While some people are just in the world to stay, others do something that turns the world to their attention. Living in this world with massive attention all over you is something people like to often dream about. Making an impact and drawing attention from the community in a world where men dominate isn’t something women take lightly. Some women even consider it unfeasible. For this reason, most women drain their great ideas in an invisible swamp. This means they live in the world without making an impact through the ideas they incubate in their mind. This wasn’t the way Whitney Wolfe wanted to go. She knew who she was and her strength.

She has become famous and a woman of influence in the tech world that men have dominated. A list of the most booming businesswomen can’t be complete without her name. Wolfe realized women struggled to make dates they could enjoy and treasure. She came up with an app called Bumble to make the online dating world friendlier and more exciting for women. She knew nothing attracts attention more than meeting an itching need. She is among the esteemed people who came up with Tinder. Whitney Wolfe discovered she could cause rapid growth in her company if she made its approach female-focused and innovative.

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Her dating app has become globally accepted, and more than 30 million people are using it. Her main focus is transforming the conventional dating style and making the dating environment safer for women. Whitney Wolfe understands that women take pleasure in making new friends. She came up with other apps such as Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz to make the social network more interesting and booming. Things go wrong when the needs of women aren’t understood and met.

Wolfe kicked off her professional life while she was still a student at Southern Methodist University. She developed a strong interest in International Studies, and that’s what she pursued in this university. She made her company a non-profit tool to reach out many disaster victims. The BP oil spill had damaged marine habitats, and this made Whitney Wolfe use the resources she got from her company to help them. According to Wolfe, the dating app she created is also good for men who like socializing.