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How To Choose The Right Type Of Freedom Life Insurance

The first step in choosing life insurance is to find a good company, such as Freedom Life Insurance. You’ll then have to decide which type of life insurance you should get. Below are a few tips that can help you out.

Term Life Insurance

You should consider getting term life insurance from Freedom Life Insurance if you would like insurance for a certain period of time. You can buy this insurance for only five years, 10 years or whatever time frame you need it for. A good example is if you have young kids and you want to have funds for their education when they are older. In this scenario, you could get a 20-year term policy. Another example is if you have debt that you want to pay off within a month, two months, year or within any frame of time, then you can get an insurance policy that lasts for that period of time.

Term life from Freedom Life Insurance is good for those who need of insurance, but they are on a tight budget. This kind of insurance pays if you due during the policy’s term. Coverage is stop if the policyholder is still alive by the end if the policy’s term. However, the policy can be renewed or a new policy can be purchased.

Convertible term policies are good if you think over time your financial needs will change. You can convert to permanent coverage, and you won’t have to undergo a medical examination.

Permanent Life Insurance

A permanent policy is just that, a policy that pays benefits whether you die the following day or you live for over 80 years. If you need coverage for as long as you are alive, then consider getting permanent insurance.

This is also a good option for those who want to build up savings that can eventually be borrowed and used for various purposes. You can spend the borrowed funds as you see fit, even if you don’t have good credit.

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There are quite a few types of permanent life insurance policies. These includes universal, whole life, variable/universal and variable life. If you want to learn more about the different policies out there, then contact Freedom Life Insurance today.


Lifeline Screening Makes Things Easy for Patients

When patients make the choice to use Lifeline Screening, they know they are going to get an in-depth look at how their health is affected by everything they do. The company knows what they are looking for and they have several tests to help determine what a patient is going through in different situations. Because of everything Lifeline Screening knows about, they know they are going to continue to help their patients have a more successful life and a healthier life because of the opportunities they have created. This has allowed the company to grow and has allowed them the chance to make sure they are helping their patients get the results they need.

One of the biggest things that the tests do is add to the patient’s lifespan. By detecting certain health issues early on, Lifeline Screening is giving patients a chance at a better life and a way to feel better about the things they are going through. If a patient is able to learn more about the issues they face, they know they’ll have the ability to get it fixed. By looking at all of these issues, Lifeline Screening knows they can make things better for their patients and for the people who they are doing different things with.

Even though Lifeline Screening has come up with different ideas for the things they are doing, they know they’ll be able to give the community something that will help them. In addition, Lifeline Screening has tried to always show their customers they’re going to make the best choices possible in every industry they are a part of. For Lifeline Screening, this means they have to give their patients a chance at a better future and the ability to make sure they are doing everything the right way.

As long as Lifeline Screening has been in business, they have been helping many people. They have helped thousands of people with the issues they have in health. They have also tried their best to give everyone the help they need to feel better about who they are and what they’re doing with their health. Lifeline Screening knows what it takes to give people the right type of resources. Even if they can’t treat the diseases that each of their patients have, they can give them the help they need to get connected with those who can provide the right type of treatment.

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USHEALTH Group Inc Leader in Insurance Industry Offering Innovative Products

USHEALTH Group Inc is one of the top insurance holding companies with its head office in Ft. Worth, Texas. The company offers a broad range of health coverage options to its customers, which includes individuals and small business owners. Over the years, the company has managed to increase their customer base by providing them with innovative products and services at competitive prices.

USHEALTH Group Inc has emerged into the top insurance companies because of their unique product offerings and their customer service. The company understands that the need of people will differ and one insurance policy won’t suffice the needs of everyone. It is why they have flexible insurance policies depending on the needs of their customers and their budget. The company believes in building long-term relationships with its customers, and their work does not stop once they have sold the insurance to their customers. They remain in constant touch with their customers that help them build dependability and trust. Check this article at to know more about USHealth Group

Buying insurance for your family do not have to be complicated, and it is the reason why USHEALTH Group Inc offers an extensive portfolio of USHEALTH Group family insurance for the entire family. The coverage of the insurance will depend on a budget of the customers and can be customized depending on what the family is looking for. From Sickness and Accident Insurance, Life Insurance Short-Term Accident Disability Income Insurance to Dental Coverage, USHEALTH Group Inc covers everything you need to ensure that your family does not have to be burdened in case something happens to you. Learn more at about USHealth Group

USHEALTH health advisors are independent agents who are committed to providing their customers with the best insurance plans that will make a difference to their lives. Recently in 2017, USHEALTH Group Inc has announced the winner of One Planet Awards. The company won the Company of the Year award in the category of Banking, Accounting, Insurance and Financial. The One Planet Awards is a prestigious award that is given out to companies who have displayed excellent and honored business relations. The award ceremony saw hundreds of organizations from different countries competing for the top award.

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Glen Wakeman who is the CEO of LaunchPad LLC has been giving guidance tips to upcoming and established CEOs with the sole purpose of educating them on ways to successfully run their companies successfully. He has also been posting these tips on his blog site to reach as many audiences as possible. He publishes ideas on topics such as management, administration, and strategic planning. Due to his many years of working in the business world in 32 countries of the world, Glen is qualified to be a mentor and provide insight to other entrepreneurs for them to reach their goals and realize their potentials (AnalystOfFinance). His company offers services of software that helps new entrepreneurs to put their ideas into a real-world practical plan. This toolkit provides the entrepreneurs with the guidance that allows them to form a new company with tips born of experience. It also connects the business owners to advisors, investors and capital providers.

Glen Wakeman is an MBA holder from the University of Chicago. He also graduated with a degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. Despite attending university, Glen got most of his knowledge in the business world through experience. He worked at the GE Capital where he held a series of positions for 20 years in different countries in regions such as South America, Asia as well as Europe. The traveling gave him hands-on experience and knowledge in several sectors of the business world such as; business growth and development, regional and country management, operations, technology and general management.

Glen Wakeman was curious, and he wanted to find out the roots of failure in most startup businesses. He realized that most companies were failing due to lack of structure and plan. This curiosity became his motivation to start the company LaunchPad where he built the simple toolkit software to help develop structure into ideas for new businesses. Glen is a talented writer and a skilled entrepreneur, and many upcoming entrepreneurs can learn from him as he is very determined to give tips to clients, new business owners as well as established CEOs.

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Dr. Mark Holterman: A hero to children

Dr. Mark Holterman is the CEO of Mariam Global Health, an investment firm that funds and helps medical businesses. Through this firm, he works closely with healthcare companies to solve health concerns, research new innovative medicines and to help develop new technologies that may change the face of healthcare (


Dr. Holterman, supports health-related causes, such as the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN). This organization works with Vietnamese hospitals and medical schools making medical advancements available for all children. The goal for IPSAC-VN is developing self-sustaining care for Vietnamese children.


IPSAC-VN isn’t the only healthcare related organization that Dr. Holterman actively takes an interest to. The Children’s Surgery International (CSI), runs the Blossom House, which helps foster orphaned Vietnamese girls between 5 and 18 years old. CSI offers holistic healing for these girls and for those born into extreme poverty. However, this non-profit organization provides surgeries and other healthcare related services for children around the world.


While Dr. Mark Holterman is a very busy man, he plays an active role in the research process for finding new treatments and cures for various medical maladies. In addition to medical research, Dr. Holterman is a full-time professor at the University of Illinois Medical School and he serves as an attending Pediatric Surgeon at St. Francis Medical Center.


After seeing the cramped conditions of hospitals in Vietnam, he hopes to use the endeavors of IPSAC-VN to help improve healthcare for the children of Vietnam (MarkHolterman.WordPress). This improved healthcare system is achieved by bringing advanced medical technology and training to the hospitals and Medical Schools in Vietnam, but it doesn’t stop there as medical technology is ever changing.


Dr. Mark Holterman is a hero of children, through his research and funding; children living in extreme poverty are given the opportunity to receive medical treatments unavailable to them. Even though his plate is full, Dr. Holterman stays active in Medical research making it possible for these children to receive adequate healthcare.

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Perry Mandera Trucking Executive Champions Others

If you have seen a big rig motoring down the highway then you may have seen one of Perry Mandera Trucks. Perry Mandera has operated a successful trucking company for decades, and Mandera has built his success on striving for excellence. He managed to build his reputation over the years while helping others. The same dedication to business growth, Perry Mandera also championed charitable causes (Chicago.CBSLocal). He has been honored with many awards and accolades because of his service and generosity. While a successful businessman, Mandera is a married man with 2 children which help fuel his motivation.


Perry Mandera founded Custom Companies Inc. in 1975, he was only 23 years old at the time. The trucking business is headquartered in Northlake, Illinois. Actually, Perry learned to operate the truck in the armed services while as a marine corp reserves. Through hard work and perseverance, Mandera has cemented his transportation business as an industry leader. The Custom Company offers a variety of transportation, logistical and warehousing solutions. Mandera services large and small clients and he grossed more than 200 million in sales annually. With such great wealth, Mandera was able to help those in his communities with his philanthropic endeavors.


From the beginning, Mandera was committed to helping those in the community. He also founded Custom Cares Charities which is dedicated to helping others. With his military background, Mandera supports the Illinois State Crime Commision, which helps veterans. He knows what obstacles that can discourage veterans, so he funds those charities ( Along with veterans, Perry Mandera has supported local programs that focus on children. Jessie White Tumblers is one of those programs that Mandera supports. The Tumblers is an inner city, afterschool program, that fosters growth and development for children ages 6-16. Along with big donations, Mandera utilized his trucks to deliver supplies to storm victims. Mandera takes every opportunity to make a big impact on his community.


Perry Mandera’s philanthropic efforts are well known in the community, and many organizations have bestowed honors on Perry Mandera. Namely, Illinois Crime Commision awarded Perry Mandera the “Bishop Sheils Award in 2010”, “Citizen of the Year Award in 2011”, and “The President’s Award in 2013”. Perry Mandera dedicated time, energy and resources to his fellow citizen unselfishly.

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What You Can Expect From Stream Energy in Its Expansion in Delaware

You could get a lot of articles online about Stream, but most of them are fledgling articles that don’t contribute a lot to your knowledge. In this article, we will try to help you cope with the copious amounts of information that you can read online about Stream. What we will offer you is a concise deconstruction of the things you can read online about the services from Stream. Shall we start (


The Energy in Delaware

One of the latest articles you can read about Stream is the news about its latest expansion to Delaware. Right now the Energy Services and Wireless Protective Home Services from Stream can now be acquired by people who reside in Delaware. The energy solutions from the archive of Stream have a lot to do with how people can save with their power consumption without losing the quality of the services they’re acquiring. With the opening of the Illinois market, there’s now a lot of things that can be done by people in Delaware with the services from Stream.


The ever-expanding toolset and energy solutions that come from Stream also help people earn a little bit extra with the referral and multi-level marketing system that’s ingrained in Stream’s selling platform. Larry Mondry, the President, and CEO of Stream, also released in the public media event that the addition of Delaware into their list of energy states is another exemplary and perfect reason to get excited about.


During the launch of the Delaware branch, there were customers chosen by Stream to receive a six-month fixed-rate package or plan that will help them save money if they take on a yearly fixed-rate contract (DailyForexReport). With such competitive marketing strategy from Stream, it’s now wondering why it is right now one of the trusted and significantly popular companies in the market today.


About Stream

You may be wondering what actually constitutes the Stream company. One of the things that you probably don’t know about Stream is that it is right now one of the most leading direct-selling firms in the market that provide a leading set of products that help customers get better energy deals in the market.

Jorge Moll, a Knowledgeable Neuroscientist

Jorge Moll was born and raised in Rio De Janeiro by his Brazilian parents. He attended his graduate studies in 1994 at the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro in Medicine. He then pursued his Ph.D. in 2004 at the University of Sao Paulo in the area of Science (Human Physiology). After completing his Ph.D., Jorge continued with a post-doctoral degree where he specialized in cognitive neuroscience.

Currently, Jorge Moll serves as the head of a unit that deals with Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. He is also the president and the director of D’Or Institute of Research and Education which is in Rio De Janeiro.

He has carried researchers on neurological disorders and one of them focused on patients whose brains were not able to control their emotions. Jorge’s research aimed at facilitating emotional transitions between different states. To achieve accurate results, he made use of functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) to carry out his experiments.

Since specializing and spending most of his time researching on cognitive neurology, Jorge Moll has come up with major developments which have been used in treating these disorders ( He has found most of the solutions but still carries on with the researches to make sure that the emerging disorders are dealt with. This is because research is a continuous event.

The researchers will also raise an alarm on the threats arising on the human neurology as well as try to make 100% treatment or even prevention of occurrence of these disorders.

From his neurological expertise, Jorge Moll has headed several types of research that seeks to provide solutions to specific neurological disorders. He has also been a research fellow working on different projects under different researchers.

Jorge Moll has won several awards for his research work which he carries out deeply until he can get findings that he develops to find solutions for complex problems. The awards include distinctions Research Fellow NIH award of (2004-2007). Jorge received a Visiting Scholar Award in 2015 from Stanford Neuroscience Institute of Stanford University.

He became a member of the Brazilian Academy of science through elected affiliation in 2008. He has been a board member of the elected governors of the International Neuroethics Society from (2012-2013).


USHEALTH Advisors carrying all your future worries for you through innovative insurance cover

USHEALTH advisors insurance

As humans, we are surrounded by risks from every corner we turn to. Whether it’s driving, walking or even engaging in work activities, there is no where we can say we are a hundred percent safe. That is why it is essential for us to have insurance covers not only for our cars but also for our family members and us. Even though we may not know what will happen next, having an insurance cover helps reduce the worries. It ensures that our loved ones are safe from financial problems in future. Learn more about USHealth Advisor at

However, it is vital that when you are getting an insurance cover you get it from the best company and one which you are sure will not cause you problems through lengthy, tedious compensation processes. One such group is US Health advisors. The firm offers a wide array of insurance covers ranging from health, accidents, critical illnesses, short-term accidents and even dental coverage. They can achieve that through their licensed life and health subsidiaries and at highly affordable rates.

They have been in the industry for more than fifty years now and have catered to the insurance needs of millions of people which acts as an assurance to you that you are in the right hands. They even offer coverage for all your family members hence you and your loved ones can go about your day to day tasks knowing that you are safe from any uncertainties which may arise in the future. USHEALTH advisors are based in Dallas, Texas in the United States, and their primary mission is to help other people every day something which they have tied in an acronym HOPE.

USHEALTH salaries and agents

Apart from offering you insurance, USHEALTH Advisors which is the marketing arm of the USHEALTH group also provides you an opportunity to earn some extra income by joining them as their agent. Their primary area of focus is on each American citizen which means they do not discriminate anyone hence increasing your chances to make money as one of their agents.

As one of the USHEALTH Advisors agents, you are assured of unconditional corporate support and exciting bonus and incentives which you get when you attain through regular submission of your business records. Regarding the compensation and salaries, they increase depending on the percentage issued in the first year and on a weekly basis. To increase your pay as an agent, ensure that you renew your membership consistently.

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Jeunesse create new health and beauty system, with stunning results

Jeunesse, the company founded by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, has finally completed the creation of its Youth Enhancement System. This holistic approach to health and beauty has proven to be enormously popular, with the system selling thousands of units worldwide. Distributors of the product have reported that it is getting highly favorable reviews from users. And all of the products are living up to the high standards set by Jeunesse. Read more about Jeunesse Global at

Unable to retire

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were unable to retire. But it wasn’t for anything like the normal reasons given by older people, such as insufficient money saved or Social Security not covering living expenses. In the case of Lewis and Ray, the couple had made earnest efforts to retire two times prior to their last attempt. Each time, the couple, which had been independently wealthy for decades as a result of both Ray and Lewis’ success in the business world, was unable to adjust to living a sedentary life.

They thought that the third time might prove to be a charm. But the couple quickly realized that they were still not able to sit still for long. They started Jeunesse Global in their garage as a means of passing the time, with the hope that they could use their expertise in international marketing to bring a business opportunity to people in disadvantaged regions of the planet. Read more about Jeunesse Global at Bloomberg.

The business quickly began to grow. By 2010, just one year after having been founded, the company had thousands of distributors and a couple innovative products. Lewis used her lifelong connections in the health and beauty industry to commission the development of some of the most unique health and beauty products of the last decade. The result, the work of some of the best scientists in the industry, is the Youth Enhancement System.

The overall health and beauty package includes such products as Nevo, an energy drink that only has 50 calories per can and is made from all-natural fruit juices. Distributors can barely keep it in stock, with many users becoming quickly addicted to the caffeinated, great-tasting beverage.