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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Making Plastic Surgery Better

When you need to have plastic surgery you want to make sure that you are in the best of hands. Plastic surgery is a big deal because a lot of times it means that you are having some reconstruction done to your face. Plastic surgery can also mean that you are having work done to your body, breasts, or hands though. This article is about a really good plastic surgeon known as Dr. Sameer Jejurikar.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a certified plastic surgeon and a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Insitute in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Jejurikar got his education from the University of Michigan Medical School. He completed his residency through the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers. As of today, he has been in practice for around 20 years.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar repairs and replaces bones, skin, and other tissues on any part of your body. He also can reconstruct your face and hands. He is licensed through the states of New York, Texas, and Michigan in plastic surgery. Dr. Jejurikar can do any type of plastic surgery that you need but, he specializes in cosmetic surgery of the eyes, nose, face, breasts, and body. Dr. Jejurikar is part of many hospitals in the Dallas area including Dallas Medical Center and Pine Creek Medical Center.

If you are in the Dallas area and are needing plastic surgery he will probably be one of the doctors on your case. Dr. Jejurikar has become well known over his 20 years of working as a plastic surgeon and continues to grow his name daily.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Reports on Discussions Regarding the Special Meeting of Governors of the BID

In the last week of March, there was a meeting in Mendoza, Argentina, it was the Special Meeting of Governors of the BID (Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento). Dyogo Oliveira, who is the Management, Development and Planning Minister, fought for greater private investments in infrastructure in Brazil. Dyogo Oliveira has hopes the BID might engage in promoting studies that will find more efficient solutions in the risk management projects that might increase private investments.

Luis Caputo, who is the minister of Finances of Argentina as well as the Assembly of the Governor of the Bank, agrees that the BID should also promote private investments. Felipe Montoro Jens also notes that even the Economy Secretary of State of Spain states that Brazil is its primary investment country. Find out more at to learn more.

For the 4.0 industrial revolution to occur, the BID must not only invest in highways, but it must invest in other more advanced kinds of infrastructure. Dyogo Oliveira, from Brazil, feels that the fourth industrial revolution is on way.

Felipe Montoro Jens also notes that the president of the BID, Luis Alberto Moreno, says that converging infrastructure is essential for the industries to evolve and be able to meet growing social demands. Luis Alberto Moreno believes in this development as well as equal opportunity as well as environmental sustainability.

Dyogo Oliveira also states that PPPs (Private and Public Partnerships) for public construction development have been an important part of increasing infrastructure and alongside other multilateral agencies that Brazil participates in.

According to the Minister of Management, Development, and Planning, the PPPs are also popular in the Caribean as well as in other parts of Latin America. Throughout the last decade, there have been around one thousand PPP infrastructure projects that represent about US$ 360 billion. A prevailing issue in many projects is the obstacle of attracting private capital. In 2017 alone, in Brazil, the BID lent around US$ 12.9 billion. Felipe Montoro Jens notes that this is 20% greater to that in 2016.

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Paul Mampilly Supports Blockchain in Medicine

Blockchain is a term that has been in mouths of many people in recent years. Since the rise of the digital currencies such as bitcoin, this technology has gained ground significantly as a means of securing transactions. It is an electronic ledger that cannot be altered. Every transaction can be viewed. The system has been working well with the digital currencies and has proved to be a viable way of protecting even other things apart from digital currencies. Blockchain has proved to be almost hack-proof. The system can only show data that it is allowed to by the account owner. If used appropriately, there many industries where it can be used to reduce incidences of fraud. One industry that will not be left behind according to financial expert Paul Mampilly is medicine.

Blockchain can tell whether your prescription medicine is working properly. How can this happen, many people may wonder? By use of an e-pill, it is possible. The pill will contain digital sensors that will send a signal to a mobile application on whether the expected reaction has taken place. In such a scenario, one will know whether to see a doctor or know the pill has worked. Another benefit is that a doctor can tell whether the patient is taking a pill or not. If a patient misses a pill, the doctor can know and even inform the patient about it. By following how drugs work, it is possible for manufacturers to make adjustments to increase the efficiency of the drug.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a leading financial expert in the United States. He is a winner of the Templeton Foundation Award in 2009 where he emerged as the best trader in the Wall Street. He has worked as a hedge fund manager for an organization that was ranked as the best return hedge fund for the period he was in this business. Paul Mampilly is now working for the millions of Americans who need support so that they can accumulate wealth. He is at Banyan Hill Publishing working as a senior editor. He has authored investment materials such as the Profits Unlimited newsletter.