman Brothers, he switched companies and became a managing director at Blackrock asset investors where he also served as a managing director until 1997. At this time he along with five other individuals had the idea to start their own private equity company and launched the now globally prominent Fortress Investment Group. It was there that he is investment style became admired by individuals all around the world. It has been described as an investment style comprised of creative financing and bets against the norm that has allowed Wes Edens to build businesses through his investments. It was this style of investing that has propelled his company into the global position of prominence that it currently holds.

Jordan Lindsey Inventor of Bitcoin

Forex is a stock trading company. It is also involved in trading international currencies. Forex offers easy to understand and competitive pricing, real time market analysis and professionally run trading platforms. They have a team that researches and collects information that occurs around the world. This allows an individual access to information that will help them in deciding how to buy, sell and trade in a positive manner in the sphere of the world economic market place.

Jordan Lindsey is involved in the field of the world market place. He is founder of a company called JCL Capital. He has wanted to be an entrepreneur from an early age. His company is involved in Algo Trading. Jordan Lindsey is self taught in the fields of System Architecture Design and Computer Programming. He graduated from Mount Angel Seminary and Saint Joseph’s College. He has spent time in several countries including Bosnia-Herzegovina, Argentina and Mexico. He invented a certain computer algorithm that can be used to make trades in foreign exchange markets around the world. Over five trillion dollars a day are traded in foreign exchange markets making them the largest trading market in the world. Jordan Lindsey got an idea to make his own cryptocurrency using the computer algorithm that he had created. He hoped that this token cryptocurrency would gain in value internationally over time. He is currently working with a team of experts to accomplish this. The crptocurrency he created is known as Bitcoin. It is a 100% transparent trading bot that can be used for trading in international markets. It is currently in use today.

Jordan Lindsey says that to develop a good team to work out an idea and see the process through the team must possess both some friction between the members but also a sense of trust. These two elements working together can bring about a successful solution to what is being worked on. It is important not to micromanage the leadership of a team. Sometimes these people can come up with solutions to a problem better if one allows them to think for themselves.

The Evolving Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are a DJ/Production duo that released their first album in April, 2017. They won a Grammy just out the gate with “Don’t Let Me Down” winning for Best Dance Recording. The duo, the Chainsmokers is made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, both of whom have a long history of working as DJs. Their love of the electronic manipulation of sound led to them deciding to unify and create their musical team.

In their interview by Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine, they spoke of what makes their duo so successful. In the past, Chainsmokers has always featured other artists singing their songs. For the first time, Andrew Taggart will be singing along with up and coming artist, Halsey on their new 2018 release, “Closer”. This is a very different move for the Chainsmokers. In the past, they have worked with the vocals from Coldplay, ROSEZ, Phoebe Ryan and Daya. This is a step toward becoming recognized as artists and not simply electronic music masters.

The Chainsmokers are trying to change the view of the music industry that views them as merely electronic DJs. They want to be seen as musicians and so they are working to establish a more distinguished identity. Most people are unaware of the fact that unlike many artists with music on the billboards, the Chainsmokers collaborate with their song writers. This fact made it even less tolerable for others to see them as simply DJs. Both Pall and Taggart were aware of their own artistic growth and it wasn’t fully reflected in the old music. It was obvious in their most recent music, but it hadn’t been released. Their most recent release “Closer” is only one of those new songs revealing another layer of their musicality.

Both Alex Pall and Taggart were introduced to the electronic genre through DJing and each spent many hours DJing for a living. Loving the genre made it easy for them to collaborate on the music they loved when they decided to form the duo, Chainsmokers. They worked together non-stop for hours and days. Now, going forward, the Chainsmokers will still perform their shows live, but they will continue to add new layers as they evolve as musical artists. They will make another trip around the world, sharing their music with their 16-25 year old fans as they continue to evolve.

Texas Based Bank Controls $6.4 Billion in Assets

NexBank operates out of Dallas, Texas, and the assets under its control totaled $6.4 billion as of the summer of 2017. When it comes to NexBank’s clients, the majority of them are actually financial institutions, mid-market companies, large corporations and real estate investors. NexBank operates 3 different offices in the state of Texas, and almost 100 full-time employees are currently working for the company, which offers some of the best mortgage banking, institutional services and commercial banking around.

One of the primary goals that the executive management team is currently focused on is combing both their expertise in the field of finance and their undying dedication for properly serving their client base. As a result, NexBank’s excellent financial services have resulted in many satisfied customers. Nexbank has a few different types of customers. The most common types of customers that Nexbank serves are corporate, institutional and individual customers.

In December of 2015, NexBank SSB finally publicly announced that it had acquired College Savings Bank, which operates out of Princeton, New Jersey. THe acquisition of College Savings Bank was an enormous opportunity for NexBank, as the company moves in the industry of 529 college savings programs. Acquiring the Princeton based company allowed NexBank to finish 2015 on a high note.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, NexBank made another huge announcement during the summer of 2016. The financial services provider, which is based in Texas, was able to post a raise in its common equity capital by $24 million, which NexBank decided would be put to use for general corporate purposes.

Jeremy Goldstein: Choose Employee Programs that will Work for your Company

Jeremy Goldstein is a professional who has become very popular in the American corporate world. The highly trained lawyer has been in the American market for a long time, and he has been fortunate to work with several successful companies. All of these companies have given the businessman a lot of expertise, and they have enabled him to become a highly successful investor in the complicated market. Although he has enjoyed a profitable career as a lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein has watched and finally concluded that companies are performing poorly because they are not able to create the perfect working environment at the work place. Jeremy Goldstein has used his great skills to come up with solutions to the challenges that many companies have been experiencing.


Creating an ideal working environment, especially in the modern times comes with numerous challenges. According to Jeremy, there are so many things that should be taken into consideration so that the company doesn’t get losses. Employees are crucial elements in all businesses. These people have a great role to play in all the company procedures, and they all ensure that a company is producing great products for the consumers. Jeremy Goldstein has founded a legal firm in New York City so that he can help companies in the world to work with their employees perfectly so that all the stakeholders are contented at the end of the day. Most of the advice that has been offered by the great lawyer has proven to be very useful to all the company employees and investors.


There are numerous employee incentive programs that have been introduced to companies in the modern times. When introducing a program for a company, Jeremy Goldstein believes that the company management should at all cost take their time to analyze so that they can be sure of the things they are doing for the company. Most of the programs that are available in the recent times will benefit the company at one point, but they will have their limitations too. There are some investors who will be impressed by the type of progress the management has chosen, and some will not. To be on the safe side, it is paramount for all the stakeholders in the institution to be consulted so that there are no regrets at the end of the day.


Jeremy Goldstein has managed to do so well in the American market over the last decade for several reasons. Apart from the skills he has acquired while working in the law department, the businessman has all the perfect academic qualifications. The businessman went to law schools that are recognized in the country, and this is where he laid a foundation for a great career. Learn more:


The Procedures of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Austin-based plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden is a highly qualified medical doctor who operates two practices in the Austin area, including one in Westlake, and one in Marble Hills. She is currently on the Board of Directors for the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. A member of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Walden practiced in New York City for seven years before returning to Texas to open her private practices.

Dr. Walden was a student at the University of Texas, where she received her undergraduate degree in Biology. She then moved to the University of Texas Medical Branch. After finishing her Doctorate, she attended the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, where she received a fellowship of aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Walden has long been a groundbreaker in her field. During her time in New York City, she helped with clinical trials that lead to the silicone breast implant being reintroduced. She also implements technology such as Vectra, a device that allows patients and doctors to visuals what the final results of medical procedures will look like.

Dr. Walden offers a variety of services. For the face, she performs such procedures as chin implants, rhinoplasty, brow lifts, facelifts, and eyelid surgery. Her specialties on the body include liposuction, tummy tucks, buttock augmentation, breast augmentation, breast reduction, and labiaplasty. Additionally, she offers minor procedures like hair loss treatment, face injections, and skin care.

Articles about Dr. Walden have appeared in major magazines, such as Health, Absolute, and Harper’s Bazaar. Her own writings have been published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and Annals of Plastic Surgery.

The First Amendment Must be Protected

Where do you think all of the courageous people have gone? It seems nowadays that no one is willing to take a stand for their morals or their values. It seems that we Americans, who have traditionally fought for the rights of others, are just quietly sitting back allowing others to be persecuted and doing nothing to help them in return.

Two true proud Americans who are not guilty of this vile complacency are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. These two men are very passionate proponents of immigration rights. Living in the state of Arizona they have seen firsthand the horribly inhumane acts the Americans are committing toward those of the Hispanic race. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

In order to turn around the world view and mindset of the average American, they publish magazines and journals. These magazines and journals are published through the Village Voice Media.

In these various publications, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin often focus on the crimes being committed by Americans toward Hispanics and also describe the plight that the Latino community faces which drive them to enter this country illegally. They hope that the average American will gain compassion for what these people are going through.

By constantly advocating for immigration rights, they have stood directly against a man known as America’s toughest Sheriff. This tough Sheriff is named Joseph Arpaio. Working for the Maricopa County Police Department, Arpaio has been able to systematically persecute Hispanics that are unlucky enough to come in to his sights.

One example of Joseph Arpaio doing despicable things to Hispanics concerns a woman who had a miscarriage due to Sheriff Joe Arpaio denying her her rights. To keep a long story short, a pregnant woman complained to security guards that she was not feeling her baby move.

She asked to see a physician but was denied that request. She had a miscarriage that could have been stopped had she seen a physician. To make it even worse, this poor mother was not even allowed to attend the celebration of life for her unborn child.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have taken Sheriff Joe Arpaio to task over these kind of crimes.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio however, does not want his “good name” to be slandered. So he convinced several corrupt judges to sign he illegal warrant the allowed him to go into their homes and gather all evidence against him to be destroyed. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin protested that this was going against their constitutional right of free speech, Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrested them for obstructing justice

All of these acts of Sheriff Joe Arpaio toward Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were you legal. This illegal action caused Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin to inherit $3.75 million from the United States government.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would expand their focus to now include fighting on behalf of the first amendment. They see the first amendment is being eroded right in front of our eyes but Americans are blind to this.

Heal N Soothe, Herbal Supplement for Joint Pain

Heal N Soothe, Natural Pain Reliever

Many people in the world today suffer from chronic pain, joint pain, and muscle aches. In most cases, the patients obtain prescription drugs to ease the pain. However, the prescription medications usually have side effects when taken for long periods and may affect the kidney or the liver. Natural medicine from vitamins, fruits, and other extracts offer the best way to relieve pain. Heal N Soothe is a natural supplement which is useful in reducing inflammation.

Systemic Enzymes

Heal N Soothe combines various systemic enzymes and pain-fighting nutrients to offer a natural pain reliever. The supplement contains no preservatives or toxic chemicals. The systemic enzymes in the supplement have no side effects on the body when used to relieve pain. Proteins aid the body to recover from fractures and injuries to tendons. Additionally, enzymes in the Heal N Soothe assist in reducing blood clots in circulatory system which result in cardiovascular problems.

Ingredients and Benefits

The Heal N Soothe contains pain-fighting nutrients in addition to the enzymes. The natural nutrients include papain, rutin, turmeric, bromelain, and ginger among others. Systemic enzymes cleanse the blood and boost the immune system. They also assist in fighting inflammation. Bromelain comes from the pineapple and contains proteolytic enzymes which are responsible for reducing pain and prevents swelling in the body.

Turmeric extracts come from dried roots of turmeric plant and are useful in the treatment of many ailments. The extract reduces inflammation and destroys radicals which cause swelling or pain in the body. Papain also comes from dried roots. It also lowers inflammation. Boswellia is a natural anti-inflammatory. People use it as a traditional herb for reducing pain. It ensures a healthy circulation of blood in the body.

Rutin comes from various fruits or plants and is a potent anti-oxidant. Ginger is known for its nausea treatment ability. It is useful in relieving pain. Ginger functions similarly as a prescription drug, but it works naturally without side effects. Mojave yucca root is another ingredient that reduces inflammation, supports immune and the digestive system. Read this articles for more info.

How much does Heal N Soothe cost?

You can get the supplement on Heal N Soothe website at the cost of $49.95 for each bottle.