The investment industry is a lucrative business that anyone can get involved in if they choose to start making extra cash. Unfortunately, if it were that easy then everyone would be out there getting rich off of it. It takes a lot of persistence and research in order to do well in finances and investing, not to mention years of training and experience. Peter Briger is a financial expert and well-known investor for his position at Fortress Investment Group. Peter has spent more than 30 years in the financial industry building his wealth and his knowledge, first at Goldman Sach and now with Fortress Investment Group. Peter currently sits s the Principal for his corporation, a position he took up in 2009. Read the article of Peter Briger at Forbes.

These days, Fortress Investment is one of the leading investment firms in the US specializing in alternative investments and unique asset management strategy. Peter has played no small part in the growth of the organization over the years, improving annual revenue for his departments by roughly 25 percent over the years. In the time that Peter Briger has worked for the company in its public position, Fortress Investment Group has managed to acquire more than one thousand clients and 60 billion dollars in managed assets from all over the world.

Before Peter was on the journey to a successful financial career, he studied at various colleges to build a foundation of knowledge and credentials to get him noticed. First, Peter Briger went to Princeton University to earn his first degree focused on the financial sector. He also maintains a position on the board of directors at Princeton. Peter later went to the Wharton School of Business to earn his master’s degree in business. Along with his board positions at Fortress Investment and Princeton University, Peter Briger has become a member of several other institutions, including Silicon Valley and the Tipping Point.

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