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Whitney Wolfe: See How She Took It At The Top

While some people are just in the world to stay, others do something that turns the world to their attention. Living in this world with massive attention all over you is something people like to often dream about. Making an impact and drawing attention from the community in a world where men dominate isn’t something women take lightly. Some women even consider it unfeasible. For this reason, most women drain their great ideas in an invisible swamp. This means they live in the world without making an impact through the ideas they incubate in their mind. This wasn’t the way Whitney Wolfe wanted to go. She knew who she was and her strength.

She has become famous and a woman of influence in the tech world that men have dominated. A list of the most booming businesswomen can’t be complete without her name. Wolfe realized women struggled to make dates they could enjoy and treasure. She came up with an app called Bumble to make the online dating world friendlier and more exciting for women. She knew nothing attracts attention more than meeting an itching need. She is among the esteemed people who came up with Tinder. Whitney Wolfe discovered she could cause rapid growth in her company if she made its approach female-focused and innovative.

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Her dating app has become globally accepted, and more than 30 million people are using it. Her main focus is transforming the conventional dating style and making the dating environment safer for women. Whitney Wolfe understands that women take pleasure in making new friends. She came up with other apps such as Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz to make the social network more interesting and booming. Things go wrong when the needs of women aren’t understood and met.

Wolfe kicked off her professional life while she was still a student at Southern Methodist University. She developed a strong interest in International Studies, and that’s what she pursued in this university. She made her company a non-profit tool to reach out many disaster victims. The BP oil spill had damaged marine habitats, and this made Whitney Wolfe use the resources she got from her company to help them. According to Wolfe, the dating app she created is also good for men who like socializing.

Upwork: How to Create an Efficient To-Do-List

To-do-list is one of the aspects that can exponentially increase one’s productivity. With a well-planned to-do-list, more tasks are likely to be completed. And with the accomplishment of tasks, some internal satisfaction arises hence a happier life. To help people increase their productivity, Upwork has recently published an article on their website giving tips on how to make an effective to-do-list.

Upwork is a leading global website that gives independent professionals and businesses a platform to interact. These interactions are about companies and business people looking for professional services from their registered freelancers. This mode of conducting business helps in saving time and costs.

First, one should note down all the tasks that he intends to accomplish for a day. By noting down, one will not have to keep remembering the tasks that he plans to complete. The mind will focus on the task at hand. Second, when planning one for a day’s work, one should make a to-do-list the day before. Prior planning will ensure that one utilizes the morning to the maximum by performing tasks which are more demanding rather than planning.

One should note down his to-do-list at one central place. One central source will ensure that no task slips through without being noticed. Also, it will save time as one does not have to go looking at different sources. The article urges readers also to break down their tasks. The breaking down of functions will assist in planning to the minute detail. Planning for the finer details eases work as one is aware of what to do on at least an hourly basis.

Lastly, one should bundle together similar tasks. This batching helps in going through the functions faster. The clubbing process should be accompanied by zooming in and zooming out processes. Zooming out is where you determine significant activities while zooming in is where you define the minor actions that make up the primary activities. Upwork encourages its clients and subscribers to try these tips. These will ensure that their productivity is improved


Infinity Group Australia’s Success in Improving Lives of Australian People

Infinity Group Australia has been in the limelight for the right reasons. The firm’s CEO, Graeme Holm, has invested a lot of his effort and that of his team to ensure that Australian families do not experience housing shortage. Holm had previously felt that households were overwhelmed by the long-years mortgages, which hindered them from accessing other services such as renovation. The firm was, thus, a way of bridging the gap that consumers had noted over the years.

The company’s best services

Infinity Group Australia has been working year-round to ensure that its clients minimize their expenses so that they can invest more. The company helps consumers to develop a cash-based budget, which will be used every week to manage expenses for groceries, fuel, entertainment, and travel. Interestingly, the company trains clients to learn how to be financially disciplined through the motto: if you don’t have cash, don’t buy it. Infinity Group Australia makes use of every dollar that its clients earn by teaching the difference between a need and a want to enhance accountability.


Unlike the traditional banking and investment service system, Infinity Group Australia takes its clients through ways that they can use to pay back their loans. All clients are eligible for a performance analysis report on a monthly basis, which shows the crucial goals and expectations as well as those that have been met. Clients are expected to provide a detailed review of their expenditure and any progress made in regards to mortgage services after every six months.


Successful results at Infinity Group Australia

Many clients have been appreciating Infinity Group Australia for being a very reliable and affordable company. On average, most clients get to pay back their 30-year loan term within a period of just seven to ten years. That helps them to eliminate a debt of up to $41,000 within the first repayment year. Some of the clients have further expressed their satisfaction. Graeme Holm noted that one of the clients was able to reduce their debt by $96,271 within 12 months of their loan repayment.


The company has several clients including navy officers, teachers, and nurses. The Infinity Group Australia reviews from clients have supported the stories of the company. Lyn Anderson, one of the clients, noted that the company helped her to have and manager her investment property, and in turn make a lot of savings which would act as her retirement benefit. Infinity Group Australia offers an array of services including wealth creation, debt reduction, retirement strategies, and property investment services. Infinity Group Australia is unique in its services because it ensures that its consumers get continuous support and guidance until they achieve financial success. Learn more:


Matt Badiali Is A Respected Financial Adviser

Matt Badiali is a respected financial adviser with a great deal of experience. He began his career on the recommendation of others who were working in the industry. Matt was a college student at the University of North Carolina when he was exposed to the world of finance. He graduated from Penn State University with a bachelor’s degree. From their Matt went on to work towards a master’s degree at Florida Atlantic. However, his time at the University of North Carolina would lead him to his current career choice.

Matt’s friend was a PhD in finance and believed he would be very successful advising others who had little experience with investing. Matt began his advising career and helped his clients receive double digits on their gains. Matt Badiali has since gone on to work with Banyan Hill Publishing to launch a newsletter that he calls Real Wealth Strategist.

Matt Badiali developed a talent for advising in the natural resource market. He knew that he had the education and experience to do well in this area. The natural resources market operates in a cyclical manner and must be observed very closely. A person needs to understand the science behind the resources as well as the finance numbers within the market. This is because the market is powered by a high degree of speculation.

Matt Badiali has followed the energy consumption industry for many years. He believes that there will be a tremendous change happening in this area very soon. The switch will be made from fossil fuels to electricity eventually. The only thing stopping the transition is the development of a powerful battery. When a battery strong enough to support a city is in place, the switch from fossil fuels to electricity will happen according to Badiali. Investors must be ready to take advantage of the opportunities.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum on Knee Replacement Surgery

Six years ago, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum did a short 1 minute and 50 second video on the alternative to knee surgery. He talked about what’s called partial knee replacement surgery. The reason this kind of surgery would be useful is that a person’s whole knee would not need to be replaced just a certain part of the knee. After the surgery, the patient could still walk around and have feeling in their original knee as opposed to having an artificial knee.

With this surgery, Kirschenbaum is able to resurface the end of the bone with metal on one side and a high-end medical plastic on the other side and keep the rest of the knee intact. An added bonus to this surgery is that the trauma is minimized since the damaged portion of the knee is replaced. Ira stated that this surgery is not for individuals who suffer from a severe case of arthritis and anyone who is currently battling rheumatoid arthritis

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum specializes in a multitude of operations such as: complex revision joint replacement, invasive hip and knee replacement, joint reconstruction, and arthroscopy. He spent some time in The Rothman Institute in Philadelphia where he was educated in hip and knee replacement and reconstructive surgery. He now performs these surgeries in White Plains, New York. He has also designed a cementless hip replacement system and developed instruments for partial unicompartmental knee replacements.

In 1994, Ira Kirschenbaum earned the James A. Vohs Award for Quality while he was Chief of Reconstructive Surgery for Kaiser Permanente in the Northeast. Ira is apart of several different prestigious medical groups such as, The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons, The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, The Orthopaedic Research Society, and has been a member of The American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons.

Tim Duncan of Talos Energy

Tim Duncan is a very successful businessman in the gas and oil industries. He has his business endeavors’ success due to his tireless dedication. He loves the thrill of the oil industry that most do not like. The oil business is not for everyone. It can be rather tricky with how the markets are always changing. But for this oil founder he loves garnering the monetary success that comes along with the risky oil business. He also enjoys working with his team of thought leaders. They work collaboratively to gather ideas and business practices to further Talos Energy. Because of Tim Duncan’s hard work, his co founders and staff, the city of Houston, Texas has noticed what they have done for the entire oil industry and the local community.

Talos Energy got titled as the top workplace in all of Houston by the Houston Chronicle. Tim Duncan himself was named as a top entrepreneur by EY for the energy sector. A few co founders turned a simple oil project into Talos Energy. For six years, the founders have pushed Talos Energy into being a top contender for one of the most productive oil companies in the Houston area. Tim Duncan was able to bring so much to the table due to how he grew up in the oil business. He received a college education that gave him a good foundation of knowledge about the oil business. He earned two degrees, one from Mississippi State University and from the University of Houston.

After college he worked for five years for Phoenix Exploration Company. He oversaw the company’s development process. The company began to grow rapidly due to his expertise. They ended up selling this company to Apache Corporation. Once this was complete him and his future co founders began working on an oil project they titled Talos Energy.Talos Energy is ran by a hardworking management and technical crew. They operate assets all over the Gulf Of Mexico. They have very advanced technology that enable them to stand apart from the competition. They develop, explore and exploit these assets.

YES! Fagali Airport is back in business!

Fagali Airport has been getting a lot of press lately and for a good reason. Fagali Airport is finally reopened and ready to show off everything this fantastic Island has to offer. Polynesian Airlines are the ones responsible for this because they own the entire airport. They provide daily flights to and from Pago Pago. Once you land on this beautiful Island, you will see why re-opening this airport was such a breath of fresh air! This airport is a smaller airport, but it is open to the public and services the Apia regions of Fagali. Read this article about Fagali Airport at Radio New Zealand

Two airlines fly in and out of the Fagali Airport, the Talofa Airways, and the Samoa Airways. Once you touch down, you will be greeted by the worlds friendliest airport staff. Then they will guide you to where you need to go. There are countless things to do and places to go and people to see so make sure you bring your camera because you are going to want to take a lot of pictures. You can catch a night show called Fia Fia night where you can watch built men twirl fire sticks around with such power and control it will amaze you! You can also see the delicate native dances of the ladies. This is very popular and for a good reason. You feast while you are entertained on some of the best cuisines the Island has to offer.

If this does suit you there is always snorkeling or scuba diving at one of the many white sandy beaches. The waters are so bright and full of fish you are bound to see all kinds of exciting things. You can also take a day trip and plan an excursion through the jungles. Either way, you are going to have a great time. Sometimes the airport has daily deals, and they save you money on restaurants and activities around town. You can not leave this Island without getting a souvineer. There are so many shops around town that sell one of a kind authentic pieces you will love to make sure to do your research so you can find the most amazing things to take home that will fit your budget. Check:


Organo Gold Establishes a Pathway to Independent Distribution for Customers

Organo Gold has easily become one of the most popular brands of gourmet coffee on the market today. It has registered as one of the stronger novelty brands that tends to show up in mom and pop stores even though people do not find it in regular department stores or grocery stores like Publix. There is a reason for this, and this reason is independent distribution. This has been the concept that Bernardo Chua, founder of Organo Gold, has utilized from the beginning to help people gain a better connection to coffee that can be obtained independently. View Organo Gold’s profile on

One of the good things about Organo Gold and the independent distribution chain is the easy way in which Chua is able to pass on savings to the consumer. There is no middle man that is selling this product so it makes it easier for Bernardo to sell nutritional shakes and detox supplements for less than other companies with similar products where a middle man is involved in the distribution chain from the company to the consumer.

This concept of a direct sales makes it much more obtainable for those that would like to order their products through the Internet. There is no need to wait in long lines in stores or worry if the type of Organo Gold products you seek are out of stock. This independent distribution chain makes it a more reliable concept for all that are involved in selling, promoting and buying products from the Organo Gold brand name.


This is also a great concept for anyone that is looking for products that have healing agents. The Organo Gold product line has expanded to include a number of different products where it’s quite easy to obtain products that have the Ganoderma mushroom as part of the list of ingredients. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Herbalife 24 and the National Football League

During the 2016 National Football League preparations, Herbalife was present and ready with their supplies to make sure that the athletes who were associated with their company stood out from the rest of the applicants due to their stunning performance. The company met with the athletes every day during a five-week period of time to inform them about the products, what they were made of and how they were to be taken and when. They discussed safety measures and informed them about how maintaining weight in a healthy manner is, in fact, the only way to properly gain or lose weight, while still being able to live a long, healthy and happy lifestyle. What is Herbalife’s secret? It is simple, nutrition.


Mark Hughes, started the Herbalife company from the trunk of his car on a cold day in February in the year of 1980. His Mother had found a fatal end at a young age after an eating disorder had stolen her life. She was attempting to control her weight in an unhealthy manner, while her loved ones were forced to watch her wither away into nothing before their eyes. Mr. Hughes did not ever want to see this happen to anyone else again. That is why he dedicated his life to helping others. He might not be a big-time superhero, but this man is making a huge difference in the lives of many people on a daily basis. We all at one point or another have wanted to adjust or weight, whether it is to gain or lose; how we look is a huge deal to us. Thankfully, Mr. Hughes has crafted Herbalife, to give people like me and you, as well as athletes a natural, safe and healthy way, to manage weight. At first, Mr. Hughes had a little bit of trouble the FDA, he was forced to rearrange his ingredients in order to keep his company going in the beginning but, it did not take long for him to come up with a solution to make the FDA happy as well as all of the customer’s he has helped over the years.