The Fall Of Visium

Visium was an easy company to start for Jacob Gottlieb and his close colleagues. He had such a good reputation that investors trusted him and in no time he was able to come up with $300 million in funding. Gottlieb participated in the company’s recruitment and personally mentored and supported the portfolio managers. There only place for the company to go was up. Even though Visium was set on a major course of success with tons of seed capital and talented individuals, the decade came and went with a public end. In 2016 three of the company’s employees faced charges from the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the SEC. They were involved in insider trading and securities mismarking which caused millions in inflated management, performance fees and artificially inflated returns. Once the charges were made public employees and investors panicked. Due to the major fallout after the scandal Gottlieb decided to close down the company. There was loss of capital and employees.

Starting A New Venture

Jacob Gottlieb placed the finishing touches on closing down Visium at the beginning of this year. He can now focus all of his attention on his new healthcare investment. He holds a reputation as a leading healthcare investor and he has a solid network professionally. He just recently opened an office in New York City and he shares space with Bay City Capital and Iguana Healthcare Partners. Altium has started to create its portfolio starting with investments in Sellas Life Sciences and Oramed Pharmaceuticals. Both of these investments are late-stage pharmaceutical firms. They have innovative medicine in the final rounds of FDA approval. The products being offered have the potential to be game changers in medicine and are strategic moves for Gottlieb as he builds the success of his new venture.

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