Lazaro de Mello resigned at the age of 91. Having worked for about 25 years, it was now time to allow a younger person to get involved in the leadership prospects. Lazaro chose his successor before Ass one of the world’s longest-serving banking chairman. He said that his resignation was voluntary stepping down; Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been holding the position since then. Serving as the chief executive officer and president simultaneously, he dedicated time to filling in Brandao’s shoes until March when the board of directors held a meeting to elect a new president.

The New President

Banco Bradesco tapped its leadership responsibility into one Octavio de Lazari. Trabuco will retain his position as the president of the board until Octavio is solely admitted to the administration. Moreover, Octavio’s appointment as president is based on a formal process that involved scrutinizing his academic credentials, ethics, and contribution to the banking institution. All this was pegged on the fact that he has been working at Bradesco for some time and has garnered vast experience in financial and asset management. Alongside his ethics and beliefs in professionalism when handling clients, Octavio was the perfect choice for the position.

Moreover, Bradesco affirms that Lazari’s attributes tapped into his appointment as CEO as his colleagues recognize him as a dedicated leader set to venture into high –risk projects. Also described as a man who will maintain the line of continuity as well as renewal, Octavio beings in a wealth of fundamental knowledge to ensure that he retains the prominent position Bradesco holds in the international financial scenarios.


Leadership Roles

At 54, Lazari is the presiding vice president and chief executive officer at Bradesco Seguros Group. He shall maintain these positions. The alumnus of the Faculty of Economic Administrative Sciences at Osasco majored in finance and marketing.

Joining Banco Bradesco

Lazari joined Bradesco as a teenager (1978). He worked his way up from serving as an office boy to the agency manager. Seeing that he was dedicated to growing the firm in every way, the board of directors promoted him to serve as the credit area manager and later director. He oversaw corporate management including small sized as well as retail segments. After a few years of work, he was elevated to serve as the department director in charge of loans. Moreover, he was the chairman of the board of directors at the Brazilian Association of Real Estate Credit as well as Savings department.

Trabuco’s Contribution to Bradesco’s Growth

Similarly, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is an instrumental leader who has worked at Bradesco for over four decade. Like Lazari, he started off his career as a clerk in Bradesco. With dedication and resilience, he earned several promotions to the point of becoming Bradesco’s chairman. Besides the leadership roles, he has grown Bradesco’s market share by introducing it to media.

CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco is an alumnus of Fundacao Escola de Sociologia where he majored in philosophy. Over the years, he has applied lessons from this institution to grow Bradesco’s market share.

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