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The Chainsmokers Have Been Undertaking Various Philanthropic Activities

There are few celebrity individuals who commit their lives and money to charitable organizations. However, the Chainsmokers are different duos who have a different perception from other celebrities in the industry. They have incorporated several philanthropic causes that makes them to support a number of charitable organizations. This means that they do not use all the income they get from their careers to enrich themselves. Here are some of the philanthropic activities that the group has been participating.

Global Citizen is a multinational organization that has different members from different parts of the world. The purpose of this charitable organization is to ensure that all the leaders around the world should ensure that they eliminate poverty by 2030. It is obvious that there are a large number of communities in different parts of the world who are experiencing extreme poverty. Engaging in activities that will eliminate poverty around the world should be a strategy that any other person should support.

The Chainsmokers don’t contribute money directly to the Global Citizens. Instead, they arrange for premium live shows where individuals pay a huge amount of money to attend to these shows. Surprisingly, the Chainsmokers don’t take the money contributed through these types of shows but they allow the money to support the activities Global Citizen. This is a good move that has helped this entity to continue towards its agenda of poverty eradication around the world.

The Chainsmokers are also engaged in another philanthropic activity that involves supporting the homeless individuals in the society. There are a large number of individuals in the United States who cannot be able to purchase or rent an apartment. These people experience hardships as they sleep outside even during the winter season. However, the music duo have been working with various organizations with the sole aim of ensuring that these people are held in various homes, especially the homeless women and children

Lastly, the Chainsmokers have also been involved in a large number of support missions such as supporting women ventures, donating to education and health charity organizations, and even providing employment opportunities to the unemployed youths and at-risk members of the society.

The Road To Success Of Doe Deere – From Homeless Russian Immigrant To CEO

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, which is a digital first cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics brand. She was born in Xenia Vorotova in Russia, and was raised in New York City. The Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics founded her company in the fall of 2008. Recently, she was featured on Entrepreneur where she wrote about her road to becoming an entrepreneur, putting an emphasis on why United States is a good place for immigrants.

Doe Deere states that when she was young she saw America as a place where anything is possible, getting the message from music, movies, and magazines. She moved to the United States with her mother and her young sister when she was 17 years old, in 1998. The population in New York City was 7.4 million, which was a big contrast to the half million where she used to live in Izhevsk. Despite their efforts, they were forced to check into a homeless shelter in Manhattan on Lexington Avenue, where they stayed for 6 months, and continued to work and save money.

In 1999 they were introduced to Sanctuary for Families by a social worker. Sanctuary for Families is non-profit legal organization which helps women immigrants. Doe Deere’s mother was an accountant in Russia, but due to the fact that her papers were taking too long to transfer she was not able to get a job. The leader of Sanctuary for Families helped her mother get her first accountant job in America, and helped Doe Deere get into the Fashion Institute of Technology and her sister into Columbia University.

By the year 2000, the 3 were transferred from their homeless shelter to 110th Street in East Harlem at the Lehman Projects. Despite the area being considered gang territory, the 3 didn’t complain and continued to work hard. By late 2000s, Doe Deere adopted her famous moniker and launched her own company, Lime Crime in 2008 – with 35 employees in Los Angeles. She points out the fact that she has the United States to thank for giving her the opportunity to pursue her vision.

Revolutionizing the Health Industry with Marathon Pharmaceuticals

The Chicago-based firm has earned global recognition for its innovative solutions. It works with the patients affected by rare medical conditions. Most pharmaceutical firms manufacture their products on a large scale basis. Marathon focuses on the medicines that most firms are unable to produce to help their patients. The company aims at providing more treatment options depending on the needs of their clients. The facility expanded recently by launching the Marathon Bioscience Center that would spearhead its project which aims at coming up with better therapies for conditions such as cancer, complications in the nervous system, endocrine deficiencies, and movement disorders. To ensure effectiveness and the achievement of its objectives, the firm hired medical practitioners with many years of experience. The team comprises of research, clinical, and individuals conversant with regulatory frameworks.

The new Subsidiary of Marathon Pharmaceuticals will operate like a Chicago-based firm known as MATTER. More than 200 healthcare startups operate under the organization to seek modern solutions to complex illnesses. Some of the medications that have been released by the pharmaceutical company include Seconal and Amytal Sodium, Opium Tincture, and ZiNGO. The sodium products are used as depressants for complications in the nervous system. By taking the medication, the body’s motor activity is greatly reduced. Seconal and Amytal Sodium are prescribed for the patients in need of drowsiness or sedation. They are also widely during a surgical procedure as anesthetics.

PEPCID is also a medication produced by Marathon Pharmaceuticals. It is used by patients with excess acid in the stomach as it could cause serious health problems. It is prescribed for ulcers and gastroesophageal reflux patients. By taking the medication, the chances of heartburn reduces significantly. On the other hand, Opium tincture is recommended for patients with diarrhea as it helps to reduce muscle contractions. Most of the medications developed by the firm are designed for adults. Recently, it started manufacturing products for young children. One such product is known as ZiNGO. The device is used to reduce pain during venous access or a surgical procedures. The unique feature about it is that it’s sterile and easy to use. ZiNGO is meant for children between the age of 3 to 18 years.


Jeff Aronin, The Man Behind Paragon

Jeff Aronin is an entrepreneur and philanthropist widely known for his role as the CEO of Paragon Biosciences. Paragon Biosciences is a biotechnology incubator and investment company that was established by Aronin to help patients who have rare, life threatening diseases that do not seem to have a cure or process that works in healing. Paragon is avidly using advance research methods in hopes of finding new medications or therapies that have not been discovered yet. Jeff Aronin wants to lead the initiative in expanding our knowledge on treating illnesses past the barrier of modern medicine. Prior to Paragon, Jeff’s resume includes 20 years of experience in the biotechnological field. He specializes in developing research strategies for treating rare diseases and has a passion for what he does.


Action Step to Finding New Discoveries


Jeff Aronin uses his innovative mindset to go beyond current medical methods of treatment to enhance the approaches used to treat patients with rare diseases. Paragon has created a network of biotechnological companies that employ some of the top researchers found in the world that all have one thing in mind and that is to find new treatments. Paragon has already made headway in the biotechnological world. They have already created 14 new medications that have been approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration. Although strides have been made, Jeff is not in the least satisfied with just gaining approval form the FDA. He wants his team to continue to strive to find ways patients can live longer and healthier lives.




In Conclusion


Jeff is very passionate about finding treatment for people who thought there was not any hope. At his core. Jeff is a very caring and compassionate man, who believes in treating every one with dignity and respect. All in all, his work has helped the lives a many people who thought that they were at the end of their rope.


Guilherme Paulus, Brazilian Businessman

Guilherme Paulus has been a major influence in Brazilian tourism. He is a high profile businessman in his industry. He has received international recognition for the services he has offered within his industry of Brazilian tourism. Paulus is the initiator and operator of CVC travel agency. Guilherme Paulus currently serves as the chairman of GJP Group. GJP Group is a company that owns GJP Hotels and Resorts. GJP Group has affiliation with GJP Hotels and Resorts in an effort to expand and advance Brazilian tourism.Guilherme Paulus has previously served as a member of the National Tourism Council. The National Tourism Council is a company that has affiliation with certain sectors of a Brazilian tourism company.

Guilherme Paulus is currently the official chairman for the Board of Directors at the São Paulo Convention.The São Paulo Convention has been influential for advancing Brazilian tourism as a whole. Paulus is also head of the Visitors Bureau. He is the president for International Relations at the ABAV, also known as the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies.Paulus has been included in Forbes on their list of billionaires. As a direct result of his business success with the Brazilian tourism market, he has been included on list with other high-profile individuals. During 1972, Paulus co-founded CVC with a partner who left the business four years after initiation. CVC travel agency has become the largest operator of tourism for Latin America.

During 2009, Carlyle, a private equity firm, purchased a 63.6% equity in the company at $420 million from the Brazilian travel agency. GJP Hotels and Resorts were officially created by Paulus in 2005. GJP Hotels and Resorts have become successful as a result of their 15 hotels located conveniently throughout the country. GJP Hotels and Resorts have advocated their desire to build and operate hotels near airports in Brazil for the purpose of attracting tourist and creating more business. Brazil has experienced a wave of tourism for the Olympics, the World Cup and other high-profile sporting events. Paulus has been influential for Brazilian travel agency.

The Scoop On Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets

For many years now, Hyland’s has manufactured products that stand by families and that attempt to do everything possible to help families care for their infants. Hyland’s is now out with a new product that will not only help your baby with their teething concerns, but also with the whole host of mouth problems, sores and other types of gum pain. These homeopathic remedies not only correct on past trial and error situations, but these homeopathic baby oral pain relief tablets also have a whole host of other great advantages.


Of course, the dominant question on everyone’s mind would be this: just how would these new tablets help with teething issues? It does it by naturally or leaving the symptoms of oral pain, including the swelling that is normally associated with teething difficulty. This product will not only provide your baby with relief from their mouth pain, but it will also provide you with relief as well because your young child will be at peace and allow you to have a stress-free afternoon or evening.


Hyland’s has a long history of providing National family relief products. Indeed, their track record is something they are very proud of. For one thing, this company has long been recognized as one of the leading corporations in the United States when it comes to providing a whole host of natural and science-based remedies for a litany of ailments including infant concerns. Simply put, Hyland’s has a level of consistency that just isn’t found in many other rival companies.


The most notable example of this would be the fact that this company is by no means the new kid on the block. For over a century, this family-owned and operated company has provided families with products to make their lives easier. They are sure to be around for the next century and beyond as well!

OG Juan and “everything is love”

Desiree perez and OG Juan refers to an extensively acknowledged celebrity couple. On the 27th June, 2018, they appeared on the Gazette Day. “Everything is love” is the article’s title which serves as a shoutout to the couple. It expresses the way Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z surprised the nation previously with an introduction of the newest album named Moniker, ‘The Carters’. The globally famous couple have stuck one another through thin and thick. This is inclusive of overcoming the scandalous affair of Jay Z. Notably, he finally apologized publicly through his song that everything is love. Despite all these, they are closer to one another than ever before.

Beyonce and Jay Z have a hit album named ‘Friends’. The song was included alongside the tribute of their pals Desiree Perez and OG Juan. The track is the sixth one and has a distinct style and a cool combination of trap rhythms. Jay Z managed to bust out with significant celebrity shouts in favour of his close friends and colleagues.

For more than twenty years, the four have remained friends. Notably, OG Juan helped Jay Z significantly towards running his studio. It began in the 1990s till 2000. After three years, they met at a joint venture as the owners of the 40/40 sports bar club. At the moment, Juan serves as the Roc Nation Sports’ president that has remained operational for close to ten years.

It is during his fiftieth birthday that close friends never spared an expense. The expenditure exceeded a hundred thousand dollars during the birthday alone. It is with a lot of happiness to see such close relationships in the current society.

Therefore, they have been friends for long and cannot forget one another even though they already made it. It is a representation of what true friends and family should do.

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Madison Street Capital seeks to strengthen its ability to serve middle-market through a new MD

Lawrence Alioto has become the managing director of the Capital Markets team, which falls under the Madison Street Capital. Alioto is now charged with the responsibility of advising the clients on the M&A and corporate transactions which fall under the technology sector.

Speaking during the event, Madison Street Capital Chief Executive Officer Charles Botchway says that technology has become more persuasive, and there is an increased demand from companies within this sector. As such, it becomes important for Madison Street Capital to get someone who has broad knowledge and strong tech background. The idea of Alioto’s appointment was also for expansion which the company plans to happen in Austin, this, a greater need for his expertise.

Alioto’s professional journey commenced at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange where he was the currency futures and options trader. He worked at PaineWebber as a registered representative. Back in 1990, Alioto ventured into private equity and business development capacities with two tech-based companies within California. From 2004 until 2013, Alioto was working at VeriTrainer Corporation, a company that develops anti-terror maritime container radiation scanning devices. He is among the founding principals, and at one time, he was VeriTrainer’s president.

Alioto is known to finance and develop a wider array of businesses that range from medical devices, film production, as well as energy efficient technologies. As of now, he is a board member at the Kaizen Oil Corp’s Board of directors. This company specializes in leveraging and enhancing solutions for oil recovery using an asset acquisition model. Alioto has vast experience and expertise in finance, corporate development, business development, and government affairs. He has applied these skills both in the country and overseas.

Alioto says that there are a unique set of challenges that come with tech industry M&A, and he is happy to help in maintaining the good Madison Street Capital reputation by helping the company navigate these challenges. He further says that the work that Madison Street Capital does is important because it provides middle-market companies with a chance for growth and potentially becoming the leaders in the technology industry innovation.

When you talk about Madison Street Capital reputation, it must regard the integrity, excellence, leadership, and excellent service delivery. The company offer services that range from financial advisory, merger, and acquisition expertise, and financial opinions as well as valuation services to private and publicly held business entities. Madison Street Capital positions their clients to be successful players in the global markets.

The company has enhanced its reputation over the years because of its commitment to the highest levels of professionalism and work ethic. The company has won the trust of all its clients. Madison Street Capital is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and has branch offices in North America, Africa, and Asia.


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Jacob Gottlieb Has Moved On To His New Healthcare Venture Altium Capital

The Fall Of Visium

Visium was an easy company to start for Jacob Gottlieb and his close colleagues. He had such a good reputation that investors trusted him and in no time he was able to come up with $300 million in funding. Gottlieb participated in the company’s recruitment and personally mentored and supported the portfolio managers. There only place for the company to go was up. Even though Visium was set on a major course of success with tons of seed capital and talented individuals, the decade came and went with a public end. In 2016 three of the company’s employees faced charges from the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the SEC. They were involved in insider trading and securities mismarking which caused millions in inflated management, performance fees and artificially inflated returns. Once the charges were made public employees and investors panicked. Due to the major fallout after the scandal Gottlieb decided to close down the company. There was loss of capital and employees.

Starting A New Venture

Jacob Gottlieb placed the finishing touches on closing down Visium at the beginning of this year. He can now focus all of his attention on his new healthcare investment. He holds a reputation as a leading healthcare investor and he has a solid network professionally. He just recently opened an office in New York City and he shares space with Bay City Capital and Iguana Healthcare Partners. Altium has started to create its portfolio starting with investments in Sellas Life Sciences and Oramed Pharmaceuticals. Both of these investments are late-stage pharmaceutical firms. They have innovative medicine in the final rounds of FDA approval. The products being offered have the potential to be game changers in medicine and are strategic moves for Gottlieb as he builds the success of his new venture.

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