In an interesting interview with The Cut, Sunday Riley, a cosmetic chemist and the founder of a cult favorite skincare brand, spoke about the early days of the company, history of her name and how long it takes her to come up with a new product.

Sunday Riley started her company in 2009 when “green technology” was a missing attribute among skin care brands. Only a few companies were using botanicals and balancing those with active ingredients. After many trials and errors, Riley was able to find the golden ratio mixing up natural ingredients with cosmetic actives.

According to Riley, Good Genes is an essential product, and she is happy that every one of brand’s followers loves this product. She said that some of her bestselling products are the Good Genes, the Power Duo, which includes Good genes, the U.F.O. clarifying oil, the C.E.O. vitamin C serum, retinol based Luna, and the brightening enzyme cream named Tidal.

Sunday Riley spoke about her skincare routine and said that every morning, after washing her face, she is applying the C.E.O vitamin C serum, followed with the Tidal. In the evening, she is using the Luna oil, then the C.E.O. serum again. If she feels her skin needs more moisture, she’ll put on the C.E.O. cream or the Tidal. She applies Good Genes 2-3 times a week. Once a week she uses UFO to keep pores clear.

When asked about her unique name, Sunday Riley said her dad named her thinking it would be a great name if she ever wants to start a business. It was difficult for her to carry that name when growing, but now she loves her name.

Sunday Riley told that the brand used to have a large selection of decorative cosmetics. However, at the time there were not many tools to spread the word, so she decided to shut down her makeup line. Recently, she created a new foundation, which according to her, was the hardest product to make. It is a sheer-coverage, buildable foundation that mimics real skin. Sunday created it in 20 shades, so people of all colors can use it.

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