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Securus Technologies Improving Safety of Inmates

Communication is one of the most important facets of life for those who have been incarcerated in the United States and Mexico. Providing secure and safe options for communication that maintains a high level of public safety has been provided by Securus Technologies for over 84,000 inmate telephones. These great devices allow inmates to securely make outbound calls and so much more. They are one of the most popular providers of inmate phone calls and communication technology for the criminal justice system and that expertise allows for all involved from guards to inmates to live in a secure and safe manner. 

In the United States and Mexico the use of the BBB-accredited Securus devices is very common, and has grown over the 28 years that they have been providing their inmate communication services. As technology has grown, so has the level of product. These intelligent communications devices are not just phones but inmate tablets, kiosks that provide video visitation, and “S-Phones”. These devices are all set up with the highest levels of security in mind, allowing for communication but protecting those incarcerated as well as those working in the prisons. The greatest goal of the prison system is to provide rehabilitation opportunities and allow inmates to return to society as productive and law abiding members. Having access to reliable communication devices helps accomplish this by allowing inmates to seek job opportunities as their release date comes closer and being involved in society allows people to have hope in a better life in the future. 

These intelligent devices also allow inmates a higher level of access to educational services. Both high school and college level programs are more readily available for inmates through the wonder of Securus technological devices. With a higher level of education all people develop a higher threshold of potential accomplishment and earning power. Past mistakes can be put in the rearview mirror and an inmate will have a higher level of hope for the prospects of their future. There are also better communication opportunities for meaningful communication with loved ones provided through high tech video tablets and kiosks. This type of contact with those you love will allow an inmate to remember the good things that are waiting for them on the outside. This will lead to better behavior and less violence and rule breaking within the system. This video visitation service can be accessed from anywhere by downloading the app and connecting the software to it. The app is available on the App Store as well as Google Play.

Securus devices make the day to day operations of a prison run smoother as well. An inmate can participate in religious services and activities more easily using these devices which is a positive for any person. They also are able to take care of commissary orders and make sure that their immediate needs are being taken care of. They even provide some level of entertainment options for prisoners which have the benefit of making the whole environment behind bars safer for all people involved. 

In the past to be incarcerated was a method of punishment alone, but law enforcement and corrections has become much more progressive in recent years and there is a focus on human treatment and rehabilitation. The majority of inmates are going to eventually be released back into society. The more learning options and methods to improve their lives available will lead to a better assimilation and more success in getting out of the prison system once and for all. Securus technological devices are a vital piece of this hope in prisons all over North America. 

What App is Your Daughter Using? Most Likely Skout

Technology changes so fast. It is every parent’s worst nightmare getting caught up on the wrong side of technology. It is important to know what your young ones are doing online. Today we discuss how today’s teen meet and what apps they use in their daily interactions.


Before you go snooping on your daughter, it is important to know that communication is important. Seek to be their friend and understand their needs.


One category of apps is microblogging apps. These include Instagram, which allows one to share a picture of a 15-second video. It can lead your daughter to develop low self-esteem as it can be tied to the number of likes he or she receives.


Tumblr is also a type of blogging platform that allows one to tweet their blogs. It has less control and can at times be intrusive. If your son blogs intimate details of their life, it is possible for that information to be shared for anyone to see on the internet. Twitter allows you to post 140-word characters while Vine is all about 6-second looping video clips. It is a fun way to express yourself creatively, but there is inappropriate content displayed sometimes.


The last section is the chatting, meeting and dating apps. Here the apps allow people to meet and establish relationships. Meet me enables you to set connections while Omegle allows you sometimes to chat in a video.


Skout is the most popular of all. It allows one to chat up and meet people of your choice based on a set of filters. It is the easiest dating app there is. Should you find your teenager using Skout, there is no need for alarm. It is the most secure app for a teenager to use because it uses the users age to filter access to several features.


Skout was the 1st dating app to emphasize location as a filter. It allows one to get access to people within your area. It today has 10 million active users and 500 million registered users.


Skout was founded in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom.It was initially a socializing app but was relaunched in 2009 as a dating app.It has since grown and has spawned other apps like Fuse and Nixer.It is also available in 14 languages in 180 countries.


Skout has several features that are attractive to users. It has a shake to chat feature that lets a user shake the smartphone and get to chat with a random person anywhere in the world. It also has Skout Travel. It is a feature that allows you to visit virtually other cities. These virtual tours have turned into real holidays.