Organo Gold has easily become one of the most popular brands of gourmet coffee on the market today. It has registered as one of the stronger novelty brands that tends to show up in mom and pop stores even though people do not find it in regular department stores or grocery stores like Publix. There is a reason for this, and this reason is independent distribution. This has been the concept that Bernardo Chua, founder of Organo Gold, has utilized from the beginning to help people gain a better connection to coffee that can be obtained independently. View Organo Gold’s profile on

One of the good things about Organo Gold and the independent distribution chain is the easy way in which Chua is able to pass on savings to the consumer. There is no middle man that is selling this product so it makes it easier for Bernardo to sell nutritional shakes and detox supplements for less than other companies with similar products where a middle man is involved in the distribution chain from the company to the consumer.

This concept of a direct sales makes it much more obtainable for those that would like to order their products through the Internet. There is no need to wait in long lines in stores or worry if the type of Organo Gold products you seek are out of stock. This independent distribution chain makes it a more reliable concept for all that are involved in selling, promoting and buying products from the Organo Gold brand name.


This is also a great concept for anyone that is looking for products that have healing agents. The Organo Gold product line has expanded to include a number of different products where it’s quite easy to obtain products that have the Ganoderma mushroom as part of the list of ingredients. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.