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Dr. Villanueva Brings a Young Dental Workforce with Creative Ideas

MB2 Dental combines the best of the private practice and large dental group worlds and was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. In an article on the doctor talks about where the idea came from and how he stays successful.

The firm has over sixty locations and helps support those new dentists who are looking for their first home. Dr. Villanueva is excited about the role technology is going to play this year and in the future of dentistry. He says he’s most productive as an entrepreneur because he doesn’t get caught up in the ego of ideas. He can laugh at himself and doesn’t have to take it so seriously. A piece of advice Dr. Villanueva says he follows is to never be the smartest person in a room. He wants to surround himself with smart people and people who will challenge him and offer new ideas the whole community can use. The doctor says if he had to start over again then he would start building the infrastructure earlier. It made for some bumps in the road that they got started a little later. He says building it before you think you need it is always the smart way to go.

He also says it is important to give yourself time to self-reflect and enjoy days off. In an article on Medium Dr. Villanueva said MB2 Dental is unique because it focuses on the personal growth and support of dentists together. They offer an environment where dentists can learn and go further in their profession. They do a lot of things together including retreats with team building activities. This brings them closer and helps them to really establish a network. The firm says when they care about the doctors, they are caring about the patients.

It’s not something that’s been done before and MB2 is changing the industry. They’re offering a younger perspective on the practice and changing things for the better. They are looking at more than just how much money they are making. Without joining a very strict network of dentists right out of school or opening a private practice right away, dentists can grow at their own pace. New ideas are welcome and encouraged. It’s a sense of freedom while developing a rewarding career and lots of great experiences.

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The Impact of Equities First Holdings In the Marketplace

Equities First Holdings has been there for two decades now and with its gradually improving customer services, its positive impact both at a regional and global level will last them for a long term.

Comparing to when EFH was introduced and now, it’s evident that this enterprise has achieved a lot as their success. From a regional market level, the financial institution now has a great influence at a global level. They now have branches set up in more than 13 countries worldwide

When the company was starting, its main challenge was the competitive market. Back then, before EFH was introduced, getting a loan was not easy and the introduction of EFH didn’t look like a great difference in the money lending industry.

It took the enterprise a decade before they grew to gain a regional recognition. Business started going on quite well, money lending services improved and the number of EFH users increased significantly.

Years later, new investment ideas and market opportunities came in this gave EFH a great opportunity to grow and improve their market boundaries. They have out-grown the local market to now having a great influence over the global market. EFH is now one of the most successful financial enterprise we have at a global level.

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