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CAOA Auto Dealership Owner Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade

Founded in the late 1980s, CAOA Group later became the largest dealership representing Ford vehicles in Latin America. Owner Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade started the company after he attempted to buy a Ford Landau from a dealership named Vepel in 1979 and was offered a job within the company after it went bankrupt and could not deliver his new car to him. He worked at Vepel for 6 years before venturing out to start his own Ford auto distributorship. After his business expanded in 1992, he not only manufactured Ford cars, but he also took over the assembly duties of the Japanese car brand known as Subaru in 1998, and the Korean brand Hyundai in 1999. In 2007, he opened up the CAOA Vehicle Assembly factory in Anapolis, the agribusiness district.

By September of 2017, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade acquired 51% of the manufacturing operation of the Chinese auto brand Chery, and after this acquisition, he started a new assembly company named CAOA Chery, which he plans to invest $2 billion in within the next 5 years in order to assure its success. Due to his keen business sense and leadership skills, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was later honored with the Entrepreneur of the Year award by his assembly company and the magazine Isto E Dinheiro.

Recognized as one of the wealthiest businessmen in Brazil, with a net worth of over $2 billion, he was added to the Forbes magazine Billionaire List in February of 2017. His long and successful career in the auto industry can be credited in part to his willingness to work hard at learning how to be an effective and strategic leader over the years. Getting his start in a car dealership that compensated him with a job after not being able to deliver his vehicle to him so many years ago was what sparked his interest and passion for auto making and distribution. The letters CAOA in his company’s name was taken from the initials of his own name. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was born in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil on November 25, 1943.

Why CEO Matthew Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western Are Such a Strong Combination in the Oil and Gas Industry

Because of Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western is in a very comfortable position as far as the oil sector is concerned. Chief Executive Officer, president and also director are the three different ranks that Mr. Fleeger holds in the company, and it is actually not his first time being this important in an organization. MedSolutions is another venture which he headed and founded prior to working in his current industry. He has a lot of experience and expertise in finance, marketing and sales.

Additionally, Mr. Matthew Fleeger spent a few years as the president of the Texan Kinlaw Oil Company, where he gained valuable knowledge about the sector. In an entirely different industry, there was a time when Palm Beach Tan saw its numbers rise substantially thanks to the work that Fleeger did as director. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University in 1985, and is proudly a member of an organization called International Business Professionals.

Many people find it impressive that someone like Matthew Fleeger has had success in so many different industries. Whether it’s tanning, waste management or gas, it seems that he truly has the magic touch to help a company find its most profitable route. Gulf Coast Western has been around since the 1970s, and it has no plans of slowing down its progress as a gas and oil business. Fleeger’s skills are of great value to such a company.

Back when Matthew Fleeger was the CEO of the medical waste management company that he founded, MedSolutions, he managed to advance the organization with great rapidity, and it eventually became a leader in its industry before he sold it for a staggering $59 million to Stericycle in 2007. In Short, Matthew Fleeger’s history and wisdom combined with Gulf Coast Western’s history and goals are a strong force that doesn’t seem like it will be stopped.

Herbalife Wants You to be Well for the Holidays

Herbalife is a health and wellness brand that is committed to improving the overall health, nutrition, and quality of life for consumers. Herbalife is a socially conscious brand that is committed to helping both you and your community to be your best and healthiest selves this holiday season.


Herbalife Gives Back

Herbalife paid a visit to Coshocton, Ohio, a small town that is literally working their people to death. Traditionally a factory town, Coshocton residents on average work about 60 or more hours per week. Herbalife invaded this town with healthy lifestyle options and exercise programs and incentives to help mitigate the tiring and unhealthy lifestyle that most of the residents have undertaken.


Herbalife and You

Probiotics are all the rage in regards to health products and brands. One of the best probiotics is called Inulin. Unfortunately, Inulin is hard to consume through diet alone. Herbalife Nutrition has a product called their Simply Probiotic, which is loaded with Inulin. It can be added to a hot or cold beverage or any foods or dishes and is unaffected by temperature. You can get Inulin as well as other important probiotics through Herbalife Nutrition’s supplement program. This will ensure that your body is functioning well and that you are overall happier and healthier.

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Helping New Mothers

Herbalife is also committed to helping new mothers stay healthy and strong. After birth, both mother and baby will have strict caloric and dietary needs. Specifically, calcium and iron will need to be added to your daily diet regiment to stay healthy and happy. With Herbalife’s New Mom Nutrient Booster, you will get everything you need to get your body back on track and to have enough energy and strength to care for your new baby. This will help you to regulate your hormones, sustain your bones and teeth, and help regulate your energy levels as well as bolster your immune system.


Herbalife Nutrition is committed to keeping you healthy, and in turn, happy. Whether you are looking to keep your body on track during the holidays, you are a new mother, or you are looking for a new probiotic routine, Herbalife has got you covered. If you haven’t already, to protect your body and preserve your health, check our the Herbalife Nutrition brand today!

Organo Gold Is More Than A Good Cup Of Coffee

Organo Gold may be known for its coffee, it is so much more. Successful businessman Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008. Chua had an idea to bring ancient Chinese medicine to the rest of the world. Chua realized that the Ganoderma, a mushroom used in Chinese medicine, could be added to things like coffee to give the beverage a healthy boost. Though the herb adds a slightly nutty flavor to the coffee, it is its added health benefits that matter.

Bernardo Chua along with Shane Morand and Holton Buggs created a business model that has brought them success. The privately owned company, a network marketing company, operates in 45 countries. They marketed the health benefits of Ganoderma that were included in their line of gourmet coffees, teas, and cocoas.

The company line has continued to grow. They have created a personal care line that consists of a beauty bar and toothpaste. The soap not only adds moisture while it cleanses it also contains ingredients, such as the Ganoderma, that help to boost antioxidants. The toothpaste has a fresh mint flavor and contains the Ganoderma herb.

The company has also developed a line of personal body management products. These products include nutritional shakes, an energy drink mix, and a detox mix. Organo has been able to develop the technology to harvest the spores of the Ganoderma and developed a powder. The spores have a higher potency of the herb’s beneficial effects.

Organo Gold Food and Beverage Company has made their mark on the coffee culture with their coffee line. No other coffee has the same health benefits. They are now taking those health benefits and expanding to other products that people use in their daily lives.

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Neurocore Crunchbase

Neurocore Crunchbase can be an excellent resource in its own right. The social media website is worthwhile for all those who want to follow along in time. Neurocore Crunchbase wants to maintain ties with those who follow these services. The social media outlet has been held in high regard for quite some time now. Neurocore Crunchbase is helpful and the program will be put to good use. Trust that the service will be held in high esteem for a good reason. Neurocore Crunchbase might help patients make progress in real time as well. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

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Hyland’s: Homeopathic History In The Making

Is your baby’s mouth sore, swollen, or is experiencing oral discomfort? Do you find that your baby is irritable from oral pain? As parents, many of us have gone through this with our children and look to find ways to help alleviate discomfort associated with teething. There are many products out there and you wonder which is the best for your baby.








When we think of a reputable and trust-worthy company, many of us associate it with a company that has substantial experience but implements new innovations and techniques of today. We look for a company that is well known and that produces safe products. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Hyland’s was founded in 1903. Rooted in 100 years of experience, Hyland’s is one of the leading homeopathic companies in North America. Recently, the company has been recognized for its oral pain relief products by the Drug Store News Excellence Awards. Hyland’s also connects with families by utilizing social media in maintaining an online presence for communities everywhere. They have a Facebook, Twitter, and an Instagram page where families are encouraged to participate and communicate with them.




New Homeopathic Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets




Hyland’s has created and produced a new baby oral pain relief tablet. Not only is it for symptoms commonly found when teething, but it also relieves oral discomfort due to sensitive gums. In their website, it states, “No Benzocaine, Belladonna, Artificial flavors, Dyes or Parabens.” It is safe and gentle and contains all natural ingredients. The tablets are small and because it is soft, it dissolves easily making it simple to administer to our little humans. Hyland’s produces products that contain no artificial flavoring and dyes, making it safe for our babies. The all natural ingredients found in their products can give essential nourishment that little humans require, especially at an early age.


Louis Chenevert Remarkable Achievements in UTC and Goodrich Corporation

There is a higher probability that the arrangement of the acquisition of Goodrich Corporation was one of the great achievement made by Louis Chenevert. Goodrich Corporation was an aerospace manufacturing company that has previously been one of the largest rubber manufacturing industry in the world. The ultimate decision in acquiring Goodrich was generally to get its hands on an aircraft component manufacturer that would, in turn, reduce the internal costs of production but instead expand their market share even more. The fact is that such a deal won’t be easy to handle.

However, Louis Chenevert spent a year investigating this purchase, negotiation in conjunction with the discussion on details with Goodrich to the point that they were finally at a point of agreement. In the year 2011, UTC paid 18.4 billion USD to take over the ownership of Goodrich and absorb it into their company and blend it with another property to turn it into UTC aerospace systems. This was meant to turn UTC into a multi-national conglomeration. This would, in turn, give them a higher probability of market dominance across the entire world.

In the year 2014, Louis Chenevert shocked the world when he announced that he was planning to step down as the CEO of UTC. Many people were surprised and had many questions towards this decision by Chenevert since the company was by then performing so well. On top of the excellent performance, there were no failures, no scandals, neither public humiliation. This brought the main question as to why he would decide to step down after being so diligence in his services on such an outstanding company. Louis chose to live the life of semi-retirement by getting involved in Goldman Sachs as an exclusive adviser. As a result, he left on high recognition with UTC for developing a company legacy that will be remembered forever.

This option has given Louis Chenevert an opportunity for him to pursue his passion especially designing yachts as well as engineering. He immediately ventured in designing the best possible yacht that he could. He managed to design and construct three different yachts. He does not only enjoy the retirement but also ventured on the various things that matter most to him. This incorporates production and design. His dedication and commitment will live to be remembered.

Robert Deignan Advocacy on Proper Use of Technology

Smartphones are becoming more powerful every day. The advancement in smartphone world paints the larger picture of technological advancement in the last one decade. With the advancement, however, comes a lot of distraction. No other technology guru has been consistent on advocating a better use of technology like Robert Deignan. As the CEO of a company that changed the service delivery in technology field. Deignan has consistently pointed out that consumers need to slow down excessive use of smartphones. As the CEO of ATS Digital Services calling out responsible use is part of his social mandate.

The Purdue University graduate has been in the technology world all his career life. In all these years, Robert Deignan has been one of the best solution providers in technology. However, his introduction to the world of providing solutions was accidental. When he was working in an Anti-Malware Software entity, he realized that there was a breakdown of communication and more importantly, consumers were not fully satisfied.

Together with the other co-founder of ATS Digital Services, they wanted to revolutionize the service provision. Currently, his company is synonymous with timely, customized, and relatable solution in the world of technology. His position makes him have loci stand in matters pertaining use and interaction of technology.

Throughout the years, Robert Deignan has studied trends in the technology world. For example, he has noticed that technology has a way of shaping people’s perception of life. Shaping people’s opinions according to Deignan can have an impact on the overall change in social ethics. It is common to find a family unsocial because of uncontrolled use of cell phones.

In addition, he points out that the main aim of technology is to get people hooked. If this ability can be harnessed, the world can benefit from technology. However, this is never the case. People are becoming more unproductive due to cell phone addiction.

Apart from his views on the usage of technology, Robert Deignan puts more emphasis on self-belief. Believing in a course is what sets an exceptional entrepreneur/CEO from a typical professional. Believing that he is a solution maker is what pushed him to start ATS Digital Services. He, however, points out that research is a great complement to self-belief, especially for budding entrepreneurs.