Being the Executive Chairman of one of the largest producers of partitions, doors, floors, wood fiber sheets, varnishes, paints MDP and MDF panels, Flavio Maluf turning 67 on 23rd November, has invested in social actions and sustainability for much of his career. Educated on urban tree planting and its benefits to the community, Flavio Maluf developed an Environmental Education Program in partnership with Sao Paulo, Bofete, Anhembi, Avare and Salto city halls plus attends primarily tutees of public education networks. Some of the objectives of the program include the propagation of notions on the correct management of forests, preservation of environments and on the significance of eucalyptus as raw material for many forest-based products. Since enactment, the Eucatex’s Environmental Educational Program has gathered more than 27,000 trippers. Read more about Flavio at

Flavio Maluf’s Eucatex firm plans to improve and contribute to the quality life and well being to the community around the company’s locale as experts from the company dialogue with society on feasible effects of forest operations plus carrying out socioeconomic verifications. Furthermore, an Apiculture Program chaired by Flavio Maluf creates income for households living in the forest unit regions by providing apiculture pasture to beekeepers for honey including exploring the flowering of eucalyptus in the forest belonging to the firm thus creating circa 1000 jobs that stimulate the local economy with the secondary generation of hospitality services jobs and other domains. He on the other hand through his company endeavors to preserve forest by preventing forest fires that are of a greater risk of occurring during the dry season. He combats this by constructing firebreaks that prevents the passage of fire to vegetation places. Moreover, he creates awareness of the employees and the local family in spotting and identifying local fires in a line always available for communication in case of fire emergencies.

For 19 years, his company which has corporate headquarters in the city of Sao Paulo but units and offices spread all over Brazil, has been investing in reforestation and land to warrant self-adequacy of supply and improving performance on environment and community.

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