Many companies that produce health and wellness products make bold proclamations pertaining to the benefits of the products that encourage consumers to purchase. All too often, the hopes of these customers are crushed as time and time again the promises offered to them go unfulfilled. This has not been the case with IDLife.

How Are Products From IDLife Different

The main difference with nutritional supplements from IDLife is that the company makes products specifically designed to fit the needs of each individual customer. This is possible because each potential customer that seeks products from IDLife is given an assessment exam that allows developers with the company to tailor their formulas in a way that addresses that individuals body chemistry. Each customer is given exactly what is needed while excesses are eliminated.

In addition to the individualized services offered by IDLife, customers also benefit from the company’s commitment to not adding synthetic fillers to their products.

System Chemistry

The founders of IDLife started with the mission of providing science-based supplement solution that provides tangible results to their customers. To facilitate this mission, more than 7500 peer-reviewed studies to build the foundation for their product base. IDLife has created over one million variations to its formulas so there is no doubt that tailor-made solution is awaiting everyone that desires to try company’s products.

IDLife has also created a two a day vitamin regimen that offers different vitamin combination for the AM dose than for the PM dose. This is because the body absorbs certain vitamin and mineral substances differently during different parts of the day. IDLife designs its formulas so that customers can receive the needed nutrition at the optimal times for maximum absorption.

All products produced by IDLife contain only pharmaceutical grade substances and all supplements must pass a vigorous quality control protocol to ensure that no harmful substances are present.

Business Model

IDLife, in addition to providing consumers with excellent nutritional supplementation, is an excellent business opportunity. The company uses ‘sales associates’ to distribute their products and shares the profits from sales with these distributors.

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